Thursday, July 5, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"The art of positive thinking is to replace the hopeless and negative expectations of fear with the intentional thoughts of the greatness of God which are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy. To expect good always in the midst of the world which is full of evil means we are hoping only for the best possible result in our own circumstances and others because of believing that God is working both the good and the bad together in to something which is only for our good. Even when all the things that happen might not be inline with our hope, to think in faith at present and hope for the future through faith in God's power is to make a impact of positive lifestyle which will always make us to let go of our past and make heaven to move on our behalf to release its fragrance of joy in us and through us in to all the world in the present, and finally let the destiny of God unfold magnificently in our future. You can make a difference in this world if you trust the Lord and keep thinking positive!" — Abraham Israel

"Dare to dream big and believe it to come to pass when the God who gives the dream has promised to fulfill it in His time if only you keep believing in it. Great achievers first started their journey with big dreams and saw it come to pass when they persevered to believe in it when all others around them gave up. The difference between losers and winners is, one gives up while the other simply chooses not to give up until all circumstances give in to God's dream in their heart. Those who hang in the most will win at the end. Today think about the dream God has given you and say, 'My God will bring it soon to pass,' and then say to God, 'Dear God, Please give me the strength to hang in and believe it and not give out.' I promise you, you are already on your way to your destiny!" — Abraham Israel

"THE LIVING GOD IS ALWAYS SPEAKING IN YOUR SPIRIT, but you can only hear Him clearly when you hush the voice of the self, the world and the voice of the devils within your soul. When you have transferred all your soulish worries and cares, then in exchange received the peace of heaven that surpasses all understanding in to your soul, you are still and ready to hear God's voice within and know THE LORD as YOUR GOD who IS IN PERFECT CONTROL OF ALL YOUR SITUATIONS. Hearing God's voice soothes your soul and heals you of all your fears within. When you allow the Lord to speak to you consistently, He will speak through you to others easily. Are you hearing today of what the Lord is speaking regarding you and your situations? LET GOD SPEAK AND YOU STAY STILL HEARING HIM! This is the only way to let God work for you and keep you in His heavenly rest till you see all His destiny for you get fulfilled." — Abraham Israel

"The race of faith to seek the Lord is set for every humans alike with an equal opportunity to find God, but the nearness of God to their heart for eternity ahead is based on how desperately they have used the lifetime of opportunity to call on Him. A man can waste all his life without ever caring for God or His things, and can end up for eternity without God which is the real hell which cannot be revoked. The dead person do not have the ability to call on God to save them or to seek Him. Only as long as we live in the physical body of humanity we have the choice of our own, then after death we are in God's domain to receive the result or reward for the choice we have made, we can either be rewarded for our wisdom in seeking the Lord wholeheartedly or be tormented or regret if we have foolishly spent our lives for ourselves. The ability to seek the Lord and find Him and His salvation from sin is available only now, now that God is near to all humans through Jesus, you are one call away from finding God if you choose to call on His name through His only begotten Son Jesus. When a person dies without finding the true living God, he will never ever find God near to him anymore for eternity ahead. The opportunity of a lifetime must be appropriated within the life time of our opportunity. It is never late until you are late, so make use of your best time now to seek the Lord with your whole heart, soul, mind and strength! It is now or never." — Abraham Israel

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