Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"The Full Gospel adds nothing of self and leaves nothing of God out of God's word. The Full Gospel is always powerful to achieve in our life whatever God has promised because it rejects what it knows as the fact, and accepts like a little child, all that God says as the truth." — Abraham Israel

"If someone is not happy with where you have gone on to achieve in God, most likely you are facing the new devils from the new levels that God has taken you. Then all you need to do is to praise God for what He has made you achieve even though you are unprofitable in yourself and greatly favored with grace that has made you invaluably profitable. Let all the poison that come towards you through these unhappy people who are actually jealous become nullified through the anti venom of you rejoicing in God and letting go of yourself that has got attached to these souls from the past. God matches your present to your future and wants you to let go of all the past to make space for the present which is as big in scope as your future, even though your past might be good and not necessarily evil." — Abraham Israel

"Crowns in heaven will be given not for us to boast how big we are or have become, but to place it at the feet of Jesus and give back the glory to whom it belongs, He has made it all possible for us who have believed Him to become priests and kings unto God for eternity. Also crowns in heaven are not given based on who has acquired and held maximum gifts and graces on earth, but it is based on who have learnt be more humble and faithful with whatever gifts and graces that was given to them by God for profitability. God is never more pleased than when we know who we are in ourselves and also who we are in Him who has called us to become what we cannot ever achieve in ourselves without Him." — Abraham Israel

"To love God with all your heart, you need can't just say "I love you Lord" on Sunday and keep doing all you want the rest of your week, but with all your desires, passions and thoughts you need to live all the time to please Him alone, no matter it may cost you your entire life. If you live for love, the Lord will be occupied in fulfilling the desires of your heart to show to you that He loves you and will honor you publicly to make all people understand that He is for you on your side no matter what." — Abraham Israel

"Fellowship with God is a love in tri-unity, which shows that we cannot love God unless we start to value what God values, share with Him what He shares with us through His grace which has come to us through our Lord Jesus, and fellowship with God with our spirit within us through the Holy Spirit who is like a thread of silk which weaves us in to the silken shawl of fellowship with God in tri-unity of spirit, soul and body. The best way to fellowship with God is to hear His sweet voice when we pray, and express our love in our heart toward Him by loving others in our action!" — Abraham Israel

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