Thursday, August 22, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"The humble servant who is skilled in his work is the best possible candidate to be a leader because leaders do before they have followers who become inspired enough to follow their good example. This servant-leader is the model that Jesus taught and told us to follow, while the world follows a bossy style of commanding people to do while the boss will sit watching them do what they want to achieve. While leaders have followers who will be inspired to emulate them, the bosses will only have angry workers who will be fearful of these bosses just for the sake of their wages and promotion, fully knowing that their bosses are the only benefactors and so are not worthy to be followed as an example in their lives. All the workers will love a leader and enjoy his company, but in the worldly style no worker will enjoy his work but only the boss will brag about his gain with no satisfaction but only more greed increasing within him. While a leader will love their co-workers unconditionally for who they are, the boss will use people as a commodity for their own gain. While leader leads people to satisfaction and aspiration, the greedy bosses will drive their workers to dissatisfaction and desperation. Points to ponder : Are you a leader or a boss? Which would you want to be...? Follow Jesus and you will become a great leader to be followed by many others." — Abraham Israel

"Only when God shows us His heaven in a vision or a dream by opening our inner eyes, that is when we come to know and understand that heaven is not far away but within our spirit, it is indeed closer to us than the air we breathe. The Bible reveals that we are already seated with Christ who is in heaven seated as the head above and over the whole universe (Eph 2:6). Our spirit knows no distance because it is a eternal commodity within us that is beyond space and time, and so we must be open to God to believe the secrets of heaven when He reveals through His Word, visions and dreams to us personally to become a supernatural kingdom worker by faith." — Abraham Israel

"Beautiful life just doesn't come by chance, but it is experienced by people who consistently walk with God no matter what season of life they are living in their lives journey. Such people will be filled so much with God that their mind will beautifully work inline with heaven that they could smell the fragrance of it within but still will prayerfully walk with humility, sacrifice and love towards God and all others, not because they just want to exhibit it to others but because that has become their first most powerful nature to exhibit and they can't help it. Those who walk with God will experience a beautiful life by the transformation that has come to them progressively because of the beautiful mind of God revealed to them and through them. Are you walking with God?" — Abraham Israel

"The Lord allows trials, weaknesses and bodily ill-health not to make us experience pain, but through it make us spiritually strong in order to give us the eternal treasures that He has in store for us individually. Temporal ill-health and wounds that we experience in this physical body is like a spiritual barbell that God gives us to handle, in fact only when we face it by the grace of God day in and day out, we can experience the spiritual improvement of Christ-likeness seen through us. So many times when you see that you are not healed, you should not even for a minute doubt whether God can heal or is it the will of God for me to be healed? All you need to understand is that, God has promised restoration of health and healing of the wounds that we experience externally and internally because of the hard trails we go through, but the promise comes to pass in His appointed time and not at the time we wish we want it. So every trial that you face is for your own eternal good, and you will understand why God did not heal you when you stand before the throne of God and see the great reward that you get that will stay with you forever and ever. At that time, you would say thanks to God from a grateful heart because God did not answer your prayer for healing immediately but instead He has allowed you to face the infirmity and have made you stand by faith until His appointed time in which the whole internal work of building the spiritual Character for your own eternal good and thereby storing treasures in heaven for all of it would have been done. God is with you in sickness and in health, but all that happens in your life is for your eternal good. So even if you do not understand why bad things have happened to you who is good follower of Jesus, wait for restoration and healing time which is appointed for you by God in this earth itself, even if not now God will reward you with a new glorious body free of sin, sickness and death in the soon coming days, until then keep praising and thanking God because it is for your good that God has allowed all of this in your earthly pilgrimage for a mighty heavenly eternal reward. Seeing the inconvenience of temporal pain or discomfort, do not become grumpy, fuming and fretting against God and your situation to miss the eternal gain that is ahead. Without pain, there can be no gain in the spiritual world too." — Abraham Israel

"Love in its entirety is not a feeling that comes and goes, it is embodiment of God dwelling within us working out His thoughts of goodness towards us and one another displaying the purity of Character that is heavenly pure and unlike earthly through us. Let go of your earthly self and let God work out His heavenly selflessness, thus making you dwell satisfied in His love and making the impossibility of loving others as yourself become naturally possible!" — Abraham Israel

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