Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"Faith makes us overlook our temporal discomfort, confusion and sorrows, and helps us place it all in to the hands of our God through praying in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to receive in exchange the heavenly peace that passes all understanding that guards our hearts and minds, knowing within that He is working out all darkness's of this life in to something eternally good for us, until God shines His light to give it all a meaning which will create eternal satisfaction and closeness with God that wipes away our tears." — Abraham Israel

"Pride is the strength of the ungodly who believe in themselves to build a little kingdom for themselves, humility is the strength of the godly who believe in the God of all justice in whose kingdom they live as its citizen, the only Kingdom which reigns over the whole world, and the one and only Kingdom that will continue forever and ever." — Abraham Israel

"When sin knocks the door of your heart, lift up your Cross to say no to your-self, and reply to it that you have died nearly two thousand years ago itself and now I do not live anymore. Instead Jesus Christ who died for me lives within me forever and ever. This is the power of the Cross!" — Abraham Israel

"It is easy fad to say, when sin knocks at the door of your heart, tell Jesus to open it. But the fact of the matter is, Jesus will not close or open the door of your heart, only you have the free will and rights to open or close it for the Glory of God or for selfish purposes. If you lift up your personal Cross of suffering against sin just like Jesus did, which God has given to you as an opportunity for you to experience victory over your-self at that moment of temptation, and then choose rightly to crucify your-self, you show to the world that you are worthy of Jesus who has bought and paid for you on the Cross. In other words, when you choose your own way, you will be defeated by sin which will keep you in its habitual bondage which brings no glory to God and shows you unworthy in yourself which is a fact. But though it is painful to your-self, when you choose the right thing that honors God, then Jesus gives the strength of His grace to overcome sin and self which will glorify God, shows you worthy in Christ Jesus which is the truth and keeps you in the liberty of heaven on earth to experience it now itself!" — Abraham Israel

"When our will crosses God's will, that is when a decision to actually carry our cross comes actually to us. At that moment of time we decide, whether to carry our own cross or reject it, which in fact will show us whether we are a true disciple of Jesus or just a name-sake believer who resist our cross which He has called us to carry to be conformed to His image and glorify Him." — Abraham Israel

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