Saturday, December 15, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"Disappointments are God's way of cancelling our wrong appointments and realigning us in to His right appointments which will always be better for our future and eternal good because we love God and He loves us so much that He only wants His best to happen to us in our lives." — Abraham Israel

"Just mastering the Bible without knowing the Master of the Bible is completely a waste of time and effort because the Bible is given to us to know God personally and hear His voice of guidance for our daily needs in our lives." — Abraham Israel

"We should choose to encourage one another to stay strong in the Lord because the more the time of Jesus' coming comes nearer to us all, the more the Bible has said that we need more and more encouragement to carry on because the world around us will become more and more darkened with deception, loveless heart attitude due to increase in lawlessness and earthly existence with no thought of heaven or after life." — Abraham Israel

"If you want to praise God in all the universal languages even without knowing even one of them say, "Hallelujah, Alleluia!....", meaning "Praise ye Yah [a shortened form of YHWH]" or "Praise Jah [short for Jehovah], you people" or simply "Praise the Lord". By the way, Halleluyah" is a universal phrase. In every nation halleluyah means the same thing. Halal "Praise" — Lu "You" — Yah YHWH is the expanded expression for it. Now that you have spoken praise in all the languages of the world, say one more "Hallelujah" to the Lord. Amen! Praise the Lord!!! Giving Praises to God no matter where you are, what you do and when you say, it always brings glory to God and glorifies Him immensely." — Abraham Israel

"The prophetic time has come in our Churches where people have a form of godliness but deny its power to let it change their hearts and lives within, they do not want to endure sound doctrine and therefore according to their own itching ears and desires of covetousness and earthly mindedness, they want to heap for themselves teachers who preach earthly blessings and prosperity as the ultimate blessing and who live it out in style with their million dollar mansions and jets just like the world. These clowns know how to entertain these people for a while once a week and also do it in television, appealing for money openly and promising a life of funny, frothy and frolicking enjoyment of blessing that they say that God wants His people to have. Little do they realize that the very Scripture they hold in their hand is warning them that they are turning their ears away from the truth of discipleship that Jesus challenged all his disciples to obey and carry on by denying their self life and carrying on their cross of doing the will of God for their lives. By giving in to love for themselves, money and pleasure more than love for God, all these people have proved that the love of the Father God has no place in their hearts and that they have turned aside to fables to be deceived by it forever." — Abraham Israel

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