Friday, December 14, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"When you are walking by faith in the will of God and bringing smiles to the face of God, do not try to open the door that remains closed before you because you may end you being misled in to your fleshly ways as God might be the one who have kept it closed knowing that it is not good for you to go that way. But know one thing, wait for God, no matter how many days, years or decades you have waited for a particular thing in the will of God through prayer and patience, it is all worth the wait. Because once God opens His door which He had planned to do for you in His will, no man or devils from hell can be able to shut the door which He has opened for you in His time and perfect will. God's open door will then bless you and make you a blessing to your family, your nation and even the whole world. Praise God if you have waited patiently for anything you have asked for, God's time is coming ahead for you and you will be blessed enough by God to be a blessing to many around you in the coming days." — Abraham Israel

"It doesn't matter whether you have received the presents of Christmas from someone dear to you or not, if you forgotten to receive an ever increasing glory of His Presence from our dear Savior Jesus who is the reason for this season of Christ-Mass, you have neither accessed the fullness of the joy of this season from God nor have tasted fully His invaluable gift of salvation in Jesus Christ who sits at God's right hand, and in whom there are pleasures of heaven forevermore available to us on earth." — Abraham Israel

"When you start your day with God it always ends better because God will carry your load which you have put in to His hand for the day, and He will guide you the rest of your day with His Presence and will make sure that you stay in His rest of peace, joy and righteousness which are all the sign of His Presence ruling over your day. Have you spent your time with God today?" — Abraham Israel

"To be alert spiritually, you must first watch to see through your true self to first find how much aligned you are in God and re-position yourself through confession, once this is done, then you must ask the help of the Holy Spirit and start to pray to God through His power and heavenly words that He brings through you by His anointing. So by watching and praying you will always be alert to what the enemy has planned to do against you, your family, your Church, your nation and the whole world, because God will show it to you through speaking within your spirit-man, or show it through visions, dreams and even through impressions within. When you are alert by knowing these plans of evil, you will always have self-control naturally and will win because God will be hand in hand working through you throughout the crisis that may come against you suddenly in these end times in which we are living. So Be Alert Spiritually!" — Abraham Israel

"Have you ever thought why God has told us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem when He has already declared that at the time of the end all hell will break loose in Jerusalem when the Great Tribulation happens very soon when Antichrist will come to reign for three and half years in the nation of Israel as a world Dictator and boasting himself as God? The only reason we ought to pray is because it is the beloved city of God in which our King Jesus will come and rule and reign over the whole world as its Messiah along with all of us. So you know, when you are part of the kingdom that rules, you ought to pray spiritually to bring the power of God which will bring the much needed peace in the future. Start to pray now itself so that all the prayers you have ever prayed will become a memorial forever before God and you will be a used as a supernatural channel to bring that much needed peace and the power needed to maintain it in all the world for a thousand years. So prayer for Jerusalem will bring blessings now in your life and make you a blessing in the future. So you get two mango's with one stone. Blessings Beloved Jerusalem!" — Abraham Israel

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