Monday, November 4, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"The blessedness of being truthful to acknowledge our sinfulness in the inner most being of our spirit man before God where no one knows our motive except God is nothing less than the ability to see the work of God in us and through all around us which imparts faith for a overcoming life instead of the natural seeing that always focuses on the negatives that keeps us bound in sin without hope. Keeping our heart pure makes us see God in a new dimension in all the world where His works are displayed through the good and even the bad, through the beautiful and even the ugly, through the rich and even the poor, through the comfort and even the suffering, through the peace and even the disaster and through the health and even the sickness. Like the angels in heaven being filled with God in the understanding of their mind, they see the earth and cry out, "Holy, Holy, Holy, the whole earth is filled with His glory!" Such filling of our body by God, wholly owned by Him in purity will display the knowledge of His glory with in our mind and will keep bringing heaven on earth through a paradigm shift in the way we see things, and make us see how God is working all things for our good and how beautifully His glory is filling the earth all around us. So be blessed to see God until you see nothing but His glory in all things!!!" — Abraham Israel

"Grace is not just a five letter word that means unmerited favor, it is the very empowerment of God from heaven that makes us do what we cannot even imagine to do with our own strength even if it is done for all our lifetime in striving and perpetual effort. Grace of God not only helps us make the right choices, regain the wasted years and cleanses the mistakes we have made as though we have never done it at all, it makes us achieve greatness like we have never done before, as we acknowledge and give glory to God for His grace in all humility! God resists the proud but gives grace freely to the humble in mind. So in what state your mind is now? Introspect..." — Abraham Israel

"Jesus often used seeds as a picture of the kingdom of heaven. The seed is the smallest tangible reality that we need to see in order to experience the great future blessing that will come out of it. All that we get out of the kingdom of heaven is given to us as a faith-seed. It is the smallest spiritual material that grows in to a tangible physical manifestation when we take the pain to plant it in the soil of our heart and nurture it with dew of having a relationship with God that revives the seed like when water is poured upon the planted seed. The seed faith sprouts out and someday the tree of life comes out of it so strongly with beautiful flowers all over it. From that point the blessing of the kingdom of heaven will begin to fill you to fulfillment. So all a person needs for such blessing to be received is to wait patiently until the seed faith grows in to reality, to make us see what we have believed which is the reward for nurturing the seed faith of heaven within us. Plant the seed of faith and nurture it until you see the tree of life start to bless you with heaven on earth and make you a channel of the blessing of heaven on this earth!" — Abraham Israel

"As long as we know and understand that the work we do is a calling to fulfill the purpose of God for our life, we will take the time to find what makes us work full of joy and passion, rather than search and settle for something that would suit us to prolong in this life. We will find great satisfaction in this life only as we do the thing which we are called to do. What are you called for...have you been doing what you are designed by God to do? God says that a person who finds boredom in doing a work should not eat until he finds the work which he enjoys so that he may live life purposefully according to the plan of God for his life. Find the work you enjoy in life, and you will work to enjoy your life." — Abraham Israel

"God's says that His ways and thoughts are higher than ours infinitely because He expects us to think and act like the way He is and not the way we are. Our thoughts binds us on earth while God's thoughts frees us to lift us in to heaven on earth. Our ways takes us to a dead end often while God's ways never end. Choose to think God's thoughts and choose to walk in His ways and you will not wait for heaven when you die, but will experience heaven on earth while you live!" — Abraham Israel

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