Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"God is never taken by surprise by our success and failures, righteousness and sinfulness, truth and lies, faith and unbelief though both extremes will marvel Him as we continue in it, courage and timidity, trust and fear, joy and sorrow, peace and confusion, good and bad, etc because everything about our life has been well planned by an all knowing God who did not allow us to come on earth by chance but rather by His choice. We are not an accident waiting to happen but rather a accomplishment waiting to be fulfilled by the hands of our Creator who has written every details of our lives in advance just to make sure that all His good plans to prosper us might come to pass by His all powerful hand of power working in and through us to accomplish it all in His time. By the way the God who knows everything and works with all power is also the God who is present everywhere at the same time to make sure that none of His plans get re-altered in the life of all His Children like you who are in Christ Jesus except that which is good, acceptable and perfect for your life as you pursue His will along with God hand in hand to fulfill that which ought to be fulfilled as foreordained by Him in your life for His Glory." — Abraham Israel

"Though the eyes of faith see not the actuality of fact it actually sees the reality of truth based on the promises of God that actually has the potential to make the the reality of truth to become soon a actuality of fact as God transforms the belief in to reality of life experience. Though we do not see God, because we see Him in our inner heart as believers in Christ Jesus who has made a way for us to experience God on earth itself through His Presence, God's contagious and glorious joy which cannot be expressed naturally becomes our supernatural evidence of the reality of God through His Presence so that people can understand by seeing our shining face gleaming with God's peace to know that we are speaking not a theory about God but an actual reality because for God even our past, present and future are the same as He lives outside of time in eternity but also lives in our heart to set that eternity within it to make us experience the eternal, immortal, invisible and all wise God within time space limitation of this earth. Those who experience God personally in their heart will not have even a single beat of boredom within it but rather only challenges of joy that become realty of truth through their lives!" — Abraham Israel

"Our soul needs reeducation through chastisement, tests and trials to stop depending on ourselves and our limited wisdom to instead trust and cling on to God and His wonderful wisdom to let ourselves be led through good times and bad times, to thus come out victoriously as an overcomer at the end of all our ordeals for the Glory of God. Remember, everything that causes for you pain now is something that God has allowed for you to gain unusual spiritual elevation and the eternal blessed hand of His special favor to be in a special way over your life." — Abraham Israel

"It is not what we do for God that brings increase in our life and ministry, but actually what God does for us, in us and through us that brings lasting fruit and great increase in our earthly activities done for God, and accumulation of an eternal reward in heaven proportional to our faithfulness on earth in obedience to fulfill what God has told us to do." — Abraham Israel

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