Saturday, March 21, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"For every Christian faith is the beginning of the supernatural life in God and death is the end of that supernatural life to enter in to a heavenly life that will be naturally supernatural. Death is not the end of a Christians life, but just a beginning of stepping in to the reward for all that he has ever worked and lived and fought for to gain it. Death crown a Christian as he shouts back to it with a last laugh, 'Where is your sting O death?' and then enters in to an eternal rest in God which is full of bliss, serenity and tranquility of a eternally undisturbed joy, peace and righteousness which only the Kingdom of God pervades. Between one's faith and death is the race of faith which is set for all believers by God so that without partiality together they as God's sons and daughters could divide the uncountable eternal riches of God among themselves in hierarchy based on their performance on earth that will qualify them to deserve it for eternity ahead. The tools given for the race is quite simple, prayer for empowerment, a life to demonstrate and a test to evaluate oneself. As each of us believers use these tools for living abundant life that Jesus promised, automatically we will be collecting eternal riches in heaven on our account to spend and indulge in it for eternity ahead! O what a privilege God has given us to inherit His riches!" — Abraham Israel

"For all those who have believed to receive salvation, to them dying is gain because they have the assurance within them that a celestial reward from God for all the sacrificial work they have done for God is waiting for them personally, if God keeps them alive and well more and more each day they know within them that each day is an opportunity for them to let Christ work Himself out through them to acquire more reward, honor and glory for the Glory of God spiritually on earth for their future life of bliss in heaven with God." — Abraham Israel

"The miracle of praise resonates only in the land of the living, so with a thankful heart and praising lips let God be glorified for the breath in your nostrils today. Cause when you think deeply, you will come to realize that the gift of life sustained by the breath in our nostrils is the greatest gift from God individually to all of us who are alive on this side of the universe, without it life itself will come crashing to an halt on earth. Praise God until death because the more you do the more God comes to sit upon you and enthrone Himself upon your praise so that life itself will become an rehearsal of heaven on earth even before you enter it." — Abraham Israel

"The gospel of health and wealth that only says, 'Sow your seed gift, tithe, sacrificial gift, partnership gift, one time gift, and so on and so forth [i.e. with all kinds of names and soulishly clever schemes saying that they are raising funds for God's ministry] and God will bless you with more money, things, cars and all kinds of things you desire to live a luxurious earthly life of extravagance, after all God wants His children to be blessed. With faith you give your money to the ministries, God will give good supernatural health to your family. Give money, give money, give money....give more money, give more money, give, give...and you will get.' What is wrong with this gospel, this gospel takes real God who is rich and worthy to be worshiped for who He is out of the picture and makes Him a money multiplying machine who needs to worshiped through your money so that He will give His favor to multiply your money and thus fulfill the desire of your soulish heart to indulge in all kind of earthly extravagance. Believing and walking with such belief will only make you greedy and covetous in your heart attitude, which will then make you constantly deplete in your spiritual life, and by desiring to become rich and richer constantly you will wander away from the faith and pierce yourself with many griefs. We cannot serve both God and money. If our heart is after money and riches, Satan has blinded us to serve him and his will to make us useless for God and His Kingdom. God allows Satan to use His anointing by allowing him to fill the anointed vessels of His with wrong motives when they desire it, and then use the same money to filter out His true servants followers who will follow Him where ever He leads them in His way and will. Those who truly receives the real highest blessing of God which is all the spiritual blessings of heaven from the Lord are those who have not lifted their heart unto vanity of living their best life now through the gospel of health and wealth, but rather live as a living sacrifice by giving their life, will and their physical bodies for God to use it the way He wants to, and thus living for His Glory by exhibiting His Glory through their lives on earth as it is in heaven. If you have not yet realized that through such gospel of health and wealth God has allowed His anointing to manifest in these end times to filter the mediocre from the hungry real spiritual people who want to live sold out to God as a slave and be a sacrifice now to inherit eternal riches of glory and honor, it is better to realize it now rather than latter because then it will be too late to repent back. Time will be no more once we die, as a believer we will receive the reward for what was done in our body whether good or bad. The true spiritual people are those who lift up their personal Cross of giving up their own will and seeking God's will to be done moment after moment. It is better to suffer with Him in His will now and later inherit His authority to reign in glory than to enjoy covetously all earthly blessing and have no treasure in heaven at all!!!" — Abraham Israel

"We can neither make our self holy nor keep our self holy except by receiving the true grace of God. The true grace of God that comes from God in heaven is that which gives us the spiritual immunity power to oppose and overcome all evil wickedness of the world, Satanic deception and our own sinful self. Even though unholiness surrounds us like pond of water around a lotus flower and tries to drown us within it all the time, as God's children under His grace we will be focused towards the sunshine of Jesus and reveal the Glory of God to all those around us which will make people marvel to see that the water that touches us could not drown us as we stand apart by grace. This true holiness is not attained by our effort, but it comes to us by the power of heaven that works from within us when we increase in our faith through the Word of God and it keeps us spiritually intact by acting from inside out. True holiness does not come to us from outside in, but rather inside out." — Abraham Israel

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Today's Bible Verse To Ponder Over

✞◎∂αƴ❝ṧ ฿їßℓε Ṽℯґṧℯ ✞ℴ ℙøηḓℯґ ϴṽ℮я :

"He who has knowledge spares his words." (Prov.17:27, NKJV).

"When there are many words, sin is unavoidable, but the one who controls his lips is wise." (Prov 10:19, HCSB). I believe the more we multiply words without thinking, there is always increase of sin. So thinking before we start to ink our words is good because words have power of life and death, once we speak we cannot take it back. When we feel like we want to speak out our opinion, that is the time we should ZIP....OUR MOUTH by the help of the Holy Spirit. Then ask the Holy Spirit to give enlightenment about it and only speak what is necessary by the help of the Holy Spirit who is our spiritual teacher who constantly teaches us to speak right, positive and life-giving words. May the Lord teach us as we maintain our teachable spirit by submitting to the ways of God which are progressively revealed by the Holy Spirit more and more as we grow closer to Him. Thanks and Blessings....

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