Thursday, June 6, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God is more interested in our being than just in our well being." — Abraham Israel

"When we live a life of holiness before our children, automatically like a magnet we will draw them to live like us before the world can draw them to itself." — Abraham Israel

"When people say, where is the devil you speak about, they forget that they see through the devil. They might not see the devil but can find his presence when each thought they think is evaluated by the word of God within them. To see the work of the devil needs humility before God, and if we have it, we will rule over sin and will destroy all demonic works in our lives rather than blindly questioning about demons." — Abraham Israel

"Only what is broken by the Lord will be used by Him, this is why God has promised to be near to all the broken hearted people to show Himself strong on their behalf as they will be trusting in His strength to carry on moment by moment. Brokenness precedes exaltation from the Lord, so ask the Lord to break you, melt you, mould you and fill you so that He can use you fully for His glory. Jesus broke the bread that a unknown little boy gave to Him willingly and He multiplied it to become a blessing to a multitude of more than five thousand people who were hungry, you will never know how Jesus can use you to be a mighty blessing to all the people around you, until you give yourself willingly for Him to break you. God cannot bless you before He can break you, as we know that only broken vessels can become a blessing to all people around them for His glory." — Abraham Israel

"God's love is the only one that will make us understand that God loves us beyond all our faults, and in knowing it deeply within us through personal intimacy with God will makes us to reflect it upon others by loving them beyond all their faults. To continue to love those whom we know are not trustworthy at all and cannot be depended upon makes us vulnerable, but that very vulnerability to become hurt is the channel through which God will start to minister to people and convict them of their selfishness. To love needs sacrifice and the readiness to give to people rather than to expect to get, when God's love fills our heart through our willingness to let God do His work through us, that is when His Presence will also start to fill our whole soul and body, at such times we will cry and yet it will be not be our tears, it will be God's tears selflessly flowing through us. Such tears of God that comes through us are the mighty weapon of prayer that God hears and answers it for our sake towards others. To love others is in itself a battle, but loving others inspite of their enmity or their selfishness within them will be the greatest spiritual battle that can be won or lost based on whether we are trusting that only in God's strength we love others or in our own strength. When we acknowledge God's love is the one that helps us love even our enemies, God will retain His satisfaction through giving us His own grace to sustain us when we are hurt by love. To keep loving even when it hurts is possible only when we constantly receive God's love within us from the secret place of His Presence and win people through it for His Glory! Love hurts, but don't forget it also satisfies you deeply." — Abraham Israel

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