Sunday, September 9, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"In Christ alone, by faith alone, through grace alone, salvation is found in none other that leads to heaven. In works alone, by self-justification alone, by piety alone, bondage to condemnation for sin is found alone in all the religious roads that believes in heaven but ultimately leads to end up in hell. All roads lead to hell, except the road of faith that leads to heaven in Christ Jesus." — Abraham Israel

"The antidote for depression is rejoicing, thanksgiving and praising the Lord for His goodness inspite of the negative feelings that weighs upon us. Such positive attitude drives the demons of depression mad and make them flee away in fear of the power of God." — Abraham Israel

"Depression does not come without reason to a child of God, it is the result of loving any pet sin or making a person as an idol over the love of God which should remain the toppest desire of our life with no equals, which actually causes death of fellowship to our soul which get de-pressed [i.e. over pressed] by a demon coming along with us and casting its shadow upon our soul for a time, to oppress us because of giving it the space to operate which belongs only to God and God alone. Repent to God and get rid of your idols and sins that so easily ensnares you, so that the heart filled with full of God remain full of heaven on earth! Remember, less of self, more of God. More of self, less of God. None of self, full of God!" — Abraham Israel

"Because God is just and justifier of those who believe in Him, he allows the result of sin in our lives as judgment over the world we will be judging as saints in the days to come. The same God who judges his child with temporary chastisement of discomfort to train us to bear good fruit of righteousness, is the same God who has already justified each of his children spiritually from the least to the great by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ eternally. Be strong when you are chastised by God because of his love for you, surrender yourself fully to God, when you have surrendered your all to Him, then with pleasure He supplies all of Himself to you to heal the temporary discomfort you have experienced with eternal comfort and fullness of pleasure in your spirit, soul and body forever and ever. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"God is just because He sacrificed Himself to us, God becomes our justifier when we follow Him to sacrifice ourself to Him." — Abraham Israel

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