Saturday, June 2, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"Any stage is acceptable as long as we declare the gospel, because in it is the power of God that leads to salvation to everyone who believes. If one sinner repents and comes to Jesus forsaking his old ways of self and sin, the whole of heaven rejoices along with all the angels who are workers to help the inheritors of salvation. Glory be to God!" — Abraham Israel

"Pastors and all the five-fold ministers of God trust the provision of God to dispense the spiritual things that God has ordained to dispense by trusting in Him. When it is dispensed freely and they become worthy of receiving whatever material support from those who are blessed, then the irony happens. Having been satisfied, when the people of God leave the servants of God high and dry saying that God will take care of them, that is when they do not realize that God is testing them. When they are not ready to release the least of the money that belong to God on behalf of God to his servants, God will not release the great spiritual blessings that belongs to them in their lives too. At the end of the day God can make a raven to supply the exact nutritional bread and meat to his man or woman servants, and give enough water in the pond which is supernaturally supplied from His hand, but what about the test of God which you might have failed by then? You can never gain the spiritual and eternal blessings ever after you leave this short span of life on earth which is given by God to exchange the material things for inheriting the eternal things which will stay with you for eternity ahead. Open your eyes to understand, before it is too late! Saints we all need to learn that unless a person learns to trust God for the supernatural themselves, they cannot be able to provide the same to other whom they lead. So watch out for the true servants of God, and follow their faith to excel in all areas of your spiritual life. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"The Gospel is the good news that because Jesus took our sins on the Cross to die for us as sinless lamb which was accepted by God, God raised Jesus Christ three days later to shows that we are no more in our sins but are ready to rise up in the resurrection power just like Him." — Abraham Israel

"When we ask which is more important, the Cross or the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, we should look to each as a wire that brings the power of God being intertwined as one, the Cross was the place where our sins was forgiven and the resurrection was God's assurance to us that because our sins were forgiven already, we will arise in a new glorious body just like Jesus did and will live on in heaven with Himself forever and ever as His heir inheriting all his wealth to enjoy for eternity along with Jesus Christ His first-born. You cannot make a lamp burn with one wire, but when the phase and neutral come together, the circuit gets completed and the light of the power shines bright even in the darkness of night. So our faith should be in both the Cross and also the Resurrection of Jesus, without which we can never become fully positioned to experience God's free gift of salvation in its full power of heaven. So which is more important the Cross or the Resurrection of Jesus Christ? Both are equally important for our faith to shine forth with God's light! One cannot work without the other." — Abraham Israel

"Unless the Lord opens our eyes to see the spiritual reality of heaven and its messages of truth in the Word of God, we are just like six blind men who labored much to decide the shape of the elephant according to their own understanding, and found out six different shapes to define how it looked like. May our prayers always be, open our eyes to understand the truth of your Word, before we start to read it always." — Abraham Israel

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