Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"Our God is a God of all varieties. He is the one who created us all of us different and divided us by segregating the nations, but has recreated us to be a new creation in Jesus Christ by uniting us by His One Spirit. God divided us all nationally as nations and locally as tribes so that we might seek Him for solutions of unity and could be united spiritually in Him. Divided by many nationalities, united by One Faith! The flag that flies over the Church representing this unity of mind and spirit is Love that is expressed by our One Lord Jesus Christ. Now to us all, He is the king of not just the good times we have but all times for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"As long as we live in this world system of governance, we will have trouble because it works diametrically opposite to what we as Christians believe as the truth. So when trouble comes against us spiritually, we should not let ourselves be troubled by it, instead should praise God that Jesus has overcome the world system of governance by the Presence of God and therefore He has also assured us that if we patiently carry on by faith in His Word of promise, we too by the Presence of God working within us will overcome all the evils of this world through the peace that gets settled in our mind from heaven, which will in fact bypass all our limited understanding of our natural mind to make us spiritually succeed with God." — Abraham Israel

"There is the way of peace and prosperity prepared by God for all those who walk in the way of righteousness, which may seem hard and impossible to those who foolishly take the wrong choice to reject and walk in wickedness. Are you tempted to bribe someone to fulfill your wants or needs, take a step back and say, 'Righteousness is worth the walk and therefore I will walk in it.' Are you tempted to break the law and take a shortcut to success, take a step back and say, 'Righteousness will satisfy me and therefore I will walk in it." Are you tempted to say something bad against someone that might cause someone to lose their reputation, take a step back and say, 'As a righteous man, I would rather only speak what is edifying to others and will forgive what others have said towards me maliciously because God has forgiven all my sins unconditionally.' The peace of God that He enjoys in heaven will be given to your heart by God when he sees that you are walking by His righteousness, and therefore He will make the crooked way before you to become straight before you to make you succeed spiritually and become a truly prosperous person." — Abraham Israel

"Those who try to judge others are asking God to judge themselves by their own righteousness, those who see others mercifully and show mercy to others are explicitly asking God to judge them by Christ's righteousness which is stored in their spiritual account in heaven. Our righteousness which is like a worthless rags before God can only bring curse according to God's righteous judgment, while Christ's perfect righteousness on our account when considered by God continually before Him as ours through our self-judgment, will bring eternal blessing to us over and over again endlessly! Judge other and die spiritually, be non-judgmental to live abundantly! God loves others through us when we hate to feed our self, instead judge it righteously according to the Word of God. Loving others will satisfy you immensely while judging others will empty you of any good that the love of God retains with in you." — Abraham Israel

"Our God is a positive thinker and therefore He expects us to be positive too all the time. Positive thinking is the only type of thinking entertained in heaven, if you want to experience heaven in your heart on earth where you live, you also ought to entertain only positive thinking within you. Be a positive thinker and change the world around you, instead of letting the depressive world get in to you and change who you are supposed to be!" — Abraham Israel

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