Friday, September 26, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"God loves to get enthroned on the praises of His people and hear it joyfully with gladness and pleasure because He deserves all our praise for who He is and what He has done for us. Our praise without fail glorifies God's Fatherhood heart that created us all for His Pleasure. God's enthronement upon our praise actually makes us experience the same pleasure that God feels in His heart to be experienced by us in our heart, as God doesn't just bless us sitting in heaven apart from us but literally sits upon us for that moment and showers His literal favor upon Himself, us and our families! Praise brings heaven in to our heart because the God of heaven comes down to sit upon our praises." — Abraham Israel

"What you want to say may look like it is the fact, but what God tells you to say may be the opposite of that fact that you feel, but don't trust that feeling that changes, instead trust the truth that God wants you to say because God wants all ordeals in your life to end by what you have said by faith through the love of the truth. And does not want you to continue in bondage of fear that will stay strong by playing through your natural fleshly feelings that passes away like a mirage making you live in the land of unbelief. Fact may look like it is the real thing, but God's truth always overcomes the fact because fact brings fear, but truth brings freedom through faith. Agree with what God says in His Word as your answer for every situations of your life, then keep saying those words over and over again by faith, then what you said by faith will be fulfilled by God who will do what you have said because it is His truth that you have believed over the fact that you felt. It is either you or God, if it is you and your feeling it will always fail in the end, if it God and His truth all things will be made possible at the end because things which are impossible with men are always possible with God. So, do not deny what you are feeling, but deny your feeling to control you because of believing the truth! The truth will set you free at the end without fail because God has not even once have failed to fulfill His Word, instead have honored it again and again with His power fulfilling the promises of His love it, believe it and cherish it until it nourishes you in every area of your life." — Abraham Israel

"God wants you to remember that He is the blessor and you are the blessed. As you believe His promises and hold on to it in faith, God's hand will be activated by your faith and He will move on your behalf and bless you enough to make you a blessing to all others around you. Without faith no one can please God because those who have no faith in God's promises will restrict themselves from all the blessings of God that He wants to shower upon their lives. God's heart is a heart of blessing, and until God blesses you enough He does not get satisfied enough to have pleasure through you. God always takes the initiative of blessing you by saying, "I Will", " but are you ready enough to believe that if God says "I Will", "He Will" fulfill all of His promises in His time? Say "AMEN" to all His Promises, because not one has ever failed and not even one will fail as your believe and keep believing it with all your heart." — Abraham Israel

"God's face-seekers are the most refreshed people on earth, because the dew of heaven refreshes their life and makes them filled with His supernatural strength to fulfill all those things that people call as impossible dream. Be a impossible dream achiever by being a God's face seeker!" — Abraham Israel

"The only person in the whole entire universe who understands you better than yourself is the one who Created you and have Loved you by giving His life for you to have restored relationship with God and live in His friendship again after it was lost by the voluntary sin of our forefather Adam. His very name means Savior, His name is Jesus the Christ. There is no other name given by God for our humankind to get saved except this One Name because God sent only one Savior for all of our humankind, to come as a baby in human form and grow up to die at the ripe young age of 33. If he was not sent by God or have not got justified for our sins, He could not have risen up. But thank God that He rose up again to live at the right hand of God with all the power of God over the entire universe because God has accepted His sacrifice of substitution for us all, and He as our human representative has justified us all before God's eyes so that we could live through Him under God's favor for a lifetime and for eternity. Now He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Now He is the Alpha and Omega in human form. Now He is the only Mediator between God and Man. Now He is our Creator and our Savior. Now He is our only Hope of all ages and He is now our best Friend and the exact representation of God revealed to all humans. God wants to reveal Himself more to you by making you understand the very personality of Him through Jesus. Open up your heart daily to receive His love and confess to Him your sins as you will speak to a friend, God will forgive your mistakes and keep you as His child forever because of you receiving and believing the Word of the very God of very God Jesus Christ." — Abraham Israel

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