Thursday, December 13, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"The mark of true spirituality is not to praise God and thank God when things are going well with us, but it is when we choose to shout, "GLORY, Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!..." when we do not feel even a bit of it in us to praise God or be thankful to Him. Such heart praise that comes out of love for Jesus is indeed is the ultimate mark of true spirituality. God knows such true praise and He will anoint it in such a way that our feelings will change because of the breaking power of the anointing of God upon us. In other words, no matter what, we can choose to praise God and drive the hordes of demonic oppression and depression away any moment. Truly praise is the power of heaven that brings the same power of heaven to stay in our hearts and satisfy our lives with its amazing contentment!" — Abraham Israel

"You can share without loving but you cannot love without sharing. Love is not just in our feelings, but it is that which gets perfected only when those feelings becomes an action." — Abraham Israel

"The biggest so called science myth of evolution that has completely destroyed the minds of millions from their faith and have left them desperate in a spiritual wilderness, sorrow and illogical reasoning is the lie that cannot explain itself fully to a logical human mind. You should be either be a mad man or a atheist to believe the lie of evolution. The wonderful truth of God is the fact that God created monkey to be a monkey in its own image, but human to be a human in the image of God imprinted in every part of his being because of His love for them." — Abraham Israel

"The star that shone in the sky and led the wise men to our Savior Jesus is not just for some few elite men, it is actually the glory of God that shines forth in the path of all those who seek the will of God to be done in their lives. Sometimes when the flesh rules over our spirit man, we might lose track of the star, but take heart, every time you return back to God in faith expecting Him to direct your steps again, the star of glory returns back to guide you in to the destiny that God has for you ahead. Keep your eyes on the star of glory which is the voice of the Holy Spirit within you always, and move ahead with confidence of definite success!" — Abraham Israel

"For those around us who feel the weight of unbearable burden should not be sent with a God bless you and do not disturb me attitude, it is good to go along and carry it with them, and by carrying it now we are making a way for ourselves, to give them our burden when it weighs too heavy for us to carry it alone in our lives. When we serve one another in the love of Christ, no burden will every be too heavy that we cannot carry because we have one another to serve in love and gratitude." — Abraham Israel

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