Sunday, October 25, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"The confidence that makes us rest and be refreshed always is nothing more than the assurance that no matter who is against us, God is always with us to help us carry on this earthly pilgrimage till one day we will all finish it and begone to be with Him forever and ever. Now God is with us protecting us in His will and way, so that one day we could be with Him forever by His side in His sweet embrace!" — Abraham Israel

"Deep grief comes to us when there are injustice done to us, when we lose someone precious to death by some disease, accident or some natural disaster. Such times are those where only tears can comfort us, because our tears are something which are so precious to God that while God avenges or plans a much better future for us in our heavenly home of New Jerusalem, still He collects all our tears in a bottle to bring eternal comfort of reminding us in heaven of how much He has changed all our bad, sad and mad situations of our earthly life in to a eternal blessedness of great blessing in our heavenly permanent home in heaven!" — Abraham Israel

"God's dreams, visions, desires and faith are seeds of God-potential hidden within every one of us, but we need to keep it planted within the soil of our heart and water it constantly through prayer so that what looks like a setback now could be used as a setup by God to move powerfully in to our situations breaking through every barrier of the enemy and work till He fulfills His dreams, visions, desires and faith for His Glory! The easiest thing through which the enemy can try to stop us from reaching towards the fulfillment of our God-potential within the seeds God has given us individually is to make us stop praying towards its fulfillment. So may God help us to continue in our prayers to God to fulfill His promises and keep our heart wet and conducive for the fulfillment of God's dream in our lives." — Abraham Israel

"Craving for milk of the Word of God is just for the beginners who are babies and children of God, but as for us who constantly desire to grow spiritually, we must start to eat the meat of the Word of God and face trials with God's strength to glorify our Father in Heaven as sons and daughters of God. With out our great test, we cannot see great Triumphs and without great trail we cannot have great Testimony! Just let the Spirit of God lead you in to trials and continually depend on Him to bring you out of it victoriously for the Glory of God." — Abraham Israel

"The meek people are not weak people, in God they are mighty and will therefore inherit the whole earth as it is all theirs in God already as they are God's children. The meek will choose not to fight to defend for themselves, because their Daddy God in heaven will fight for them and will justify them in His time." — Abraham Israel

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