Monday, June 25, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"The opportunity of a lifetime must be used with in the lifetime of opportunity. Each day we face unique risks, trials, problems and temptations that no other person faces on the face of the entire earth, but God has placed an answer of opportunity within each difficulty we face. Those who take time and have patience to overturn the obstacles they face will never ever be turned around by it, but instead it will turn them on to excitement as they find the opportunity of a lifetime in everything that impedes them." — Abraham Israel

"At the end of every self failure there is a golden thread of opportunity to pursue God's ultimate plan for your bright future and eternal comfort. Those who become hopeless in themselves can easily go on to become hopeful in God." — Abraham Israel

"God is a all wise and a loving Father to only give us what we actually need and not what we always want. Because giving us all we want will actually make us childish and earthly, but giving us what we need will make us grow in child-like faith which will bring great eternal reward. God sees the end from the beginning and leads us according to His goal to transform us in to the image of His only begotten Son Jesus." — Abraham Israel

"Quitters never win because they have failed to do what winners always choose to do, that is to persevere until they find the opportunity that is hidden in every difficulty they face. Never forget, in every dark cloud there will be a silver lining present. So look positively today to find your opportunity and above all refuse to quit! I promise you that your victory is nearer than you first believed." — Abraham Israel

"Never give up your faith through which you have allowed God to work on your behalf. God knows what He is doing, the devil knows what God is doing, but do you know that you only fail when you give up your faith." — Abraham Israel

"God gives, gives and forgives, man gets, gets and forgets. A thankful and grateful attitude of heart for what God has already given you, sets your spiritual altitude higher and higher to reach great heights of faith." — Abraham Israel

"Those believe in God's timing and live to fulfill His purpose for their life to be fulfilled are the most satisfied people on earth. Those who expect God to work in their timing for their own purpose are the most frustrated and miserable people on earth because they think God has failed them. God never fails and have not failed even one time. God has his own plan to work with in His predetermined time and for His purpose, it is a foolish things to expect God to jump in to any one's plan when he has not assured any one of any such thing. God makes the worldly wise to befooled by their own wisdom! So always trust God's timing and work for His purpose, you will always live happily satisfied!" — Abraham Israel

"Never try to become like someone else when God has created you uniquely to be yourself, in fact those who try to be like others are trying to convey to God that He has not created them uniquely. If you have not realized that you are unique, just look at your fingerprints, not one person in the whole world do have the same like yours. This is the signature of God's authenticity to say that you are uniquely created by Him. When some one tries to become like others, soon they lose their self esteem and go on to consider their lives as worthless in their own sight.

The only person whom we should try to become like day by day is Jesus, in whom our identity that was marred by sin gets restored in such a way that we start to enjoy ourselves and become proud of who we are created to be. When you enjoy yourself, others will soon start to enjoy your company. When you find yourself in God, others will find you interesting. When you learn to see yourself as a unique creation of God's wondrous making, then in the same way others will see begin to see you very soon. The way you will see yourself will be the same way you will be inclined to see others, so taking the good choice to see yourself in the way God has uniquely created you to be, will make you a channel of blessing to many or break you from being a channel of blessing! Be blessed and be a blessing!" — Abraham Israel

"God wanted men to reflect Himself and then wanted women to reflect man, so when God is not looked upon for receiving spiritual light within a family life, neither man nor woman can ever happily live together because of the inability to understand each other's heart which is still filled with the darkness of life without the light of life that is in God, a family life will shine forth with the joy, peace and righteousness of heaven when Christ Jesus becomes the central focus of all its members." — Abraham Israel

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