Friday, September 26, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God loves to get enthroned on the praises of His people and hear it joyfully with gladness and pleasure because He deserves all our praise for who He is and what He has done for us. Our praise without fail glorifies God's Fatherhood heart that created us all for His Pleasure. God's enthronement upon our praise actually makes us experience the same pleasure that God feels in His heart to be experienced by us in our heart, as God doesn't just bless us sitting in heaven apart from us but literally sits upon us for that moment and showers His literal favor upon Himself, us and our families! Praise brings heaven in to our heart because the God of heaven comes down to sit upon our praises." — Abraham Israel

"What you want to say may look like it is the fact, but what God tells you to say may be the opposite of that fact that you feel, but don't trust that feeling that changes, instead trust the truth that God wants you to say because God wants all ordeals in your life to end by what you have said by faith through the love of the truth. And does not want you to continue in bondage of fear that will stay strong by playing through your natural fleshly feelings that passes away like a mirage making you live in the land of unbelief. Fact may look like it is the real thing, but God's truth always overcomes the fact because fact brings fear, but truth brings freedom through faith. Agree with what God says in His Word as your answer for every situations of your life, then keep saying those words over and over again by faith, then what you said by faith will be fulfilled by God who will do what you have said because it is His truth that you have believed over the fact that you felt. It is either you or God, if it is you and your feeling it will always fail in the end, if it God and His truth all things will be made possible at the end because things which are impossible with men are always possible with God. So, do not deny what you are feeling, but deny your feeling to control you because of believing the truth! The truth will set you free at the end without fail because God has not even once have failed to fulfill His Word, instead have honored it again and again with His power fulfilling the promises of His love it, believe it and cherish it until it nourishes you in every area of your life." — Abraham Israel

"God wants you to remember that He is the blessor and you are the blessed. As you believe His promises and hold on to it in faith, God's hand will be activated by your faith and He will move on your behalf and bless you enough to make you a blessing to all others around you. Without faith no one can please God because those who have no faith in God's promises will restrict themselves from all the blessings of God that He wants to shower upon their lives. God's heart is a heart of blessing, and until God blesses you enough He does not get satisfied enough to have pleasure through you. God always takes the initiative of blessing you by saying, "I Will", " but are you ready enough to believe that if God says "I Will", "He Will" fulfill all of His promises in His time? Say "AMEN" to all His Promises, because not one has ever failed and not even one will fail as your believe and keep believing it with all your heart." — Abraham Israel

"God's face-seekers are the most refreshed people on earth, because the dew of heaven refreshes their life and makes them filled with His supernatural strength to fulfill all those things that people call as impossible dream. Be a impossible dream achiever by being a God's face seeker!" — Abraham Israel

"The only person in the whole entire universe who understands you better than yourself is the one who Created you and have Loved you by giving His life for you to have restored relationship with God and live in His friendship again after it was lost by the voluntary sin of our forefather Adam. His very name means Savior, His name is Jesus the Christ. There is no other name given by God for our humankind to get saved except this One Name because God sent only one Savior for all of our humankind, to come as a baby in human form and grow up to die at the ripe young age of 33. If he was not sent by God or have not got justified for our sins, He could not have risen up. But thank God that He rose up again to live at the right hand of God with all the power of God over the entire universe because God has accepted His sacrifice of substitution for us all, and He as our human representative has justified us all before God's eyes so that we could live through Him under God's favor for a lifetime and for eternity. Now He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Now He is the Alpha and Omega in human form. Now He is the only Mediator between God and Man. Now He is our Creator and our Savior. Now He is our only Hope of all ages and He is now our best Friend and the exact representation of God revealed to all humans. God wants to reveal Himself more to you by making you understand the very personality of Him through Jesus. Open up your heart daily to receive His love and confess to Him your sins as you will speak to a friend, God will forgive your mistakes and keep you as His child forever because of you receiving and believing the Word of the very God of very God Jesus Christ." — Abraham Israel

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When you come to nothing, remember that is a good place and the best point in life God has brought you up by His sovereign hand because that is the place from which God will become everything to you in all situations of life. God of all hope always promises to become the hope of every one who loses it and has no hope but only God to trust on. Once all your hope is in God, God will help you remember that His Love is greater than all your disappointments, and through it He will help you see from His viewpoint and have the attitude that all disappointments in life are actually God's appointments to fulfill His destiny for your life, and in that you actually gain everything and lose nothing through it. He will also make you realize later than all your best dreams for yourself is just a needle in the haystack of plans that He has for you to fulfill and glorify Him in your life. Remember, when God becomes everything, you need nothing more than Him." — Abraham Israel

"Leaders are made when like-minded, passionate and venturous people get together in pack to pursue one thing through many ways and ideas to share their happiness. Passionate followers are made leaders overtime in their own ways and rights, when they learn the art of pursuing the same goal as their leader and be satisfied in what they have achieved together as one. Surround yourself with like-minded people and when you fail and reach boredom, they will push you to reach your destiny, and by the way pushing you they too will go forward on your way to reach their destiny too. When a vision is strong enough to be from God, go forward even if you are alone, soon as you will see, that those who see your passion will line up and add themselves to your mission to become one pack to achieve the mission that has been your vision." — Abraham Israel

"God has space enough to give in to only those who constantly give out, either it is material, financial or spiritual things in this life or the next the same applies. To get in something, you need to give out something and make room for God to fill the place which only He can fill in your life. When you refresh others with the gifts and talents that God has given you, you yourself will be refreshed by what God has given in to your life to refresh others. Be a river of life that refreshes every one who comes its way and by doing it refreshes itself with life giving flow of freshness and surrounds itself with prosperous and beautiful trees through pollination, and be not a stinking pond that stays stagnated because of storing water and thus drying off in the next season because of intense heat and goes no further to either stay blessed or be a blessing." — Abraham Israel

"God always wants to bless because His heart is a heart of blessing, but many times people are not blessed really because they wait for sometime and then give up their faith before God's time comes for them to be rewarded. So holding on to our precious faith is absolutely necessary because that is the spiritual receipt that has to be produced for us to show at the end line of faith and claim our reward from God. God till today has never failed even one time, and based on His impeccable reputation will always arrive on time without fail at the end line to give His reward of blessing to us because of his benevolent heart, but have you carried your faith without falling in to unbelief and doubt, and failing to finish the race of faith set to receive your reward? Rise up and hold on to your faith in patience which carries a great reward with it at the end! There may be hard, tiring and even a painful beginning, and a further tough and arduous journey when you are holding on to your faith, but there is always a joyful and a happy ending waiting for you because God always expectantly arrives at the end line even before you start, and from the moment you start your race of faith He will be always expecting you to finish it, and thus joyously receive your reward of all His blessings from Him personally. God waits for you in faith at the end-line, even as you wait for Him to act from the beginning of your journey of faith!" — Abraham Israel

"What you keep thinking and keeping on thinking on your mind constantly you will become. This is the reason God as His child wants you to meditate on His word because He wants you to become like Him in your character and thus show His glory to all others who wants to know Him in a personal and experiential encounter through your living witness as His son and daughter. We are representing our Father in heaven as His true ambassadors on earth if we start to become what He is like in heaven more and more. Remember, the Word of God is seed, your mind is the field. If you constantly sow His seed and remove the weeds of negativity and unbelief, your harvest will be as prosperous as heaven's harvest which is abundant life without end. Make sure what you sow in to your mind constantly is nothing but the Word of God and Word of God alone!" — Abraham Israel

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"You don't have to be the best and don't even try, just open yourself to the Son-shine of God's love which has been revealed for you in God's Word of truth and grace, that which is able to establish you and give you an inheritance among all the saints of God. The Sunshine of God then through His grace opens you up and lets the beauty of God be seen by all others around you without your self effort, so allow your life to bloom and become what God wants you to be. You are God's master piece because you are actually owned and made by our Master Jesus who has pieced you together in Himself by having loved you with an everlasting and unconditional Love. You are seen the brightest and most glorious when God works the greatest in you!" — Abraham Israel

"God is not finished with you yet. You need to stop worrying on what you lack and begin to see yourself as God's sees you, which is as a heavenly product that is still in the process of His assembly line on earth. When it is all over, you shall be perfect as Jesus is. Until then accept that God is transforming you from inside out, and one of these days you will begin to fly out in liberty as the sons of God because of having learned to be led by the Spirit. Before the butterfly flies out, it starts to break out of the cocoon. In the same way, before you begin to fly out spiritually in liberty, you need to break out of the soulish self life of cocoon prison that is keeping you in its grip by using the grace of God in your day to day life's journey. Once you are out of it, no one can keep you bound. Until then keep growing in the grace of God, and you will fly forever and ever, higher and higher, until you reach out to God in the highest and live with Him forever!" — Abraham Israel

"Your faith in God does not take you away from your problems, but it will take you away from you worries and fears that weighs you down in hopelessness and darkness of unbelief, then it makes you face the problems before you with renewed strength in God and make you overcome it in the will of God for your lives, which is God's best for you which is eternal in its perspective and makes God work together all the bits and pieces of your life to glue it together for your good and give you a glorious ending to cherish for eternity! With faith in your heart, you are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus because God is with you is working for you." — Abraham Israel

"Faith is like a switch that closes the circuit and brings the instrument in which its power flows to be a blessing to others. The moment your faith in the promises of God touches God, you will come under the power of God's umbrella of blessing that will make you a blessing from that point of time. Every instrument of blessing will stay blessed because those who give out, God keeps giving in to them more and more in a pressed down, shaken together and overflowing measure. Believe me, you can never out give God because He owns the entire universe." — Abraham Israel

"God and self are opposites. God has only one will in this entire universe, all who fit themselves in it will not flirt out of it by knowingly giving in to their self will. God fuels us with His mighty grace to destroy our self life, while Satan uses the world to feed our self life and keep us in its grip of deceit. Those who live by faith in God's promises will overcome self and therefore for them carrying their cross of giving in to God's will be easy because God's grace will empower them to fulfill God's will for their lives. Let go of your self and let God take control of every part of your being to make you blessed enough to be a mighty blessing to many in the coming days!" — Abraham Israel

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God wants you to think eternally and not temporally because His intention is to bless you eternally and not temporally. Temporal blessings of life is very much earthly and will completely vanish once you die, God's eternal blessings of heaven stay with you forever and ever because you will not die and live for eternity because Jesus died and rose again on your behalf to justify you before God and make you live in His friendship forever. Never compromise yourself by looking on the temporal rather than the eternal because what you look at now either by faith or unbelief will decide how much wealth of endless life to come you will inherit in the coming days. You will be modeled spiritually on earth on how you look on the unseen now, for what you cannot see now you will become in heaven if you have seen it all and have lived on earth by faith in the reality of its existence, so that God can model you on earth for heaven's glory and authority that He wants to display through you for eternity." — Abraham Israel

"God challenged the Israelites to change their old Egyptian thinking that kept them in bondage, because even though they were legally and physically delivered from Egypt overnight, God had to deal them continually through the wilderness to take the darkness which kept them in bondage to itself in their mind, so that He could make their mind work with the principle of faith and help them experience heaven on earth. But sadly almost everyone except few young new generation faith warriors failed to renew their thinking and cooperate with God to make their mind experience heaven within them. God wants us to experience heaven on earth and wants us to fly high spiritually in great altitude all the time of our walk with Him on earth. If we renew our mind with the word of God and receive the faith of God from heaven, we will automatically please God without our self effort and will experience supernatural strength to inherit all the blessing that God has for us in our lives. Let go of yourself to sit as co-pilot with God and let God take the driver seat, and your will always fly high spiritually as a result of it!" — Abraham Israel

"The moment we equate and then magnify our spiritual experience greater than the written Word of God, we are at the grave danger of falling in to delusion that will make us suffer sorrows of great proportions. God himself has magnified His Word even greater than His great name because He Himself has tied Himself to fulfilling what He has said and abides by it, why not with us who are having fallen sin nature which blurs our spiritual eyes now and then if we are without the perfect guidance of His Word that gets quickened and given as a now Word by the Spirit. If the Word of God is not kept as a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path, soon we will get lost in some spiritual delusion from the evil one who is subtle enough to deceive even the most spiritual men and women of God by its lies and deceit." — Abraham Israel

"When you have a simple faith that says,' The God who has taken me this far will also help me go thus far till I reach the end of the destiny that He has for me,' believe me you have more than enough fuel to keep moving on in your spiritual life no matter what hardship, trials and temptations come your way to distract you from reaching the ultimate that God has for you. No hindrance can ever be able to stop you, nor keep you in its grip for long because that simple faith in your heart will rise up every time you are in need and make God move on your behalf and give victory all the time. When you have that simple but yet effective mustard seed size of faith within you, you can throw away any mountain that comes to block you from your destiny that God has for you! God hands that has carried you this far is so wide, long and awesome, that you cannot fall out of it, and therefore He will carry you the rest of your way. Keep your faith till the end because it is precious!" — Abraham Israel

"When you walk by faith in the night, each step you take will be lit by God's heavenly light from above so that your destiny will become nearer and nearer than when you first began, and your path will become brighter and brighter until you see the whole vision of God before you as clear as the noon day sun shining in actuality before you. Even though it is dark around you, keep walking in faith with where you cannot see, soon you will see in light of God's revelation what you cannot see in dark because God always sees you faith and leads you faithfully as you believe more and more. Keep believing in God's precious promises and you will throw away the darkness of unbelief to attract the favor of God which will lead you in to His destiny for your life!" — Abraham Israel

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Your positive faith attitude will always determine your spiritual altitude in God." — Abraham Israel

"Every racer who wins always takes the good choice to take the first few steps with faith, then those small steps taken leads them to the great triumphs of their lives. Though the vision that you have might seem insignificant before others and even in your own eyes, believing it and taking the few first steps in faith might one day become the biggest steps of your life that took you in the right direction of God's plan for you in your life. You don't need to see the full picture before you start, taking the first few steps in faith will give better clarity to run the whole race bit by bit and more and more till the end. When God is in it, every race that you run will have without fail the reward for your hard work and determination that you have put in faith. The taste of victory in the end will make it all worthwhile, so keep taking those first steps in the right direction that God shows without fail!" — Abraham Israel

"God thoughts are always bigger, better, higher and greater than your greatest because He knows the end from the beginning. God's plans and thoughts for you are not based on what you are now, but rather based on who you will become and achieve in the end. Though you may not be able to realize the awesomeness of God's great plan right now, take a step of faith and submit your will to God's will unconditionally knowing that your thoughts are based on what you are now and what you think you can become without any guarantee behind it. As you start moving forward in faith without knowing what is ahead of you, God will start to establish His thoughts in you. As you give more in to God's thoughts and start to constantly think and dream of achieving it, your life will be filled with peace that passes all your natural understanding and your heart will be filled with heaven's inexpressible joy. So that at the end of your life you will be a satisfied human full of praise and thanksgiving, because at that time you will come to realize that you could have never been where you are if you had gone your own way without God. God's might make you wait, but to fulfill His plan doesn't take much time for Him. In a moment He will show you great favor and raise you up high over all because you believed His plan for your life when there was every possibility for you to go your own way. Let God and let go of yourself to live in His Glory and experience heaven on earth!" — Abraham Israel

"Suffering is necessary to learn patience, once we are in to heaven there are no more opportunity to ever suffer and learn patience that only comes to perfection through faith which operates in the now realm. There shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying and no more pain in heaven as we will be in the very immediate Presence of God. So God will now use every opportunity He has temporarily to place a crown of thorns in some way or the other to us so that we could become seasoned and qualified to receive the prize of the crown of gold and diamonds, that will be given only for those who have learned patience on earth by faith to be rulers in heaven for eternity ahead. So no matter what weakness, pain and suffering you face now, receive and depend upon the unfailing grace of God to overcome it all by faith. Very sooner than you could realize all your sufferings that God allowed in your life will be over as it is only earthly temporal, and you will be ready to receive the great prizes of crown from the Lord to live in bliss of eternal honor and joy in the permanent Presence of the Lord forever in the new heaven and new earth with God! Keep your head in heaven, your feet on earth and let your hand work for the Lord. Keep moving on in faith and you will for sure inherit your destiny in God!" — Abraham Israel

"Satan wants us to make us believe that we are a product of our behavior, but God reminds us that we are a product of our belief. If we can believe, we can overcome sinful indulgences, lack of health, financial disasters, marriage problems and all kinds of evil that tries to intimidate us to make us fearful and keep us in its bondage. If we can believe all things are possible with God. As we keep our self in faith, the law of faith lifts us up above the law of sin and death. The law of sin and death always tries to pull all believers down to make them believe the lie that they can never be able to fly spiritually and be a overcomer. Many who get struck in this sin-confess-sin cycle get very discouraged in their spiritual life as all they see is that when they try to become airborne spiritually, they fall on the ground and get up to try again not to sin. But the spirit of faith speaks in faith the promises of God and believes that it can. Suddenly the believer who struggles with sin and all evil get airborne by the law of faith spiritually. It is like the law of aerodynamics lifting up a plane to higher altitude to make it fly in spite of the law of gravity acting upon it which naturally will make everything fall on the ground the moment it is thrown up in the air. You are what God has said you to be, believe and live the abundant life. God has said, 'Let the weak say I am strong.' Just believe and keep saying it until you believe what you say and say what you believe. Say, 'I believe, help my unbelief if you can't believe you can be a overcomer.' God who sees your sincerity will help you believe and make you understand that you are a product of what you believe. In Jesus name...Amen." — Abraham Israel

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Apostolic Interpretation

Å℘◎ṧт◎ℓḯḉ Їη☂℮ґρґℯ⊥α☂☤☺η :

"Blessed are the merciful to others, for they shall be shown great mercies by the Lord when they are in great need." (Matt 5:5, Abi's Paraphrased Version).

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When we as children of God in Christ Jesus come to understand that we have been created by our Creator God purposefully unique in our character, manner of speech and external outlook in order to exhibit that part of uniqueness and variety of God that has not yet been revealed to the world, then we will never want to compete with others instead we will begin to complement those which are different from us which are also unique mater pieces just like our self, who are all together created by our God to exhibit God's glory in a different way apart from us. Competing coughs up jealousy and hate which rips apart our self image which has been created uniquely by God, but complementing cuddles up our heart to openly express our sincere appreciation of others who are different and also keep intact our self image which is uniquely purposed in the Love of God which has sustained our lives and brings us to completion and satisfaction in God as we walk in its unconditional love towards others!" — Abraham Israel

"We are what we are, not by what has happened to us in our past, but by what we are believing our self to be according to the Word of God! We win by the positive choice we take to intentionally think on the good things of life and throw away by choice what does not edify us because of its negativity. God is not limited in His ability to work miracles, but He becomes limited by our inability to believe what He says Himself to be. Stop and flush all that is negative in your brain by starting to think on and apply what Jesus did to keep Himself positive to reach the ultimate glory designed for Him! When you follow the Leader, before you realize, you will be on the way to your destiny!" — Abraham Israel

"When you are waiting in faith, actually you should remember that God is waiting for you at the finish line of faith already to reward you with your miracle! Keep believing, you may be only one step to the finish line without knowing it or as you keep moving you are one step nearer to your miracle as you keep believing God's promises that has never failed. " — Abraham Israel

"We as God's children reflecting God on earth as He is in heaven is God's desire for all humanity. God created all humans in His image at the beginning of the Bible, we lost it all because of voluntary sin, then at the end of the Bible we see that all who had chosen God during the time in between the beginning and the end will not only gain His image now and regain what we have all lost without God, but also will one day gloriously reflect God in His kingdom forever as His sons and daughters." — Abraham Israel

"If you have been pierced with many sorrows in your Christian life, do not keep blaming the devil for your state of life, but check whether God or money has been your God in your life. Satan tempts you with love of money. If you have taken the bait, don't blame the devil, blame yourself and change your ways to have your life become centered in God. Money is the least thing with which God expects you to be faithful in order to inherit all great spiritual things in life. God or money, Satan is in fact not the next alternative to God but it is your money. Be faithful to God with your money, God will be faithful to you in all His promises of earthly and heavenly blessings forevermore. Remind yourself often that money is a good servant but a poor master who will make you eternally poor in faith towards God!" — Abraham Israel

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