Thursday, December 28, 2017

Today's Bible Verse To Ponder Over

✞◎∂αƴ❝ṧ ฿їßℓε Ṽℯґṧℯ ✞ℴ ℙøηḓℯґ ϴṽ℮я :

"When you choose not to trust in your own limited understanding of your mind and abilities, your heart will then safely lean on to trust in the Lord's mind which sees limitless opportunities for you to succeed in the midst of all your difficulties." (Prov 3:5, Abi's Translation).

Our mind is very small and can only understand limited information, no matter even if we are the brainiest person in the whole world. Faith is not against rational thinking, but it is beyond rational thinking, and is a spiritual thinking that is as big as God Himself. And this faith exist in the realm of personal relationship and partnership with God, where nothing will become impossible to us. Our limitation in life will only be as big as our faith in life, because as much as we have faith, that much we have endless possibilities to succeed in close partnership with God. Faith comes when we accept ourselves as sinner and ask God to save us from our sins. God through Jesus Christ saves us from sin and gives us faith to overcome sin which limits our mind. Our understanding of any situation seen through our sinful eyes will always be limited, but when we are filled with God's word, our eyes begins to see any situation through the eyes of faith which leads us to limitless possibilities in God. Do you want to live limited or limitless life? The difference between trusting ourselves and trusting God is as different as living a weak human life on earth or living the life of God who is in heaven who rules over the earth. With God we can rule over the weakness and make it to become our strength, but the only requirement for God to help us experience His very own life on earth as it is in heaven is faith. When you choose to cultivate faith by reading the Word of God and allow your heart to safely lean on the Lord, the result is a supernatural limitless life of adventure and success in our daily life. Will you want to excitedly look for tomorrow, learn to live with faith today! Never forget, the greatness of your tomorrow, is based on your liveliness of walking today in the Lord's understanding of your future by faith.

Much Blessings...

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