Saturday, September 19, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"An earthly ambition that blurs our heavenly vision of God's purpose to be conformed to His image, that neglects holiness for happiness will soon become a fad that fades away in to oblivion of forgetfulness in the light of eternity. Our heavenly ambition to please God in all things by faith will not only keep us holy but with happiness that satisfies our heart with peace that passes all our understanding and joy unspeakable that the world cannot even give a drop to satisfy our eternal thirst!" — Abraham Israel

"The Lord has made our life so simple, whatever life we are living on earth is a trial run that He has provided for us to decide what kind of life we want to live in the life to come. If we continue to suffer for our faith and learn to patiently inherit the promises of God now, surely we are setting a stage for a eternal and a universal reigning along with Him." — Abraham Israel

"God's love for all is beyond the finite understanding of all humanity, we always want to package it neatly with dignity labeling it with our own label and distribute it to others in the way we want, but it is so extravagant that it spills out of it to cause people to slip and fall in to it, immediately we define it to say that it is not of God as it has come out of the box unconventionally. We should all know one thing, God's love is always mysterious, if it is not then it is our description of it and not the real thing that God pours out lavishly on people to make them experience it personally. God's love changes our heart and it cannot be done vice-versa by our well thought out way! May God give us enough understanding to allow Him work in His time and way with tons of His love flowing through us towards others, without ever trying to control the flow which will make it slow and trickle to stop if we continue to do it our way." — Abraham Israel

"Our identification with the Baptism that Jesus took from John the Baptist to identify Himself with our sinfulness to receive it upon Himself, and instead imparting His righteousness for everyone of us to make us become perfect in God's sight is the basis through which God's resurrection power can fill us and make us walk in the newness of the life of heaven. When you have truly died to sin in the doctrine of the Baptism of Jesus by believing it, then you only have righteousness to live for apart from sin for the Glory of God!" — Abraham Israel

"Life could mean much to us when we choose to be thankful for the simple things of life." — Abraham Israel

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