Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Kind words produces endless eternal echoes of God's goodness in our soul. Hard hearts are only broken by soft tongues. Kind words sown to others comes back to us with multiplied blessings. To be kind is not to think that we can be kind by ourselves in our strength, but to realize that if God could show much forgiveness, love and gentleness in dealing with us who have a heart that deceives and makes us run away from Him in rebellion many times, we too could be kind by God's help toward others who do not deserve our goodness that comes from God to us and through us. Kind words are a blessing to both the emotions of our soul and the physical health of our body. Never let go of the opportunity each new day to speak kind words and allow it to influence your action to bring a smile to someone online or offline for the Glory of God! Think kindness, speak kindness and automatically you will act that kindness to light the candle in your life and let it spread to others." — Abraham Israel

"Life is what we make of it, life becomes abundant everyday and every moment of time when we dare to be happy, thankful and redeem the time we have at hand to free it from the power of evil by God's grace that He gives freely to all his children who believe in His promises each new day. Always be optimistic and not pessimistic because only optimism pays you back with abundant life that God provides." — Abraham Israel

"Rest in peace (RIP) is not just a cliche we type or write in a tomb stone or write it in a wreath to place it for the dead, it is actually something that every Christian should say to our self life which has been slain by God through Jesus two thousand years ago itself on the Cross. When our self is resting in the peace of God without worrying or unbelief, we are in a safe place under God's supernatural protection of heavenly angels surrounding and fighting our battles for which the visible result might come later for all to know and be amazed by God's supernatural intervention on behalf of us. In other words God says, rest in peace and see that I am God over your life and situations!" — Abraham Israel

"The grace of salvation we received as a gift of God humbles us to serve God loyally for the rest of our earthly life because we do not deserve it as it was God's riches given to us at Christ's expense. The more we experience and realize the awesomeness of His grace, the more humbler we will become to serve God! May God's grace locate you and relocate you in the higher realm of serving God loyally and faithfully." — Abraham Israel

"Death of fear is certain for those who dare to face the fear of death with faith." — Abraham Israel

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