Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Some people stay with us for sometime when all goes well, others may say that they will stay with us sometime but when they see that something is not well with us they will move away subtly, still others may not even say or stay with us anytime when they see that we are down and out, but in the midst of it all still there are those who stay with us for a lifetime because they are the ones who made us who we are today. What should we learn from this? Never hold people too tight to make them stay, because those who are not meant to stay with you might start to pull you down to nothing if you hold on to them too tight without letting them go their own way. Understand what the Lord wants to say to you to make you understand through it all, because the ones who will stay with you through the journey are the only ones who are made to be with you for for the journey by the appointment of God. Rejoice in God till He makes you rejoice where ever you are or not, whatever you do or not and whenever you feel something or not and whoever is with you or not, rejoice at all times and let go and let God, and you will always be satisfied and be amazed with the God who stays with you no matter what. The God who makes the one who chooses you to become chosen and His appointed one to make them stay with you for a lifetime through Him!" — Abraham Israel

"Rapture is the most splendorous and the most anticipated event of the entire story of the His-story of the humankind. No one has even been able to imagine or even think or will be able to comprehend the greatness of this one event. It will be so awesome that the whole earth will become a second hand one until the sons of God will appear with Jesus Christ the King of Kings to restore all things on earth for the Glory of God. Once we and Jesus will come to the earth, then the Kingdom of the entire world will be in the hands of the saints like you and me who have chosen to walk in the narrow way for Jesus to be glorified now through our lives. Some dream of great things, yet some others yearn for better things, but we who lose great things and better things to consider it as nothing for the great revelation of the knowledge of salvation and count everything else as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus, we will soon find what it means to enjoy great thing and better things till we will find that there can be no better enjoyment in the entire universe than what we enjoy for eternity every moment of our lives, which will be the joy of the best that nothing else created can given except God who has in store for us, which are only the best of the best for eternity ahead. Let us keep our eyes on the Lord till we see Him face to face!" — Abraham Israel

"Rapture is not a figment of human imagination, or else Jesus would not have told us to watch and pray for it!" — Abraham Israel

"Rapture is the most contentious topic in the believing world and Satan fights it the most because it is not only a message of comfort to the saints of God in the Church, but also a message of compassion towards the lost to wake them up to the reality of what is coming upon this world so that they could be confronted spiritually to take a decision which will decide their eternal destiny. The last prayer that the Spirit taught us was not to ask God to bless us on earth, but it is a prayer to Jesus requesting him to come just as He promised to take us all back to the Father's house in heaven as we the believers are all watching and waiting by faith for His arrival! This is the heartbeat of Christian faith which motivates us to live holy and shun unholiness of sin, world and Satan." — Abraham Israel

"Rapture is not an if, but when?, as we are all watching with a twinkle in our eyes and waiting with a prayer under our bated breath which only God can fully understand." — Abraham Israel

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