Friday, November 22, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Trials and temptations of all sorts are a temporal tests that are allowed by our loving Father God for promotion and not to harm us with difficulties but to warm our heart with eternal treasures that cannot be taken away from us eternally. Satan is bothered not about the unsaved because they are all already under his delusion of unbelief without any real power against him, but he is really bothered by the enlightened believer who has the potential to live a life of spiritual power and glory abundantly on earth with which they have the opportunity to be fully pleasing to God, glorify Him on earth as it is in heaven and as a result of it inherit from Him a eternal glory and joy which is the currency of the heavenly Kingdom. Satan may be a test conductor in your life under the sovereign hand of God, but the one who is going to evaluate you and give marks to reward you is your Father in Heaven through our loving dear Lord God Jesus Christ. So thank and praise the Lord always when you face trials and hardships of this life with His all sufficient mighty grace, knowing that joy of the life to come which we experience after each endeavor is just a foretaste of what is to come! What is in store is not just restoration of the old earth through us and a resettled new earth for us to dwell, but rather royalty of heaven to experience forever and ever. Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"Altitude in life does not depend on our ability to perform, but rather on the attitude set for excellence."— Abraham Israel

"Attitudes that are set in the right frequency based on the Word of God, can reach very far and wide in to the hearts of people that will stay with them for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"In searching for happiness there is no end, but in searching for God and more of Him we find joy and become happy too to find our purpose. Happiness is man's search to find purpose in life, joy is when God finds a man who fits himself in to His purpose by finding Him. Happiness is an earthly temporal pursuit, while joy is the antidote to cure the heart of its purposelessness through heavenly eternal limitless pursuit of the life to come which exists in God now and supplied supernaturally to us in our heart to all who fear and seek Him. Every human born on earth has a higher purpose of God to live, but only those who choose to search for that the higher purpose day in and day out will come to find it meaningful and satisfying, and live in God and serve Him through His limitless grace. Law was made for the lawless mind, grace is given for the seeking heart. When you read about Jesus in the New Testament Gospels, again and again you can find Him telling people around Him that it is the Father who works in Him and does the work inside out. In other words, Jesus was so lost in the purpose of God that He never felt the works that he did to be a work at all but rather he felt joyful a hundred percentage to find it all as the grace of God to be thankful and praising God for it all the time. This is the true grace of God. The end of all things is not just to serve God, but to learn to serve on earth with grace and therefore become graced with glory to serve God in the new heaven and new earth eternally! Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"The spirit and the flesh are in constant battle, whoever we feed the most will win the battle on that particular day even though the war has been fought and won by the Captain of our soul (i.e.) Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior by His very life, death and resurrection. The believer is pulled apart within, in the opposite direction simultaneously by a constant desire to be holy as well as a instantaneous desire to be happy. But who wins the most does matter to us in the end because this war against the flesh carries eternal significance of how much glory we will inherit in the life to come. This life we live is just a training ground for the life to come in God's purpose and design for us on earth. While the flesh conforms us to the worldly way of thinking which brings in death to fellowship with God and lack of abundant purposeful life, the spirit life leads to intimacy with God and a life of purpose lived abundantly on earth as it is in heaven. The flesh profits a man temporally, but the spirit profits a man eternally! Doing what we like profits us nothing eternally, rather by doing what the Spirit of God desires through our spirit-man, we become loaded with riches for eternity. The flesh man decays as we become old, the spirit man stays fresh, energetic and more stronger than ever before as we become diligently old in to adulthood spiritually through faith and more faith. Feed your spirit through the Spirit until it starts to rule and reign over your flesh and thus be transformed in to His likeness to inherit His Glory eternally!" — Abraham Israel

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