Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"Friends are some one who stand by you even when the whole world leaves you all alone. They are the one who really know who we are really with our weakness hidden within, but yet so gentle to correct us with love. It is like they use knife, yet so gently to remove the infection within us so that our soul can be healed to shine better and not to kill us by stabbing at the back when there arise a vulnerable opportunity. They are open to our correction and get blessed through it too. There can be no better teacher than a friend whom God uses as a blessing and cause you to bless them back in return. Truly friends are a blessing and I thank God for you who read as my friend and follower of my life of faith. Truly I appreciate your friendship from the bottom of my heart. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL WHO ARE MY AMAZING FRIENDS FOR LIFE!" — Abraham Israel

"The pipeline from hell to earth which has been let loose to corrupt, pervert and demonize the mind of all people in our end of end time generation has already been planned by Satanic cohort strategists through pornography. The word 'porne' in Greek means 'to prostitute oneself.' Just a click of the mouse can lead a person in our times in to the very depths of hell in lust, perversion of sex and immoral thinking through the net. God is not just concerned about our outward pious religious actions but about what we think all the time. So if you have been tempted by such a self prostituting habit and have given in to its evil force which contaminates your soul and body perversely against the will of God, repent now and be sincere towards God to open up your secret to Him. If Satan and his demons have pacified you saying that it is ok to see some pornographic pictures once in a while, or that God's grace is there to let you go free of it consequences, you are fooling yourself. God has clearly said that if you sow evil in to your mind, soon you will reap the effects of that evil in your personal, professional and family life too, because God cannot be mocked who gives to each one according to one's sowing work done in the field of their mind. God hates sin and wants His children to be free from its evil effects because it separates Him and His children. So for all those who sincerely want to please God by freeing themselves from all their sin habits, He gives His precious grace to overcome porn, masturbation and all sexually perverse thoughts through our Lord Jesus Christ. Grace overcomes sin. If you are fighting against sexual sin, you are doing fine in your christian life. Don't give up, God's grace will soon come even though you might be feeling that you cannot overcome forever from its clutches. God is allowing the force of evil to test you in order to see your sincerity and your dependence on Him, He will make you fight until you give up depending on your own strength, and finally come to the state where you desperately acknowledge that it is by God's strength that you stand. For those of His children who have poorly chosen to self prostitute themselves through pornography are in grave danger of destroying the heavenly soul life that God has given them all to enjoy in this life through building their self and their family life. Porn addiction, as it progresses, commonly does lead to a physical act with a real person as Jesus said that the root of sexual sin starts in lusting after a woman which is spiritual adultery that most of the time ends physically as it progresses. Porn destroys marriage which is the very fabric of joy and peace in life. So beware of Satan's strategy to kill, steal and destroy all the good and God things in your life, fight the real fight of faith to live always in the blessed zone of abundant overcoming life that Jesus gives to all of God's children. If Jesus sets you free from pornography, you will be free indeed! So keep fighting against all sexual lusts until you finally receive supernatural victory over it spiritually. Slay sin before it one day slays you totally." — Abraham Israel

"You are unique! You did not plan yourself in to the world and not even your parents, but it is God who planned you for His own purpose and therefore has a grace in store for you to fulfill that purpose of His in its time. There are more than seven billion people in the world, no one is exact replica of you. Therefore God has a purpose for you or else you would not have come to be unique in the whole wide world in this age and time according to God's design. Because of His preordained purpose, God has already prepared His abundant grace of empowerment prepared for each of your need to fulfill His purpose for your life. All you need to do to tap in to this supernatural heavenly grace for all your day to day needs is to stay close to God who is the God of all grace. The solar panel that is positioned towards the sun, receives enough power to be used for a whole day. Stay close to God from within your heart, you will never run out of grace." — Abraham Israel

"When Satan reminds you about your ugly past, make sure to remind him of his horrible future. When Satan and his demonic accusers want to bring all of your past sins to make you discouraged, say that it is all true but the good news that is for sure a bad news to them all is that the blood of Jesus has forgiven all of my sins and have cleansed me from all unrighteousness. Never argue with Satan and his demons because they are liars, but invoke the blood of Jesus and let the power of it speak to them. God has already justified you and have made you just as if you have never sinned at all in life through the blood of Jesus which was shed for you. Even God cannot see through the blood of Jesus any of your past sins because it is forever forgotten by Him the moment you received Jesus Christ the Son of God as your Lord and Savior. When you look at your sins, you will be depressed which Satan and his demons would love to see. But when you see Jesus at the Cross, you will be refreshed knowing that all your past, present and future sins have all together been forgiven by God through our Lord Jesus two thousand year ago itself. Your sins are not at all any problem with God anymore as long as you would believe Jesus Christ for your every need. God would love to see you look at His Son and not your sin. God wants you not to be depressed anytime, but every time He wants you to be refreshed with the joy of heaven and be cheerful supernaturally through Jesus Christ His Son! Even though sin darkens your soul, yet every time you look to the Son He shines and dispels all darkness within without fail!" — Abraham Israel

"The greatest mystery of all that God is, was and ever will be is how our Lord God Jesus the Christ incarnated to become a man is the biggest wonder till date that no one can understand. God will not break His own law, that is why we say that God is righteous and in Him there is no unrighteousness at all. God made a law in the beginning that a man who sins will die, according to His own law of justice all men have sinned through inheritance and lost the glory of God through one man our forefather Adam who sinned and rebelled against God by his own choice in the Garden of Eden. Since all humanity have sinned through one man, without a sinless person becoming a substitute to take the sins of all men, no man would ever get back to God or have friendship with Him anymore. So because of God's love for all humans who lost His sonship because of disobedience of one man, He himself chose to become that sinless man to redeem all humans from sin in to righteousness. Never forget that the Son of God chose to become a man so that we the sons of men could become the sons of God again. If God the blessor of all men could create man in His likeness, why not He could become a man among them? The greater has the ability to make a lesser or become a lesser, but not vice-versa, unless the greater raises the lesser by adding himself among the lesser and worthless. That is what God did, He added Himself to the worthless sinners, so that the worthless sinners could become worthy in the eyes of the just God. Praise the Lord! The world cannot know that we are the sons of God unless we let the light of the Son shine through us, so may we shine forth the beautiful character of our God and Lord Jesus through our lives and bring glory to God who made us all as His children freely when we believed. " — Abraham Israel

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