Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Faith does not take you away from the storms that comes your way by God's sovereign hand, but it helps you to face it all courageously and overcome it by making us to be carried by the arms that holds the earth and its axis in control. Going through the storms of life that overwhelms us many times does not frighten us because we are held by the Lord's hand which can never let us go as He has promised us, but it convinces and persuades us to experientially know that nothing can separate us from the Love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. We can never really understand the deep love of God that He has for us unless we experience it through giving ourselves in to God's hands and letting ourselves face the storms of life to overcome it joyfully and victoriously." — Abraham Israel

"Love is powerful enough to change the evil heart of man whenever it comes in to contact with it because love is not just a feeling that comes over us and goes out vaporized in to oblivion, but it is the very person of God revealed through Jesus Christ as an eternal constant that never changes due to any circumstances. Allow God's Love to influence your heart, and you will be used by God to influence the world around you to be influenced by it." — Abraham Israel

"Jesus pointed to a serpent Moses lifted in the wilderness which saved people's life from dying when they looked upon it for deliverance, he then said that He himself must be lifted up like that for the humanity to be saved from sin and death to receive everlasting life to live forever like God in heaven lives without end. Why did Jesus compare Himself to a serpent lifted up before men? The serpent is the one who is compared to Satan in the Scripture, then the serpent was the one which deceived our Forefather Adam to fall in to sin in the garden of Eden and thus all men became sinners by birth, then why? It is because we all have sin nature within us which makes us to sin in the flesh, Jesus Christ as our sinless representative became one among us carrying the sin nature of you and me which is the serpent that destroys us, and then He actually crucified it forever on behalf of us before God. Now whoever looks to him in faith and appropriate the power of Christ's sacrifice on the Cross will immediately get delivered from death to receive eternal life and friendship with God. Now the new nature of God has come as a gift to us because we have become God's children by adoption to live a overcoming life and to fulfill the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Sin cannot have dominion over us now because Christ has made us free from sin and death forever. Hallelujah!!!" — Abraham Israel

"At the end of our lives it is not the money we have spent or acquired that we will be able to cherish, but the relationship that blossomed to fruition that we can take as memories to cherish for eternity. If ever you want to spend, spend time with the ones you love the most in life." — Abraham Israel

"When we stand with God in His will, we need not try to make Him stand and give Him our soulish ideas as though He has run out of ideas and that we are the one who makes Him stand to fulfill His purpose for our lives, but letting all of our worry go in to the hands of God will immediately make us realize that He is the one who has been carrying us all along and He will carry us and guide us until our end. When self is emptied, God fills us with Himself!" — Abraham Israel

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