Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God breaks you first not to know your ability but your availability, and then He chooses to use you not because of your ability but because of your availability. When you are available to God, no one can really describe how much of God's great plan can be fulfilled through your life, because all things are possible when you are in the will of God. First ask God to break you, then allow Him to mold you, then ask Him to fill you and finally be available to Him all the time and you will be used by God automatically. To be used by God is the greatest privilege any human can have on this planet earth! So don't miss even a second of it and regret about it later in your life and for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"The secular society puts science in opposition to religion because it never understood God and did not want to retain Him in their mind as sovereign over them, but actually true science works inline to religion, because it explains the intricacies of what the Bible which is the word of God says as the facts of life. In short, God has claimed that He has created it and science does not dispute it but discovers what He claims to be true authentically and workably on the paper! Sacred text proves God by faith, science proves God by sight!!! Science exults the works of His hands and challenges people to believe Him through His handiworks." — Abraham Israel

"The best is yet to come because the God who inspired the past generation is still inspiring minds to bring new things in a new way each day. The best is yet to come because God has something best for the last finish line. The best is yet to come because the day of our death will open a new avenue in to the very chambers where God lives. The best is yet to come because our God is not a God of the past, but a God of the present who is in control of our future. The best is yet to come because as we look forward to achieve the best, the God who brings the best out of us is working through us each second with a purpose which will fulfill His eternal purpose for us all in the best possible way and time." — Abraham Israel

"Sometimes people think that because they were limited by their resources unlike others, they were not able to achieve thing in life. Still others wrongly think that because of their bad and evil environment, they have become evil. God has given a life individually to choose life or death by our godly choice, so it is absolutely foolish to blame others and things for our failures. We are where we are because of all the choices we took in our life, if we have taken risk in life by faith to choose God's way by seeking Him sincerely rather than choose what seems to be good to us at that time temporarily, we can know for sure that our path of life will become more brighter and brighter with the blessings of our Divine Master who is waiting to unfold all His treasures of joy and happiness in our path way to make all people understand what it means to do the will of God and the reward that follows for eternity. Our best wise choices can become the most foolish ones later, only time will prove us whether we have taken godly choices or just good choices that are as good as the bad because God is not in it, so it is better to trust in the Lord now than to be bitter for our costly mistakes later. Life is lived only once, I challenge you to live your best by taking risks of faith and godly choices in your everyday life!" — Abraham Israel

"The greatest treasures that you will enjoy as your grow old will not be how much things you have acquired in life, but how much of your life you have spent for God, the memories of it will give you so much joy unspeakable that you will want to speak about it as much as you can to all those who will ever come your way at that time. Time spent for God is never a waste of time but a wise use of time. When you leave the earth after you die, you cannot even take a small penny out of the earth, but the memories of what you done for God with even the small penny that you had while you were on earth will stay with you for eternity in the life to come, giving joy to you each time you will think about it in eternity. Make use of everything of your talent, treasure and time that you have for God and you will never be in want of any good thing forever in your future!" — Abraham Israel

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Satan and his demonic minions are ruthless sadists who make people to break themselves apart in their soul using the outside force of the world which tries to conform them to be something they are not, but only God in his eternal wisdom can really break a person from the inside within him where He resides and make room to fill every area of brokenness with the living water of heaven which makes them to get transformed supernaturally and experience heaven on earth without leaving it physically. Our spiritual life ends when we are broken from outside, our spiritual life begins and continues to grow when we are broken from our inside. So day in day out, accept who you are in Christ Jesus and instead of resisting your God ordained circumstance in your life, choose to be thankful for it all which is planned and orchestrated by God in His sovereignty, and thus allow God to break you to use you for HIS GLORY! When Satan and his cohorts try to break you using the outside worldly forces and influence, resist it with all your strength and they will flee from you, but when God tries to break you, cooperate with Him more and more to experience a newer and scintillating heavenly life more and more. When you soulish life gets broken, your spirit life begins. When you spirit life gets broken, your soul life will get deteriorated. Choose life and not death!" — Abraham Israel

"The victorious ambassadorial power of Jesus over Satan and his demonic minions can only be experienced in your lives through a daily relationship with Jesus, because the daily relationship we have with Jesus Christ is like connecting our spiritual man which is like a battery inside us to the power plug from the heavenly power socket which will fill it with the power of heaven. So don't use Jesus name without the authority and power of heaven acting through it, or else it will have no effect upon the demonic world that comes to destroy the blessings of God over your life. If you are fully recharged with the power of heaven, commanding the devil to go one time "In Jesus Name" will be enough to terrorize him and crush his power each time. So use the name of Jesus wisely!" — Abraham Israel

"If you are are born again believer, what is on your outside may grow old and weak day after day due to age, but what is on the inside of you will grow younger, bigger, better and stronger to make you leap for joy day after day. Each day for a Christian is a opportunity to rejoice for growing in to a better adult sonship in Christ Jesus, and praise God that we never grow old after being adult spiritually in our inner-spirit man. There are no downward spiral in our spiritual journey, each day is a new day to learn something new in God and about God. If we stay put, we will stay where we have attained and will miss to go higher. Until the end of our earthly lives journey, we can choose to grow spiritually in our race of faith. Think about it, we may die someday being old in to the autumn of our lives journey, but what we have become spiritually will stay with us for eternity as we just change our residence address and continue to be with God forever. Those who have Jesus as their Lord and Savior will grow better as they become older and not bitter as others who are without Him become as days passes by." — Abraham Israel

"God always think about ways to make you prosperous in every area of your life, He has a great hope that you will prosper in your future. But the final say is in how you understand His good thoughts towards you and how much you can cooperate with him in a daily relationship to hear His guidance and make good choice to succeed in life. We may not feel good always about God and his good intentions towards us because of a sin nature which influences all humans within, but neglecting our feelings if we believe that God is good all the time by faith as He is in reality, we will soon begin to see the good things of God's thoughts become a reality in our lives. Those who are walking with God are never discouraged in life because they do come to understand that He is all they need to satisfy all their desires and live a fulfilled life." — Abraham Israel

"When you look to yourself for happiness, you are oppressed;
When you look to the world for happiness, you are depressed;
When you look to the Jesus for happiness, you will be refreshed!" — Abraham Israel

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Every child of God is called and anointed to fulfill something unique in the kingdom of God that others can never replicate in their lives. So never be satisfied in receiving the bonus of someone else anointing which blesses you, seek your own anointing from above which will be limitless and perpetual to satisfy you spiritually and make you a blessing to many around you. All the born again believer's have a within-anointing when they are born again, upon anointing when they sincerely seek the Lord Jesus and receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the external evidence of speaking in tongues which is the fullness of the Spirit. Finally there is a calling anointing which comes upon all believers as they find the plans and purpose of God for their lives and begin to fulfill it through their lives. You can have one without the other, or else be desperate enough to receive all of it and be satisfied spiritually forever in the likeness of God through his supernatural power working through you." — Abraham Israel

"When we are asleep God watches over us. When we are awake God wants us to watch what He is saying to us spiritually and pray to Him back. When we are careless to miss something that he wants to reveal when we are awake, then God gives revelation to His beloved even in their sleep. God cares and wants us to enjoy Him as much as He enjoys us." — Abraham Israel

"God wants us to move by faith against all odds to fulfill His purpose for our lives, the reason He wants us to move is because only when we keep moving that God Himself will be able to face our enemies through us because of His promised partnership with us to never leave us nor forsake us. We need to be courageous to face the spiritual war that God allows so that consistently God will win through us and will glorify Himself in us. Each time we courageously face the spiritual enemies that comes against us, each of those time we are giving God a opportunity to prove that the One who lives in partnership within us is greater than the Satan and his demonic minions who is in the world. With God in partnership with you in your everyday life, there is only one way out for the enemy, to retract and run away sooner or later! Never be afraid or terrified of any thing that the enemy brings to dishearten you, always remember that the Lord is always with you as a mighty warrior who indisputably wins always at the end!" — Abraham Israel

"A happy Christian is the one who does not live by his own limited resources and ability, but is the one who chooses to avail the riches of heaven which he has inherited in Christ after becoming a child of God. The moment the supernatural rightful resource of heaven is availed by a child of God, all the limitation of his becomes a thing of the past and a limitless empowerment comes upon his life to act as a ambassadorial representer of the kingdom of God. A sudden empowerment from the above will transform the mind to think the thoughts of Christ, will make the ear to hear the voice of God, will transform the eyes to see with the understanding and compassion of God, will make the mouth to speak positively by faith, will make the heart to become purified by the blood of Jesus automatically as it starts to operates in fellowship with God, will move the hands to work for God, will bend the knees before God to put petitions and receive answers and finally will move the feet to carry him exactly to the God appointed places where there is always a need for the gospel to be heard. Walk in the Spirit that empowers you to walk your spiritual life successfully and enjoy living the Christian life happily!" — Abraham Israel

"A man who judges himself before others, will actually have a special Divine favor over his life in which God knowing that this child of His is growing up in to the capacity of His sonship, will actually bypass his judgment and choose to smile over him regarding his spiritual life. A man who does not know to judge himself first in everything is so blind spiritually that he is disqualified to judge others. The worldly man judges everyone and has his own opinion about others first, and the only thing he will not have is a self judgment. But a spiritual man will judge himself always in such a way that when he is asked for a opinion about some fault of others, all he will have is a eye of compassion to cover their faults rather than expose it. A righteous man will always try to justify others, but when it comes to defend themselves, they will choose not to and will allow the Lord to defend them. When we do not grow in this attitude of ours, all of our so called spirituality is good for nothing but trash. So let us open our eyes and judge ourselves now first so that we will have no time to judge others of their faults and let God smile over us. Only when the Holy Spirit illumines us of all our secret hidden faults, only then we will be empowered to judge ourselves. So let us ask the help of the Lord to constantly reveal about ourselves and grow spiritually more and more in to the image of Jesus Christ for HIS GLORY!" — Abraham Israel

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"We all fall, fail and falter many times in many ways consistently, but those who are successful in life are those who pick themselves up, confess to God for their mistakes and keep carrying on by faith in the good plans that God has for them in their future. When we choose to forget our past and learn something good out of our failings, we are on the path way to excellence and greatness in God who is leading us in His way to fulfill His plans and purposes for our lives. Failure is never final, success is never ending for those who pick themselves up in Jesus name and carry on to fulfill their lives destiny. If you have failed, take heart and carry on. You will succeed, because God is waiting to see whether you will trust Him and move ahead with His strength. All those who feel that they are weak in themselves but have faith in God's empowerment to make them succeed are those who are strong in the Lord, and will definitely succeed in life because of the supernatural strength of heaven working through them, with them and upon them because of God's favor over their lives. I pray that you will carry on to succeed in the vision that God has given to you in your life!" — Abraham Israel

"The spirit of the world makes all people who are in the world to think that the Gospel of Jesus Christ which saves people from sin and gives them eternal life is so foolish because it emphasizes to believe a historical person Jesus the Christ who died, who is believed to have risen and is believed as someone who could give life to them who are dead spiritually but yet physically alive. Yet out of the foolishness of the message, God has chosen to save the people of belief and bless them with the spiritual eye sight that the learned scholars in the world fail to have because of their pride to accept the simplicity of the message of the gospel of salvation. Those who are ashamed of the gospel to be declared now will make Jesus to be ashamed of declaring their name in heaven before the Father and angels of heaven, when they enter heaven to receive their reward for their life lived on earth for God. It is more honorable to be chained now for the gospel sake and let the word of God spread everywhere, than for us to be free of our responsibility and be chained by fear, sin and unbelief which will ruin our eternal prosperity and favor with God forever." — Abraham Israel

"It is easy to give up and anybody can do that because all you need to do is nothing, but when things go against what you believe, it takes faith to stand believing that still the vision that God has given to you long long ago will come to pass in His time. God has given all of us some unique visions, dreams, desires, talents, resources, opportunities, time, influence, etc...to serve Him and build His kingdom on earth as it is in the blue print of heaven. But His purpose for our lives cannot be fulfilled until we start to pursue it with all our heart. Some people who think that automatically all the things of God will be fulfilled in their lives, they never pursue God or the things of God and therefore fail in unbelief to fulfill His purpose because faith in reality is seeking after God of all possibilities. Still other people think that all they need to do to fulfill God's purpose for their lives is to keep working with all their strength without spending much time with God, these people even though have a sincere desire to do God's will, will fail to receive God's abundant grace and empowerment to fulfill God's plan for their lives in His time because without faith no matter how much work is done for God, it will never please Him. But those who believe God and keep working with the grace and empowerment that comes from above may look like they are going no where, but once the appointed time of God for their lives comes, all men will see in awe about the things that God will do for them and continue to do till the end of their lives. God waits and takes you to a dead end, so that when you believe that nothing is too hard for Him who is the Lord God of all flesh, then He makes a new way where there is no way, to prove that it is God and God alone who has done this miraculous thing in your life. TAKE HEART, ENCOURAGE YOURSELF AND NEVER GIVE UP BY STANDING IN FAITH. I promise you that soon one of these days, God's promise in your life will be more and more progressively fulfilled in your life for HIS GLORY!" — Abraham Israel

"When we fail a thousand times, God gives a thousand opportunity to realize that His mercy endures forever. Don't feel bad thinking that you have failed God. You can never fail God at any time except when you fail to realize His mercies towards you. God knew all your weaknesses beforehand and therefore has freely availed His mercy towards you, so that you who realize about it must live a thankful life of gratitude towards Him. An attitude of gratitude is the only thing that God expects to see in you. The more God sees your gratitude, the more altitude He will help you reach in your spiritual life. Let all those who fear God say, 'Amen! His MERCY endures forever...'." — Abraham Israel

"All the battle of faith that you are going to fight has already been fought once and for all time on the Cross of Calvary two thousand years ago itself and won by a clear unattainable margin by Jesus on behalf of you against Satan and all his minions, the result of this victory has been loudly proclaimed in all the heavens and the earth. Now all you need to do to experience that victory of yours is that you must rest in faith and let the Lord of hosts fight for you to defend what He has already achieved for you. Be filled with the peace of God that passes all your understanding by giving all your worries to God in prayer, you need not fight this battle because the Lord has promised to fight on your behalf every time your enemies come against you. But be careful that when you start to fight by your strength, the Lord will wait until you return to your rest again in Him. Be at rest by faith and see what kind of fighter your God is!!!" — Abraham Israel

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God is in the business of making and molding us in life. God is never tired of reworking us again and again in to the shape which He wants us to be, to achieve this He uses people, circumstances, needs, troubles, failures and even our enemies to work and rework in to the shape He wants us to be. Never resist or hate people or circumstances that you go through in life, it is not at all by chance that you are facing things differently from others, it is because God has appointed each and every person, circumstances, etc by His own sovereign predetermined plan to make you what He wants you to be. When we understand this truth, it is easy to give in to hard times, praising and thanking the concern of the sovereign God over our lives rather than resisting and grumbling about the things we cannot change. Every person who is wise will choose to embrace the things that they cannot change and allow it to bring supernatural change in them which they cannot bring it themselves by their own effort even in their wildest dreams for their own good. Remember, everything thing that God allows in our lives which we cannot change will change us for our good if we allow it by positively facing it rather than resisting it in our lives. Don't resist change, instead embrace it courageously and you will feel the change in yourself and will know that it has all happened for your good." — Abraham Israel

"If God has not sustained us with His breath in our nostrils for this one more day, we would have been dead by now and would not be able to thank or praise God for a new beginning in this beautiful morning time. The dead do not praise or thank God, this is why the Psalmist rejoicingly sang saying, 'Let everything that has breath praise the Lord, "Praise the Lord!" (Psa 150:6).' If you are reading this today, you have a good choice to praise the Lord and thank him for one of the greatest gift in life which is the gift of life that He has given it to you. Come let us together Praise Him and Thank Him for keeping us alive and well for one more day. Praise the Lord!!! Thank you Jesus...." — Abraham Israel

"It is not just hard but impossible to find ourselves and our purpose in life outside of God because there is none outside of Him, as we humans are all not made for ourselves but for God. In a short gist, we are made by God and made for God. Unless we let this truth sink in to us, it is hard to find the true meaning of life. What is the use of a wheel outside of transportation, what is the use of knowledge without being used wisely, what is use of fruits except for man to eat, then what is the use of humans without being used for God for whom we are made to give pleasure? Man inside God's purpose has a purpose in life, the same man outside of God's purpose has no purpose at all. While we mostly just see and concentrate on our day today existence, God concentrates to bring His eternal purpose for us in to our lives and make it in to a meaningful and purposeful existence for His glory. We do not exist just to exist, but we do exist to make difference in this life through living within the heart desire of God's purposeful existence." — Abraham Israel

"Whether we trust our future to God or not, it is totally in the realm of unknown mystery. The future is a mystery to all humans. But the difference we can make in this world when we trust our future to our know God Jesus Christ is that we will face the future with confidence of succeeding in it while others will face it worrying what will happens to them and theirs in life. When we face the tomorrow's with God as our strength, we will face actually less troubles than worriers face with their imaginary ones. We will also know that troubles will be used by God to increase our faith and the likeness of Christ in us, so troubles will not be able to deter us from facing it and overcoming it for the glory of God. We will have joy in facing our troubles because of the inner conviction that all the troubles we are facing is worked behind the scene by our know God who is working it out continually for our eternal good. We will never face any problems without the knowledge that we are not alone but God is working with us to make us succeed in our endeavor, if we have trusted our unknown future to our know God. May God continually help us to trust our future to Him who has known us before we ever knew Him." — Abraham Israel

"Many people are asking others and searching hard to find what is God's will for their lives, but little do their realize that if they are thankful to God in all their circumstances of life, God has promised to lead them step by step with His very own eyes in to the destiny that He has for their lives. It is more important to be thankful to know that we are in the will of God than search for the will of God as though God is reluctant to reveal His will for our lives. God loves to reveal His will to all His children equally and shows no partiality in this. But the attitude of gratitude that practices faith is the key that will open God's heart more and more to our mind. When we have no gratitude, then it shows we have an attitude of pride which God hates so much. When we are grateful to God by cultivating a thankful heart of gratitude, that is one ultimate will of God for our lives that will makes us walk in all the other specific will of God in all other areas of our lives. God loves to work for those who are thankful for what He has already done for them and also he loves to work for those who are thankful for what He is doing and going to do through their lives. God blesses more and more a thankful heart because that is the one attitude that shows its gratitude for what God has done, is doing and is going to do for His glory. Thankfulness fuels God to move on your behalf again and again. BE THANKFUL IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES AND YOU WILL KNOW THAT YOU WILL KNOW THAT YOU ARE IN THE WILL OF GOD FOR YOUR LIFE." — Abraham Israel

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"It will seem as though it is impossible, until someone dares to step in by faith and it is done for the Glory of God. Move by faith and you will always succeed in life!" — Abraham Israel

‎"All our possibilities which we see today has been a impossibility to someone who never gave up until they have made it to be possible. It takes time and determination to succeed, but to hold on to our dream which sustains our faith till we finish it is like a baton we carry, if we drop it down we will fail. So only impossible is nothing, even the word 'impossible' will say 'I'm possible' when we see it through with the spectacle of faith. Today how do you see your impossibility? With God all things are possible!" — Abraham Israel

"It doesn't matter how much hardships you have gone through in life that matters, it is how much you have learnt with what you have gone through that matters at the end of it all. Learn from you past, let go of it. Live in the present, apply the solutions and enjoy every moment of it. Look in to the future, be confident about it and make sure to avoid the mistakes that you have made. How you apply with what you have learnt in life is the key to success in your life. God accepts the mistake that you make, but also He expects you to learn from it and succeed in your life!" — Abraham Israel

"Sex is a good and sacred thing within the covenant of one man and one woman relationship within marriage. Any sex outside this is a perversion of the true intention and purpose of the Creator God's desire for our lives. God blesses only that which He initiates and the act of sex within marriage is God's institution and that is why a good family life will have a great blessing of the Lord within it. A husband should stay faithful to his wife and vice versa because faithful relationship is like placing a brick of thoughts, one over the other, with which we build our soul life with God's Spirit as the mortar between each of it. God bonds the thought material that are within the boundary of married life, all other thoughts and relationship experience that are outside married life begins to stay aloof within the soul because God will not use it to bless the family life. In other words, every man or woman who gives in to temporal pleasure outside of marriage is ripping apart his own soul life which cannot be repaired without God's help and mercy, even if it is repaired it will be like stitching the old soul life together back by God's grace. It will never have the sheen and the texture of the original blessed soul life of joy and happiness of thought. So stay faithful to God and have fidelity towards your spouse or else soon the broken soul will begin to affect your body and every area of your life. Why waste a blessed life of marriage for a worthless temporal thrill of adultery and fornication that kills every part of your soul and also makes every part of your life to become cursed by its poison. The thrill of a hiss is interesting to a snake charmer until one day it kisses him with poison and kills him instantly. Have a blessed, faithful and a prosperous married life with God's blessing!" — Abraham Israel

"Confessing our sins to God daily and consistently without wavering is something very important to our spiritual life, no matter how many times we fall and fail because of our sins. Failure to confess our sins will bring the good conscience of our heart to get corrupted, and will make us lose our blessedness of having fellowship with God, without which we will become as a dead and dry bone in our spiritual lives. Only a good conscience will make us bold enough to forget our dead works to serve the living God! The foundation of repentance from dead works and faith towards God are the elementary principles of Christ, but remember that only when the foundation is good and strong, a superstructure can be built upon it. Without good conscience and faith we will make a ship wreck of our saved life." — Abraham Israel

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