Monday, December 31, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"It is not whether time ticks on that matters, but for whom it gets ticked is very important to store a good foundation for the time to come where eternal riches of untold wealth of authority, honor and power awaits for all those who chose to tick their time for Jesus Christ. They will be welcomed home in heaven very soon by the King of Kings Jesus Christ on their arrival, as none but those eternal billionaires who stood the test of time to spend their time for the Lord Jesus Christ constantly will spend their eternity in nothing but riches which will never ever perish. Spend time constantly day by day in the coming year ticking it with thanksgiving, praise and worship from your heart to express you love for God in Jesus Christ whom He sent to make us eternally rich on earth, because when our heart ticks in the same frequency of heaven, soon enough the atmosphere around us on earth starts to become a heaven on earth, as every tick from our heart spent now for Christ Jesus get echoed with tock from heaven in approval which creates a ripple effect of great eternal investment for eternity ahead! Be wise in the coming year to invest in riches that can never ever perish, so that you can be rich towards God in heaven as well as fulfill your purpose on earth which God has called you to fulfill." — Abraham Israel

"What better thoughts we can think on earth than to think the very thoughts of God to let loose the power of God's positivism of heaven in to our heart, mind and soul to affect our body to influence the world around us through the Word of God!" — Abraham Israel

"Faith is going beyond reason in to the realm of eternity hidden in our heart, it is like a eternal space suit we put on ourselves through our belief in the Word of God to go beyond time, space and matter to touch God Himself and feel Him personally close to us in our day to day experience. That which the mind is not able to comprehend, the heart is able to apprehend! Faith is beyond reason because faith moves, lives and breathes in the eternal zone of God which transcends our mind." — Abraham Israel

"When you are called by God and love Him so much, then God will wreck your good and better plans if He finds that it is going to wreck His best eternal plans of peace and prosperity! Never feel bad when God wrecks your plan because when He does that, you can stay assured for the rest of your life that the best is yet to come to you personally from Him. Love God, live for God and show the light of God to the world around you! Let go and let God, then everyday day will be more exciting than the day before as God's plan for your life gets unfolded to make you fulfill His destiny for your life!" — Abraham Israel

"The works of the devil starts with spreading lies against God, promoting sin that God hates, spreading hatred in one people group against the other, etc...which all come under the category of darkness that his kingdom represents in rebellion against God's kingdom. When Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior who is the only begotten Son of God came from heaven as the humble son of Man in this earth, he did turn the world in darkness upside down by obeying God perfectly in all things from his childhood onwards, doing good works through speaking the truth about God, promoting holiness that God loves, spreading love and good will in one people group for the other, uniting the world which is divided by culture, color, language, caste, creed by letting loose the fire of the Holy Spirit and uniting the divided world supernaturally by the phenomenon at Pentecost and as a result established God's kingdom beachhead on earth. Humans were divided at Babel to seek God because of uniting together in rebellion against God, they were not divided to remain like that to develop hate against each other without God, but rather to get united very soon in God and love each others as Brothers and Sisters, heart in heart, hand in hand to take care of each other to spread the love of God. So in our times as we obey the word of Jesus and keep His commandments of love, to love God and love fellow humans, we are letting out the light of God to fill the earth like the water covers the sea, thus dispelling the darkness that hides the face of God in the world at large. We are not trying to win with God, we are winners already in Jesus Christ who are out in the world to tell its people that we are winners as we are destroying the works of darkness in our lives too like Jesus and they can become winners too in their life if they join us in following after Jesus in their lives too! Hallelujah! Satan and his demons can only roar to fill people with fear, but they cannot touch us who are the children of God unless the Lord allows it for our own good." — Abraham Israel

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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God promises a prosperous ending for all those who fear God, even though they have to wade through a rough and tough life to reach the destiny that God has designed for them beforehand to make them walk in it by faith. So never rejoice by what you harvest, but rather by what you have sown and have continued to sow in your life through tears of toil and hard work, because as time goes on in life, when others start to fail by their flesh, you will arise to succeed more and more in your life because whatever you have sown keeps coming back to you in prosperity and peace in all areas of your life, so that the latter end will be mightier than ever before to bring glory to God. For us who walk by faith, all will be well because it will end well! Guaranteed by God, executed by us, and experienced in fulfillment in perfect partnership with God by faith. Hallelujah! Even though God has not guaranteed a perfect start or perfect run, He has guaranteed a perfect finish for all those who fear Him and walk in His way according to His will in their lives through the sacrifice of faith, thankfulness and praise! So the next time you become doubtful about your own usefulness to God and others, remember and keep moving by faith, as you are being made perfect through the sum of what you do in between the start and the finish, be encouraged that when it is all added at the end of your life by God He has guaranteed a perfect finish which will make you enjoy the benefit of your earthly ride for the rest of eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"The Christ-mas is mass celebration of Christ. There can be no better Christmas than having a thankful one, because in it we realize the true meaning of what it means to experience the gift of the grace of God in the epitome of human flesh in Christ Jesus!" — Abraham Israel

"Failure is never final, success is never ending for all the children of God who are schooled in God's heavenly educational institution of faith. Faith is a miracle of heaven, conceived in the womb of human hearts when the seed of the Word of God is sown within it and nurtured to create the life of heaven on earth and change the earthly atmosphere to a heavenly one. Those who live by the power of the Word of God will always choose to stay positive in this negative world, because to them success is failure turned inside out. Those who try will never become dry, as God has set a fountain of joy to cheer you up at every corner you hit an impasse. With God working with you, nothing is impossible for you!" — Abraham Israel

"Staying positive in a negative world is not just a calling for us in Christ Jesus, it is the very basis of our faith that drives us to stand strong and see life on earth as it is in heaven." — Abraham Israel

"Only dead fishes go with the flow, those alive go with a glow against the flow." — Abraham Israel

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Monday, December 17, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"We should never be fearful to handle the true currency of eternal faith of once saved always saved that establishes us and enlighten us in the deep rooted works of faith, just because there are counterfeit of once saved always saved that deceives people without external works that is the only testimony to their inner faith according to the Bible. Instead we should learn to use the true faith so often so that we may find the counterfeit in a moment of time for the Glory of God. That which we have gained by our effort, we can lose by our own lack of effort. The salvation which we have gained by God's effort through Christ Jesus on the Cross, cannot be lost by lack of effort on our part because God has promised to finish until the end that which He has started to work in partnership with us in salvation. We do our part in taking a decision to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior of our life by our free will given to us by God, God does his part in keeping the salvation which we have inherited secure until the very end of our earthly life and for the day of Rapture through which we start our heavenly service for God even though we were until then will already be in heaven with God in worship and praise waiting for the redemption of our own meta-physical body. Glory to God!" — Abraham Israel

"There are certain sins that so easily ensnares us, this sin can be called a besetting sin or a sin we have already overcome by the grace of God, only God and us individually will know very clearly what it is and Satan also knows what it is because he is the one who has always used this as a weapon against us to make us feel condemned and unworthy of serving the Lord in love towards Him. God has allowed this weakness to be exploited by Satan, but in reality God has embraced us with his mercy, grace and love to be made know to us through it all. What Satan does against us to do His evil work, God turns in to something good and to reveal Himself and His power more and more to us. So never be discouraged regarding anything that Satan does against you, soon that which Satan has done will be used by God to bless you and make you a blessing to many. Make sure that the dark spots in the soul created by Satan's lure through sin be wiped clean and uprooted often so that the weeds may not grow and crush the beautiful garden of God in our mind where the fragrance of God's word blooms and causes our thinking to be supernaturally transformed in to a heavenly one, by sincere confession and repentance towards God through faith in the crimson blood of Jesus Christ that cleanses and makes us as white as snow within us. You can never be condemned or made unworthy when the robe of righteousness that you wear is not on your own but is purely the righteousness of Christ which you have made it to be your own by faith in it. Weakness within us are not allowed to harm us, but rather to make us seek God who teaches us to be meek so that we may inherit His image and likeness of Christ in us as a child of God, which makes us become the inheritors of the not just the present earth as it rulers for a millennium but also as rulers and servants of God in the eternal new earth for the Glory of God! GLORY!" — Abraham Israel

"There is no better belief than to believe that God is working all things together coherently to make His incredible plan of His work for you supernaturally. And though you do not see He is in fact constantly positioning your life by helping you stand in faith exactly where you need to be in order to be His effective witness for His Glory. You become the best when you are in God's will and you experience His best when you are waiting for His time to come. Nothing can overwhelm those who live by faith, until they are really overwhelmed by the blessings of God from heaven directly! Do not allow the enemy to discourage you because God is working for you because of your faith, and the only way Satan can stop Him from working is to discourage you enough to let go off your faith which is very precious to God and to you. Faith puts God to work, discouragement encourages the devil to work against you to destroy God's good plan for your life and living. Stand in faith, speak in faith and experience God's best for you by faith!" — Abraham Israel

"The phrase 'God Bless You' is the greatest privilege we have in dispensing to believers, unbelievers, enemies, friends, know and unknown, sinners and saints alike, and even to animals, plants, birds and every living thing on this planet earth, as the power we have as God's children over the creation is a untapped potential that no one has still found fully. God's direct promise and desire for His children, is 'I will bless you and make you a blessing...'. We are made in the image of God to shine forth and reflect the image of God in this planet, do bless others at every turn of your life, and life's turn will become straight enough to give you a blessed life path of heaven with out any crooked turn to hold your growth and prosperity on earth. God Bless You!" — Abraham Israel

"God will not fulfill His plan without our prayer, we cannot fulfill it without Him praying through us." — Abraham Israel

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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God uses the useless, broken and scrap thrown out and considered as useless to people because in it God can show His genius working to the world around them that does not know Him and His mighty power and His ways which are always as higher as the heavens are above the earth. Unless God breaks a man fully, he cannot use the man fully to bless him and make him a blessing because only a broken man can give all the Glory to God for anything and everything back to God as he knows that he can do nothing without Him. God does not share His Glory with any man because it rightfully belongs only to His children who are called to inherit the riches of His grace, so allow God to break you until you are blessed fully by the riches of His heavenly grace, mercy and love that overwhelms you in it. The moment you choose to let go and let God, you are in the right place to get blessed and be a blessing to many many as a broken vessel of God to the world that is in need of Him. Hallelujah! Praise be to God!" — Abraham Israel

"End time theology is not just a doctrine to study, but a revelation to the heart which sets your life ablaze for God and makes you as God's unique messenger who burns and bursts forth in all direction like flames of fire which will allow God to blow on you His wind to use you to spread the fire of heaven to the whole world that is thirsting to experience Him." — Abraham Israel

"When we choose to seek the eternal pleasures of God at all cost, the passing away temporal pleasure of life will stop luring us away from the Love of the Father which is in Christ Jesus. When our love for God becomes more than the love for our own self, that is when the Cross keeps the self at death and the will of God starts to happen in whatever we choose to do by the grace and mercy of God! We cannot love both the world and the Kingdom of God seeking to fulfill His will at the same time, because each system of thinking stands diametrically opposite to the other system of thinking. So we must choose not to love the world, instead love God enough to seek to fulfill His will sincerely from our heart. Then when our will crosses God's will and we stand in the meeting point of it and let God nail us on the cross to our will through the circumstances that He brings to us, we might be hanging on the Crossroads of life, but God in his sovereign will have taken over our earthly life to fulfill His heavenly eternal plans and no one in the entire universe will be able to stop Him from fulfilling our destiny for us in joy, peace and satisfaction that will stay with us for eternity ahead! If you want to become an eternal excellence, let go and let God!" — Abraham Israel

"One man with God is always a majority, than a million men without Him. The man who walks alone with God in his private time, will not be afraid to speak openly about the truth of His walk with God to others in the public time. God only confesses worthy names of people living on earth before all the angels of heaven and saints who live over there with Him, who are bold enough in faith to go wherever and whenever He goes by His Spirit to speak fearlessly about Him and His Word before the people living on earth, to confess his great and mighty name, because of personally walking day in and day out with Him to please Him in all things and thus bringing glory to His mighty name as His dearly beloved children! Go where no one has gone before with God, and you will never feel alone long enough for you to remain sad without gladness rushing back to you like the mighty waves of the sea to overwhelm you once again in His love and mercies. You can always trust God when you know that you know that you are walking with Him, and that He has promised to never leave you nor forsake you! " — Abraham Israel

"The gold in the sin free world is good, but in this sinful world if we are not rich towards God, gold can become the god of our small temporal world and have the subtle power to act as a snare to deviate us from the heavenly calling of God to inherit eternal riches which can never be stolen or destroyed by anyone or anything of this world. When a person dies physically, that is when for the first time he will understand or be tested whether he is really eternally rich or was filthy rich, but now in the light of eternity is a poor eternal beggar or a condemned convict who would suffer in torment for eternity ahead! You can never continue to be poor when you are rich enough towards God in the light of eternity! The God of all riches who owns the entire universe, trains his children on earth to handle money properly now by giving them limited supply even though they own the earth and everything in it by legal rights. For all of God's children what ever they get, is only a bonus on earth but the real inheritance of the gifts of God's riches are only given in their after-life in the world to come which will be ruled by them for His own Glory! Put the gold in the proper place like in heaven where it is under the feet of all its inhabitants, and the rest of riches in heaven and also on earth will belong to you and to your descendants in the Lord Jesus Christ! Seek where God is from your heart, and you will go and inherit the place where gold is under you feet and all around you as yours to enjoy forever and ever because it will be actually yours as God's children." — Abraham Israel

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Today's Bible Verse To Ponder Over

✞◎∂αƴ❝ṧ ฿їßℓε Ṽℯґṧℯ ✞ℴ ℙøηḓℯґ ϴṽ℮я :

"But I did find this: God created people to be virtuous, but they have each turned to follow their own downward path." (Eccl 7:29, NLT).

Demons are like a shadow that comes upon the souls of humans to deceive them to be led in to more darkness and destroy their lives ultimately at the end of it all. God has sent Jesus Christ his only begotten Son to help humans to switch on his heavenly light in order to make them see where they are at present in relation to their spiritual and eternal life of friendship with their Creator God. Every light that shines dispels darkness more and more, so now that God has given His Word as the light bulb through the Bible and the Holy Spirit as the power of God's electricity that flows from heaven to work coherently and help us switch on the bright light of heaven that shines bright in the dark souls of us humans where demons always tries to hide like cockroaches to get multiplied and make our thinking perverse to lead us in to confusion and rebel against God, let us be wise to use the light of heaven often to open up more and more dark compartments of our soul that has been held captive in fear, shame and isolation for long in our lives by the enemies of our soul Satan and his deceptive demons who hate the light of heaven.

Let us dispel all the darkness of our soul and the demonic thinking that oppresses us by switching on the heavenly light of God through our faith in the shed blood of Jesus which cleanses our souls and fills it with heavenly light through the confession of our sins to God and repenting of it in our attitudinal shift towards God. God made Adam and Eve in the beginning in His own spiritual image and created humanity as male and female to multiply, but sin came in to human lives when our forefather Adam sinned and rebelled against God, thus through it Satan and demons gained compartments of darkness to hide in our heart and created demonic departments to make us all sin and fall short of the glory of God, and through it oppress us with its slavery of perversity to create confusion in our mind against the very institution of creation and marriage which are God's direct institution under Him. God never created Adam with Eve's biological character for some, and Eve with Adam's character for some, it was sin that caused confusion in the minds of humans. So it is our legal right to ask God's help to switch on the illuminating heavenly light, and dispel the confusion of gender identity that exists in our times and generation due to demonic intrusion in the lives of people all around the world like never before because they all know that the end has come for their deceit to be completely wiped off the planet earth through the Kingdom of Jesus and his saints that is going to take over the world government forever and ever. GLORY! Amen.

LET US PRAY: "O Father of lights, in You there is no part of darkness and no shadow of turning, I thank you for perfectly creating us in your image of unity and holiness. When we chose our own downward path by failing to switch on the heavenly light in Christ Jesus, we became blind to the oppression of the enemy of our souls in sin and slavery. Help us open compartments after compartments, and departments after departments that has been sieged by darkness, so that we may live in the liberty of heaven all the days of our life like a bird in a air and not a caged bird in slavery to any demons or Satan their slave master. Open up our mind to look to you to correct the confusion and perversion that the evil One has let loose in our souls in various ways and means and methods because of not being vigilant to switch on the light of heaven in days past. Thank you for opening my eyes to see the realities of heaven and I praise you for opening my ears to hear from heaven your voice that guides gently to glory. Help me live as sons of light from now on forever and ever in Jesus mighty name Amen!"

Much Blessings....

Monday, December 10, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Every idol of the heart can become more dangerous to our spiritual life than the physical idol that people worship because the idol of the heart are subtle enough to deceive us to think that we are right in every area of our lives even when we are wrong with God in certain areas of our lives which God is primarily concerned about. Until we allow God to break the idols of our heart, we cannot become spiritual enough to be a true eternal blessing to others around us. God breaks us to make us better and therefore we should never lose heart and allow ourselves to become bitter for what we go through in our lives. When we sow with tears during the days God breaks us, we shall reap with joy in the days of harvest when God uses us to bless the world around us. Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"Because God knows the end from the beginning, He is able to allow wounds that becomes a blessing, He allows a wreck that become a wealth, He allows a destruction that becomes a instruction for change, He allows a sorrow that becomes a gladness for life, He allows a wrong to become a right, He allows a curse that becomes a blessing ultimately, He allows a earthly rejection that becomes a heavenly embrace of greater friendship with God, He allows a purposeless happening becoming a pathway to fulfill God's purpose for eternity ahead. So it is unwise and unbelief to blame God for what can become a blessing to us if we believe Him through it all. God is the greatest designer of realigning and redesigning broken things, the good news is, he makes all things old to not only become new, but even better than the new He makes us become the best we ought to be. If you believe the new creation of Christ within you and use it to influence your life daily by walking according to God's instruction for your life, it makes you eternally refreshed enough to forget the old sorrow and crying, and remember the goodness of God in the land of the living to cause eternal thankfulness and praise to the Glory of God! God causes wreckage of plans that can wreck us, only to replace it with his best plans of His for our lives individually. Let go and let God!" — Abraham Israel

"Believing God for a miracle is not a rocket science to learn and practice, but a child like trust in the faithfulness of our Heavenly Father is all we need to inculcate in us to make available the faith and belief that makes heaven to become available for all our needs and wants in Christ Jesus, who has given us all the legal rights to access it through the shedding of His sinless blood to justify us and give us all a right standing before God and his angels in heaven for the Glory of God! Most assuredly I say to you, even a mustard seed size of faith in fullness when executed till the end is able to move the mountains of problems to be thrown in to the sea of oblivion for the Glory of God, and instead bring a new world of happenings and possibilities to be made available in reality through the grace of God! It is one thing to say believe, believe,... but it is totally another thing to believe and see great things in reality happening before our very eyes because of our belief. Never forget saints, the Word of God works powerfully only in those who believe! Hallelujah! Glory to God." — Abraham Israel

"Faith keep us positive because a living faith has no time to look to the past to regret, it believes God for a prosperous present and makes it to become a positive present gifted back to God through praise and thankfulness, and above all it looks to the future for satisfaction and contentment now because the future will be more glorious than the past or the present which God has promised to work out to give us as a gift of grace. God is much more concerned about our future and that is why He tells us not to waste our time thinking on earth about the past which we cannot change and forget it by giving it all to Him to work out for our good. He then tells us to utilize the present as a gift to receive and use it to rejoice, give praise and be thankful perpetually as this will release the power to change our future out of us. And then finally look to bigness of God and look for a future as big as Him because our future is only as big as the God whom we believe, who sees it apart from the past or the present but through the bigness of our future. Change what you can in the present, forget all about the past and be inspired to live looking to the great future God has in store for you! Positive thinking is not something that we produce to keep our self inspired, but it is the product of the faith practiced on day to day basis to give glory to God for what we shall become! Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"A worldwide Tribulation which is unprecedented is on the verge to be let loose in our generation as the signs of the times with the sound of a trumpet about the starting of the war in heavenlies to dislodge the old world for a new world system has been started, as the sound of it can be clearly heard as it is being blown by Jesus with the birth pangs of Tribulation starting up through famines, earthquakes in various places, famines causing wild fire, pestilence and diseases increasing with resistance to antibiotics or curing drugs, Tsunami's that redraws the boundaries of nations, wars and rumors of wars happening round the clock leading towards world war three, the wild world in forest invading human habitats, birds dying and becoming totally extinct because of invisible electro magnetic radiation that is let loose and is increasing in our 4G and 5G world day by day, rivers getting more polluted because of lack of proper recycling and carelessness in disposal of harmful effluents which then is affecting whole seas and oceans with toxicity, climatic changes that could become topsy-turvy to spread more disasters of nature, terrorism, hate and violence ..etc....unprecedented storms of apocalyptic proportion that uproots coconut trees and thrown it out like a twig in the air, flooding of whole cities around the world with dense population because of continuous and unseasonable and unexpected rainfall, falling away from true faith by being deceived by false prophets who come in Jesus Christ's name but not following his spiritual footsteps, loveless increasing because of break of family institution and bonding, the gospel is being preached by faithful men and women of God in the midst of all hate and opposition to where are we heading towards as humanity? Without doubt even if we turn for a moment to the Bible, we will without fail find the exhortation of Jesus saying again and again to the saints that during the time they see these above things happening, they should look up to heaven and learn to continually watch and pray to avoid this never seen before Tribulation that will come suddenly on earth after the Rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ. So what are we waiting for, unless we learn to obey the words of Jesus, we have no part in the this greatest event of all history, THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH! Beware of being distracted by small things that make you miss the main thing of the eternal showdown that is going to happen between heaven and earth. Again I say, WATCH and PRAY! Remember, we are not the sons of darkness, but rather sons of light who know how we ought to be awake at the time when the Bridegroom our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus Christ comes to take away His Bride the Church for the Glory of God." — Abraham Israel

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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Today's Bible Verse To Ponder Over

✞◎∂αƴ❝ṧ ฿їßℓε Ṽℯґṧℯ ✞ℴ ℙøηḓℯґ ϴṽ℮я :

"For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him." (2 Cor 5:21).

Now righteousness before God in this life and in the life to come cannot come by our righteous acts, but only by the righteous act of the One Lord and Savior of all humankind who is only one who have taken the law in his own hands and fulfilled it to perfection before the eyes of God. God gave witness to it by saying, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” Moses through whom the law was given, even though he was the most humble man on earth present at that time, he took the laws in his hands from God who wrote on it and yet was not able to keep it perfectly in his life and thus have fallen short of the expectation of God. God wants hundred percentage righteousness which is only acceptable to Him because of His perfection, thus only Jesus Christ fulfilled God's expectation and none of the humans till today were able to keep it perfectly in their life by depending on Him hundred percentage all the time without even breaking one commandment of God even once in their life as all humans are born sinners who sin because of sin nature within us.

Jesus lifts up people from the pit of sin to all those who believe Him, through which He imputes His perfect righteousness of His in their account in heaven and imparts the same in to their to heart to make them become the very righteousness of God through a new nature deposited in their spirit supernaturally from heaven. In others words, Jesus becomes our righteousness and we become the righteousness of God now to ourselves and to others around us through the new nature of God which makes us His very own children. Now to overcome sin and wickedness of the world is not a choice to take for us, but rather it is a calling that God has given to live out the righteousness of God that we have become. When God sees us through Jesus Christ, we look to Him as righteous as Jesus is in His humanity which we have actually become by our faith! Hallelujah!

The next time your heart condemns you, say to your heart back, "I am the righteousness of God because Jesus my Lord has become sin for my sins and divinely exchanged my sin for His new nature of God. Now I am as righteous as God my Father is as I have become His dearly beloved child through my faith!"



Much Blessings....

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Apostolic Inspiration

"To the law and to the testimony [of the Bible] that acts as God's light to all humans, if they do not speak according to this word of truth, it is because there is no light in them." (Isa 8:20, Abi's Translation).

Every half truth is a half lie that can lead you to malnutrition in your spiritual life to cause spiritual disease and sickness that will affect you severely later if you do not take it seriously. Full truth is the balance of whole counsel of God kept in perspective as well as in context, that brings the right power to live a overcoming life over sin, self and Satan. Truth without reason soon becomes a half truth, that is why a sound reasoning mind does not work against the truth but rather for the truth to make us be rooted and grounded in it as we willingly submit to it. No parent will want a child to suffer malnutrition and to stay in the size of a child in wisdom and stature, instead they would like to see them grow day by day and experience maturity in all areas of their lives and living to multiply and prosper.

So does our Heavenly Father wants us to move from spiritual childhood to become a grown up adult who are sensitive enough to the moving of the Spirit to live increasingly in greater capacity of being led by Him personally within them day by day. Believing the Word of God does not stop you from working out your faith for God, instead it sets your spiritual engine ablaze with a holy fire to keep pushing your forward with a heavenly thrust to continue believing the promises until you see the fulfillment of it in your lives. To believe, and see nothing more to it, is a unbelief syndrome of religious hype that has a assembly religion of Churchianity and not a personal relationship with God, which is of no value to our spiritual life. A child of God who is serious about his faith and spirituality, will have an perpetual attitude of repentance which will lead him to confession of his sins regularly to Jesus Christ, and will look forward to overcome those sins which causes them to stumble and stay humble before God and men when God allows it for a certain reason and time. They will be cross-carriers who will willingly lose their self will to give in to God's will for its fulfillment even at at a personal cost that costs much more they can bear on their own, but by the grace of God will be able to face the ordeals which causes suffering to their flesh through which God allows it all to teach them to learn obedience for the glorious reward that is ahead to inherit.

Only going through this process of obedience day by day in spite of the personal cost, will only cause each saint to become sanctified and be conformed to the image of Christ. When people do not know about hell and judgment, they can neither be thankful for their salvation nor can fear God for the judgment that is coming ahead for reward for the righteous acts by saints done after salvation for the Glory of God, and condemnation for the unbelievers for their unrepentant attitude towards sins. May we be true seeker of truth and nothing but truth from the Bible which is the living Word of God, and let us never compromise ourselves in anything related to it, but rather grow in the whole counsel of God and also declare it to people for the Glory of God so that all of us together in the unity of the Spirit might live a healthy spiritual life and be rewarded and rejoicing for eternity ahead along with our friends in Christ!

Much Blessings....

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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ €⌘ρ↳⊙ⓢ♗⊙♫:

"Property and money may face devaluation and even lose its purchasing power, but great character are always in demand with the God who has produced it over a period of time and stands behind it as its authenticity." — Abraham Israel

"We judge others the best when we judge ourselves with the same scale first." — Abraham Israel

"The character of a person is not fully shown by how he treat others the best he can, but rather when he treats his own people in the same scale of how he treats others without undue favors." — Abraham Israel

"A man of excellence is never known by what he gives out of what he has received, but rather by what he gives to all others around him by who he is as a person." — Abraham Israel

"Humans see a person's face to judge them first according to their appearance which is what they seem to be when they are not, God first sees the personality of the heart of people and judges them according to the content of their heart which is who they are in reality." — Abraham Israel

"You can ask a person to do something for you, but you cannot make them do it best for you without their heart involved in it." — Abraham Israel

"Love what you do with you whole heart and mind and soul, and you will become the best to be in what what you love to do." — Abraham Israel

"Never try to make people do what they are not, they will fail and not excel. But rather find what they are good at, and help them become better at it, they will never fail to excel because that is what they are good at." — Abraham Israel

"Never blame or belittle a human being for what he is not, rather learn to appreciate him for who he is because God has created each person uniquely with specific gifts that others do not have." — Abraham Israel

"Great people make people, small people break people. The greatness of people are not decided by their own ingenuity, but rather know by who they are guided by in life." — Abraham Israel

"You can excel in life when you are broken by God, but your willingness to allow him to break the way He wants, when He wants and to the length of time He wants will decide whether you are broken just to become earthly great or for eternal excellence. God breaks again and again to keep people in humility so that eternal excellence can be achieved in and through them." — Abraham Israel

"You are what you think in your mind all the time, you become what you allow your mind or train your mind to brood over for a long period of time." — Abraham Israel

"Obedience is God's pleasure, more than sacrifices because all of it has come from Him and goes back to Him without any change in His plans and purposes which is executed willingly out of love for Him. What we have is God's gift to us, what we do with whatever we have is our gift to God. Make sure you give the best gifts to God which is whatever you do with your whole heart in thankfulness and praise towards Him, who has given you the best in Christ Jesus in this life to glorify Him." — Abraham Israel

"There is not a limitation with God to anyone who has no limits in his mind." — Abraham Israel

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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Divine Healing is the legal right of every child of God who lives in the righteousness of faith, but to understand the timing of God to get healed and the purpose in our race of faith for which God allows certain trials of sicknesses can only come by our close relationship with God on day to day basis. God never makes us sick when He is the one who heals us, but He allows us to face trials of sicknesses in our life so that we may trust in the all sufficiency of the healing power of His hand that is available always to carry us until the end of our lives on earth. Whether the healing comes with a medical doctor or without him involved who are used by God as servants of his wisdom has nothing to do with our healing because doctors can only prescribe medicine and do surgery hoping for us to get healed, but ultimately only God can heal us of our infirmities and sicknesses in our body. Faith to get healed comes by hearing, and hearing to receive from God is developed over time through the voice of God being heard perpetually within us by the working of the Word of God in us, by us making way for it in our mind and lives to do its duty to release the heaven's power and potential within us. So that once we find ourselves saturated in it, all healing comes naturally to us in the rest of faith and bring glory to God always without fail. Meditate the Word of God, until the Word of God in you cannot sit in your mind without exploding with its power to heal, deliver and bring health and prosperity in all areas of your life and living!" — Abraham Israel

"The tunnels of life's journey are made by God for us to trust Him in spite of the factor of unknown mystery that surrounds it. One thing we must rest our faith on during those times, that is the truth that Jesus is the driver of the train we are traveling in who takes us through it all, and we can trust Him to bring us out of it in His time and in His will as he is the one who rightfully takes us through it to make us become what He wants wants us to be. The tunnels of life makes us and therefore is not supposed to break us in fear, but rather build our faith through trusting the our Lord and Savior through out the journey, thanking, praising and rejoicing for being present in His train, so that when we come out of the caves and tunnels of our lives, we can run like a stall fed calves jumping hither and thither and rejoicing in the sunshine of God for the rest of our lives continually as we have already learned to rejoice in the dark days of our lives itself, thus living in His Favor and Wisdom to cherish Him and be cherished by Him." — Abraham Israel

"Thick darkness is not where Satan resides, but rather where God resides because He is the greatest mystery to understand in the whole of Universe. Darkness and light are alike to God because of the greatness of His Glory. So to know God intimately now in our lives on earth we have to move and drawn closer to God through the mysterious obstacles that stand in our way between us and God. It might be a sin that we love more than God, it might be a family member whom we love more than God, or it might even be ourselves that we love more than Him, anything that we love more than God is an idol that should be thrown out of view to come in to view of the Lord's Glory. Moses loved God with all his heart and was humble enough to always acknowledge Him in all His ways, this was no coincidence, he began to draw near to God who was residing in the midst of deep darkness in the top of the mount Sinai. Darkness and black color is a royal robe that God wears, Satan and his demons have taken it and have fancied themselves to make people curious enough to draw them by their curiosity towards themselves instead of God. Satan supplies all things cheap but cannot make you content for now itself leave alone for eternity, except give you a momentary excitement. But drawing near to God cost you everything, because when you know Him and come to understand His mysteries, you will become satisfied eternally and perpetually. The Israelites who looked God from afar became satisfied with the fountain measure of God, but Moses had a holy unrest within Him that made him to draw towards God in to thick darkness of unknown mystery that made him drink in the river of God and even swim in the Glory of God. Are you ready to pay the price to experience the mystery of the Glory of God? Have you consistently sought to know God by reading His Word and prayed seeking more of Him in your daily personal prayer? Draw near to God and He has promised to draw near to you to unfold Himself and reveal His mysteries more and more to satisfy your heart desire. Remember, when storms of life comes threatening you with dark, tumultuous, scary clouds with thunder and lightning, do not be scared and run away from sorrow and suffering, instead walk towards it to embrace it boldly by the grace of God and His strength, because in it the greatest mysteries of God's ways will be revealed to you which is hidden from the whole of humanity that stays aloof in fear of it because of being filled with themselves. There can be no high in life than knowing the Most High God intimately, to live in Him and have Him live in us to reveal Himself to us and through us to others is the greatest privilege a person can have in this earth and in the time to come! GLORY!" — Abraham Israel

"God has no special favorites when it comes to blessing and having special favor over any of His children, all those who learn to love him and obey His word will be blessed beyond imaginations in their lives. God is in the business of blessing individuals as well as families, and spread his blessing throughout the whole globe! Are you one among them? I promise you will be greatly blessed if you are. Though there are umpteen number of denominations, God has only One Universal Church Body which is present both in heaven where saints have gone on to be with the Lord to receive their reward and on earth the saints who are working for a eternal reward, and his chosen saints who are born again by His initiation from heaven through His Word and the Spirit are added day by day to be the child of God in His One big Family! All His obedient children who care God enough to obey even the least of the words of His without breaking because of their love and gratefulness toward the Lord, will be blessed enough to be a blessing and will be called as greatly blessed even by the blessed in all the world!" — Abraham Israel

"Dying to self according to God in not asceticism, but rather it is us choosing not to do the things we wish, and instead walk in the perpetual guidance of the Spirit as well as His strength which mortifies the lust of the flesh and fulfills the will of God for our lives. This process of pleasing God by denying our flesh is what it really means to carry our own Cross that God has given for us to carry personally in our Christian lives. It is not in us or our strength to die to the flesh, but it is the supernatural strength of God which flows through us, when we willingly submit our will and lift up God's will as our banner to keep our march flag high and powerful, and thus honor of the wonderful and beautiful name of Jesus Christ intact in and through our lives wherever we are living. The territory of this world in which the opposing forces of the Satanic enemy of our soul are rebelling against the authority of God and are acting against His will to induce humans in like manner under them, we by choosing to die to our self, we are keeping all those evil forces at bay and under control for the Glory of God. God is never more pleased than to see a man fully be lost in Him by losing His self for His Glory in exchange!" — Abraham Israel

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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Law came through Moses, while Grace came through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Law demands, while Grace supplies. Law restricts, while Grace liberates. Law puts you in a room without breathing space for fresh air which might suffocate you to death soon, while the Grace Key helps you open the doors of heavens atmosphere and bring it down to that place of need and want to be met supernaturally. Law never brings victory over sin, self and Satan, but Grace not only gives victory over sin, self and Satan but keeps you victorious as more than a conqueror. Law never satisfies, but Grace satisfies our soul eternally. Law is only good to the lawless, but Grace is good to the lawful! Law declares you to be a sinner, but Grace declares you to be as righteous as God is. Law convicts your soul, but Grace converts your soul. Look to God's law for perfection, but embrace Grace for solution. When Law and Grace comes close, mercy of God keeps both intact from colliding by overlooking over both self and sin due to lack of coherence!" — Abraham Israel

"All the improbabilities of human limitations are given to him to seek for the divine possibilities of God's revelation in all of it who can only help him solve it, and thus know Him to become saved in order that he might become His friend for eternity ahead which presents a view of unlimited possibilities in the life to come, this is true heaven. Heaven is nothing without God, that is why where God chooses to reveal Himself, that is where heaven will be present always. To know the goodness of God whether in the land of the living or in the place where God resides is a continual heaven for those who know Him outside of their circumstances. Jesus walked on the water which is a improbability humanly but possibility with him as He was God in the flesh, Moses was showed a green burning bush which was a improbability humanly but a divine possibility, Gideon understood this improbability and God's possibility when the fleece was wet on one night with dew when the place around was dry...and dry on the other day without dew when the place around it was wet, Samson and David who were limited with their improbability became a possibility with God when they killed the lion with bare hands, so what is your improbability today that is standing as an impasse? Trust the Lord God Almighty through Jesus Christ at all times outside of your natural circumstances, and not only continue to pray for the revelation but also stand in faith till you experience the possibility with God in your life, so that your eyes could be opened to unlimited heaven's possibility and live as its brand ambassador on earth for the Glory of God! Amen!" — Abraham Israel

"Do not worry when people get disturbed for no know reason, by you and your presence among them. You must understand that it is not about you that matters in such a situation, the truth is all about the God whom you carry that matters to the evil or unclean spirits that works in them. When they are disturbed as they see you, it is because the spirits in them are deeply fearful and tremble of the father of all spirits, who is the Holy Spirit who is working in and through and upon you. All you need to do know what to do in such situations is to let the love of God fill your heart towards those people by the Holy Spirit, as Love is the greatest enemy of the devil who cannot defeat it now and forever because God is full of love and 'God is love', and his children's are a living reflection of Him who begot them in His will through His Word and the Spirit!" — Abraham Israel

"Considering and living every moment of our lives as though it is the last moment of our lives makes us to be more thankful and praising for every moment of our lives to enjoy it fully, as we won't get it back any time again in the future. That is why God says in His Word to rejoice in Him again and again no matter what circumstances we go through. We are like beautiful flowers bloomed by the river side bending ourselves and touching the flowing water of the most beautiful river named as life, where we are given the time to enjoy it to the full or waste our time thinking any way we are going to fall down sometime after, sure we do not know when we will stop touching the flowing river now and then in ecstasy moved by the breeze of God who gives us breathe and fall on to the water that flows down to be no more in our own world but go where every one goes, i.e to the dust we have come from, but the time between the time of our bloom and the time we fade is so important to God and us that we have been given the ability to rejoice in the Lord always outside of our circumstances. So rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice. Some come in like a honey bee to take our blessing to others around them, still some come to sting us with its evil poison they have within, but we should rejoice as the blooming flower so that God will keep us immune from outside influence as we keep our head to the sunshine of God's light for the Glory of God. So think and consider, to use the time that God has given today, tomorrow and everyday left alive to rejoice in Him to the full and live an abundant life! Live full and die empty. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"The Ministers of God are not just those who have knowledge to heal the broken hearted people like as a medical doctor does with the sick, they are hurt people, back stabbed severely enough and left to die, who have been resurrected back with the new life of Jesus Christ. And thus with a new supernatural strength in their heart have chosen to forgive those who have hurt them mortally by the grace of God, to make heaven open and allow that same grace to flow through their lives to the hurting and the broken hearted in need to be a brand ambassador for Jesus! Hurt people hurt others in the world, in the Kingdom of God, hurt people heal others. Praise the Lord! Always pray for pastors and all the rest of the five-fold ministry of Jesus Christ, they need your prayers as much as you need theirs." — Abraham Israel

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Apostolic Interpretation & Today's Bible Verse To Ponder Over

✞◎∂αƴ❝ṧ ฿їßℓε Ṽℯґṧℯ ✞ℴ ℙøηḓℯґ ϴṽ℮я :

"[God's] winnowing-fan is in the hand of Jesus, and he will thoroughly purge his threshing-floor of your heart, and will gather the pure wheat of heaven's sanctified soul into his garner [which is the listed names of heaven to be rewarded], but the chaff of the flesh present in the soul he will burn with fire." (Luke 3:17, Abi's Translation).

When the world says you can do what you want with your mind, but regarding your behavior to others you should act well and good, that is enough to be a good humans. It is like saying, be a fish but choose not to swim in the water for too long, be a cow but don't eat grass or any plant, you can be a prostitute but should never have sex with a married man, play with fire but make sure you do not burn yourself up completely, play with a snake but make sure you are not bitten by its poisonous fang, etc...

It is a devil's lie who promotes unclean mind of fantasies and lust which he tells that God is not seriously concerned about it because no human can live without sin and He understand it. Do not believe the lies of the devil who promotes such wrong ideas because he is the father of all lies. Your mind is a reflection of what your are going to be, and not what you are. So when you allow the lies of the devil to control your mind today, you can be sure what you will become tomorrow. In other words, when God says repent, his clarion call is to ask his children not to compromise and let the evil thoughts of their own deceptive heart in which the devil sows his thoughts of evil to be allowed to sprout and take root to become big enough to control their lives action to be influenced for bad fruits (Gen 4:7). When God speaks through his apostle Paul saying, "But fornication, and all uncleanness...Let it not be named once among you, as you are called to be saints." (Eph 5:3), God speaks and exhorts us to flee from the external sin of adultery and fornication, as well as the internal sin of mind that gets fulfilled secretly in pornography, masturbation, fantasy, fetish lust, others around us do not know these uncleanness of heart but God knows it inside out as he sees us everyday and every minute to care for the well being of our spirit, soul and body as we have become his children.

God wants you to clean up your mind after you are saved and wants you to live like his children. To flee away from fornication is also to flee away from the thoughts of the fleshly lust which promotes lustful feeling that come in to our heart now and then. If you have not realized why we should not trust in our own heart, but always need to trust in the Lord and humble our self to correct our thoughts and reject it when God prompts us, we have not yet learned from Jesus what it is to have a victorious life as a Christian. So today think about it, if lustful evil thoughts have dominated your life, and your actions were restrained for long from evil, understand that it is purely by the grace of God that you were kept from sin and the destruction's that comes out of it. Listen and Understand, only Jesus has the fire with him to purify your soul thinking to become sanctified in the sight of God and resist it victoriously. If you are convicted today by God and want to take the help of Jesus to overcome the problem we have discussed, pray this prayer with me:

DELIVERANCE PRAYER: "Dear Jesus my Lord, I praise you for saving my soul from sin. I thank you and praise again for all the protection that you have thus far given to me as your child. Even though I have been deceived by the enemy for too long who has made me not to take my unclean thoughts of lust seriously, thank you for convicting me now to take it seriously and overcome it from now on for your glory. I release your fire on every evil thinking in my soul that has bound me and enslaved me for long, now I command the evil spirit of ____sexual lust, fantasy, gluttony, etc...say whatever sinful thought that has bound you____to go out of my body and my soul mind BY THE FIRE OF JESUS, ...CONSUME MY UNCLEAN THOUGHTS. I COMMAND IN JESUS NAME TO THE SPIRITS TO GO, GO...IN JESUS VICTORIOUS NAME! Fire.. fire.. AMEN! Now begin to thank the Lord and praise the Lord for your present and future victory over unclean thoughts and for establishing a sanctified mind of Christ.



Much Blessings....

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Devil is concerned that you should only hear the Word of God and not believe it, God is very much concerned that you not only hear the Word of God but believe it and do the works of righteousness which works as a natural outflow of believing, which is doing by the outworking of God without striving because of God in-working in and through us. In other words, when you hear the word of God and believe, you are allowing God to work in, through and upon you to work a work in our life and times, and that which pleases God. God works to please Himself through us when we believe! And only God has the power and ability to please Himself in his perfection, and we as his children become a conduit of his ability to work to please Him when we surrender our lives by faith to Him who works all things for His Glory!" — Abraham Israel

"Work in itself is not a worship, but it becomes one when it is done by faith towards Him!" — Abraham Israel

"A Bible that is worn out is a sure sign that the life of Jesus imparted in to the reader will never be worn off, but it will begin as a fountain to bless him abundantly initially and will increase and increase to become a river of blessing to bless many around him supernaturally. Truth sanctifies, but lies desecrates us. Truth honors us with its blessing, lies dishonors us with its curses. Speak the truth and stand for it even when it means you need to stand alone, because when you evaluate yourself at the end of your standing for it, you stand on the side of majority with God, and those who stood for lies will become a minority without Him by that time. Truth may hurt initially, but it blesses us eternally. But lies may comfort you falsely for sometime, but it hurts you eternally. Never forget that God stands with those who stand for His truth!" — Abraham Israel

"It is not change of religion, but the change of domain that brings freedom and liberty to our soul eternally. A bird alive and fed in a cage is what religion promotes, a bird in the air fed by the Father in Heaven daily day in and day out, protected by Him so that not even one falls to the ground without his will in His Kingdom Domain is what He provides. He who rules the Universe also chooses to rule our hearts when we submit to His authority willingly as His dear Children in the Kingdom of His dear Son Jesus Christ, He lavishes His gifts on each of his children individually to make them experience His kingdom power when we continue to love Him and live for Him wholeheartedly! Religion is man's idea about who God is or will be, Kingdom of God is God's idea about what man should be and become. The Kingdom of God rules over the entire universe in reality of existence, religion tries to replace it and rule over the world of people. If people come to realize the need for Kingdom after they die physically, it will be too late to enter God's Kingdom. But if they realize their need for the Kingdom now before they die physically, it is never too late to inherit it by believing the stipulations of it to abide by. Kingdom of God only rules over those who willingly allow themselves to be ruled by its power and authority!" — Abraham Israel

"A human can be the poorest of the poor, yet can be the richest of the rich in faith. Riches on earth is no indication of our spirituality, and also being rich doesn't mean a person cannot be spiritual at the same time. By equating asceticism with spirituality is also equally wrong, when the fact of the matter is, where their heart is set, that is where their treasure is, whether in heaven with God by working towards spreading the gospel of God or on earth collecting treasures for themselves and their own family. We cannot love both God and mammon at the same time, we can only choose one and reject the other which will control our thinking and life. It is a wrong human thinking of associating riches with the favor of God in one's life and family which has ruined the lives of many a Christians to live a dead life towards God, and it is never a Biblical thinking of the New Testament times, but rather is a religious thinking which Jesus clearly spoke against to make people understand that being rich or poor has nothing to do with God rather it is sin that caused such imbalance and injustice in the world. The gospel is a sword of God sent to operate the mind of man to restore him from wrong thinking of religiosity, so that he may understand that God now wants all humans to become good stewards of all His riches on earth, as all belongs to God who has given them whether little or much. That is why whether poor or rich, the Lord has told all the saints of the New Testament to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteous way of living, and all the needs that are needed will be provided to do the will of God and fulfill the destiny that God has for them in His plans and purposes. Jesus is the only one in the whole world who has given a solution to all the injustice of this world, and He will come again with His Church saints to rule the world and demonstrate God's justice to the world for a thousand years time on this same earth. Make sure you are looking forward to the exciting times with God and be a part of the greatest adventure to experience in the days to come by now living for Jesus Christ!" — Abraham Israel

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Monday, November 19, 2018

Apostolic Inspiration

"With joy you will drink deeply from the fountain of salvation!" (Isa 12:3, NLT).

We often look for temporal solutions to bandage all our problems, when the infection of sin in all its ugliness lies deep in the heart of humans including us. What happens is that when we think something has got healed within us because it seems like the skin has almost covered the wounds caused by others and ourselves because of our weaknesses within us, there lies a pus that comes out oozing, revealing to us that we still need some more treatment to remove the pus in a hard painful way and re-bandage ourselves through the help of others. O what a pity! It keeps reoccurring again and again to cause more frustration in life. May the Lord help us all to deal with the root of sin which is like bacterial and viral infections that runs in our blood stream that need to be dealt with, God has got a master vaccination that he provides for all kinds of spiritual bacterial and viral infections that attacks our immunity against sin and make us peace less and joyless in our lives, and that is, faith in the blood of Jesus that has forgiven all our past, present and future sins.

All we need to do to create permanent solution to overcome all of our difficult and depressive attacks from the evil one is to, confess all our sins to God and release our faith in the all forgiving blood of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, and then calm our soul to be thankful and content in both wants and needs, and also in plenteous and abundant times of having all things in our spirit, soul and body and in all areas of our lives. Quieting all the distractions of fear, insecurity, longings, etc in our soul by speaking to the name of Jesus and thus experiencing the calm assurance which Jesus gives us in our soul, is what we need to experience permanent solution for all our needs and wants in all areas of life and living.

Remember, you need to speak to God and give your burdens often, speak to the devil sometimes, to rebuke and make him flee. Speak to yourself and to your soul many times to encourage yourself to stand in faith after the attacks of the evil one to make amends for the hardship he has given , and instead provide an oasis of refreshment to sustain you in the joy, peace and righteousness of heaven. Life without the permanent solution that Jesus provides, is a longing after a mirage in a desert land of life that makes you die of thirst both spiritually and in all areas of life. Drink the living water Jesus provides before you die, and you will never die of thirst for eternity because a foundation and a ever refreshing river stream of heaven will feed your soul from within permanently and supernaturally, it will come out of you to keep you and others around you become content in this life and in the life to come permanently. Hallelujah!

Much Blessings....

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"You can please some people some times, but you cannot please all people at all times. I would suggest you to take a better option to excel than all this, if you would set your eyes always to please God, not only people will be pleased because of God's heavenly blessing of wisdom and grace flowing through you like a river that blesses them all, but also even your enemies will be at peace with you to make sure that they do not cross your line because of knowing that sooner or later God is going to cross their line because of their past experience in trespassing in to your private territory. Glory to God!" — Abraham Israel

"Leaders are used by God in the Kingdom of God not because they are strong in themselves, but rather because they are weak and that they are broken by God hopelessly to a safe place where they need the Lord's help to depend on Him moment by moment to carry on their mission for Him successfully and fight the fight of faith to finish their course gloriously for the Glory of God. Because of this reason, God breaks them, remakes them, and breaks them again and again helplessly to make them to depend on Him continuously through His relentless work in them, so that by the end of it all, He favors them with extraordinary grace to carry on in His mission to feed the sheep of His people with compassion and grace to lead them all to make them become eternal excellence for His Glory. God anoints the leaders in a special way and appoints them, and requires of them a very high output of being a blessing more than others saints around them. For every mistake a leader makes, more mercy God shows to them and a stricter judgment God supplies to them when they continually err in their life and living. So understand the leaders call and demand, show them more mercy and love, submit to them willingly as to the Lord whose faith follow you who follow them, considering the outcome of their conduct so that they may joyfully do the work which God has called them to do. But remember, when you do not fear to restrain yourself from talking ill of them by backbiting, slandering, deceiving them to expose their weaknesses and sins to divide the people of God, God's hand of judgment will come upon you and your family in the same scale He uses to measure the leader's life, but without the grace he enjoys as you have put yourself in the seat of a judge to judge them without mercy, instead of allowing the Lord to judge them in His place and time. So touch not the anointed, because the Lord touches not those who touch not the anointed before His appointed time of judgment. To those who show mercy, will find mercy in their lives too! So learn to be merciful especially to leaders in the Kingdom of God without becoming critical and judgmental toward them, because our Master Jesus Christ is seeing their lives more closely than others in scrutiny!" — Abraham Israel

"Holy Spirit is not a emergency standby to us, but rather a stand by for us to meet all areas of needs and wants of this life, and in the life to come for the Glory of God! Without the works and activities of the Holy Spirit done in cooperation with Him, it is impossible to live the Christian life that pleases God and be victorious over sin and self and Satan!" — Abraham Israel

"When we are the children of God, God doesn't ask us consultation to design newly a plan day by day by asking what we will do next in order to be more successful and fruitful for His Glory, but know that He has planned our entire life beforehand and executes His plan through our faith. God's plan is always the best, stay in faith and be victorious, fruitful and highly successful and favored by faith in the unchanging plans of God for your life. Faith is God's master key that He provides to all His children, to make them realize that they should use His key in order to unlock all the blessings of heaven which He has planned to give to them for now and for eternity! That is why only faith pleases God. Faith believes not only God is able, but it stays on course to keep believing that God is able to bring His plans to pass in His time, in His will and in His way for His Glory!" — Abraham Israel

"A human can be the poorest of the poor, yet can be the richest of the rich in faith. Riches on earth is no indication of our spirituality, and also being rich doesn't mean a person cannot be spiritual at the same time. By equating asceticism with spirituality is also equally wrong, when the fact of the matter is, where their heart is set, that is where their treasure is, whether in heaven with God by working towards spreading the gospel of God or on earth collecting treasures for themselves and their own family. We cannot love both God and mammon at the same time, we can only choose one and reject the other which will control our thinking and life. It is a wrong human thinking of associating riches with the favor of God in one's life and family which has ruined the lives of many a Christians to live a dead life towards God, and it is never a Biblical thinking of the New Testament times, but rather is a religious thinking which Jesus clearly spoke against to make people understand that being rich or poor has nothing to do with God rather it is sin that caused such imbalance and injustice in the world. The gospel is a sword of God sent to operate the mind of man to restore him from wrong thinking of religiosity, so that he may understand that God now wants all humans to become good stewards of all His riches on earth, as all belongs to God who has given them whether little or much. That is why whether poor or rich, the Lord has told all the saints of the New Testament to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteous way of living, and all the needs that are needed will be provided to do the will of God and fulfill the destiny that God has for them in His plans and purposes. Jesus is the only one in the whole world who has given a solution to all the injustice of this world, and He will come again with His Church saints to rule the world and demonstrate God's justice to the world for a thousand years time on this same earth. Make sure you are looking forward to the exciting times with God and be a part of the greatest adventure to experience in the days to come by now living for Jesus Christ!" — Abraham Israel

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God says in His Word,"sin is lawlessness", then He further explains it as "the mystery of lawlessness", which makes us understand that sin in itself is a mystery to humans, until they choose to accept themselves as sinners in need of God's solution, the Savior of the world in need, who is Jesus Christ. Knowing what is sin is in itself is a revelation of God to a human heart only after a person get saved, until that happens humans will sin and yet take it lightly not knowing the seriousness of its consequence towards their eternal future which can either be heaven or hell based on whether they take sin as sin in its ghastly evilness or as lightly as a cream puff that can be eaten and still enjoyed until it bursts the heart to death one day soon without their knowledge. God has said that sin will find you out, meaning, sin when entertained will look for weaknesses and loopholes to exploit us with its curses and will soon one day shows its true kiss of hiss to make us die with its poison if we continue in it without repentance towards God. God's last word to the Church is, no matter what sin you have been stuck with, repent and LOOK TO ME, THE LORD OF ALL UNIVERSE for help TO OVERCOME SIN NO MATTER HOW SMALL OR BIG IT IS, because the dosage of the poison of sin injected in to you by the enemy of your soul may have given you a temporary high, but a eternal low of destruction of blessed life on earth is awaiting for you if you do not take it seriously to lay aside every weight of it which so easily ensnares you to kill you slowly but steadily with its slow poison and thus slow death. Wake up before sin make you sleep in Delilah's lap of lust to make you regret to death later with the vileness of sin. REPENT! REPENT!... Sin should be as much evil to you, as much as it is to God. Hate sin before it hates you to its death grip of vice! You who love God, hate sin!" — Abraham Israel

"Jesus Christ did not come to give us another religion among all the already existing one which had no use at all except teach self-discipline through commandments without giving us the power to fulfill it, but rather He has come so that we may see the light of God's revelation in Him and thus receive the life of God in us by believing His Words of Life that Jesus speaks by which we learn to lose our life and let God's life live out His life through us to make us enjoy and experience this heaven's life for the Glory of God. Jesus does not give us a rule to live by, but rather life to live out instead of the irreparable fallen imperfect sinful life of Adam that we have inherited by birth. Jesus life works out best, when our self life is kept at death and lifeless by our godly choice of carrying our cross daily and following the path of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. Light shines the best in darkness, Jesus shines the greatest through us when we allow Him to let out His light shine by walking the God-life on earth to dispel the darkness of sin, self and Satan in and around us daily day by day as it is in heaven with God. Remember, the life of Jesus is the light of God's revelation of Himself to all humans in human form forever and ever!!! Amen." — Abraham Israel

"Whenever we find ourselves in discontent, immediately we should realize that nothing is wrong with us except we have started focusing on wrong priorities of earth, rather than the right things of God and His Kingdom of heaven. When we wrongly focus our mind on earthly things, we lose godliness which leads to contentment, and thus lose the thankful heart and praising lips that brings heavenly contentment and its Presence. Count your blessings and name them one by one, and it will make you content to know what the Lord has done and has been doing for you until now for His Glory in your life. Understand your past in the light of God's faithfulness to be thankful for it, and your present from God as a gift supplied to you moment by moment and keep praising God for it, and you will never worry about your future because of discontentment of unbelief. The greater gain in the great gain of godliness with contentment, is the unceasing rain of blessing after blessing that comes from heaven through Jesus Christ, who gives us our thankful heart and a praising spirit that God blesses and quickens in us for His Glorious name to be magnified through our lives by heaven's continuous open heaven release over our lives!" — Abraham Israel

"Beautiful days are not given by God as a present as He has made everyday to become beautiful to us in Christ Jesus, in other words, we create a beautiful day the moment we think it as one to feel blessed to face it with the awe and wonder of a child, thanking and praising God for it. If you change the way you think by acting like life in itself is a blessing, soon you will feel that indeed it is a great blessing. Beautiful day are created by beautiful minds, that thinks the way God thinks as revealed by His Word and His Spirit!" — Abraham Israel

"What more we can give to God more than our trust in Him? How can we truly praise and give thanks unless we first trust Him with all our heart? Have we understood that the God who is in control of the ends of the earth and who orders the entire universe, does know us individually that we are trusting in Him, and gets heartened to know it and rejoices over us because of our child like trust? Trust cannot be developed in a day or two, rather it is developed through a serious relationship with a person whose integrity and character is found to be trustworthy, and as a result we lean on Him for our needs and wants and love. Truly blessed is the human who trust in the God of Israel at all times, and that one who trusts Him with all his heart, he will never be put to shame because of God's Great and Glorious name!" — Abraham Israel

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Monday, November 5, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Repentance is a perpetual attitude of mind, to willingly choose to turn away from what displeases God and embrace what pleases God all the time, and in turn look to God's face and seek it till we burn ourselves with the radiance of His Glory and shine with His light to be a blessing to many around us. We repent in a moment of time to get saved from sin [i.e. nature] to become God's child forever, but after we become God's child by receiving eternal life from God, then for a lifetime on earth we repent of sins that comes out of our sin nature in order to walk pleasing to God all the time and become mature as the sons and daughters of God, till we die and go on to be with the Lord one day very soon or be raptured in our glorious new body as we are living in a terminal generation of the end as Jesus foretold. Watch and pray, may repentance be your daily attitude to make heaven be filled with rejoicing and bring heaven's echo back to your soul with its fresh Life!" — Abraham Israel

"All we will take out when we leave this earth are the memories of how we have lived and loved God and each other, make sure that you live life to the full, love to death, shine bright by looking to the Lord for anything and everything, so that all the memories we take out of this life might be a sanctified one that will have no part of it to cause regret forever but only to rejoice over it. Only love has the power to cause eternal treasures to be collected and be taken out of this world which we live!" — Abraham Israel

"In sharing we dare to show others we care, in caring we convey our love for others, in loving others we fulfill the law and prophets and remember that it is God who has first showed us His unconditional love towards us in Christ Jesus, so that we could share and care and love God with all our heart by loving others." — Abraham Israel

"The unchanging love of the Lord should be our proper motivation to prosper and grow spiritually more like Him day by day, and nothing else because all else will taint us with wrong motivation and will make us lose our eternal reward to cause much regret at the time of the exclusive believer's Judgment time before Christ for reward. This judgment has no condemnation because Jesus was condemned on the Cross for all our sins and transgressions and iniquity already, but rather it is for commendation of our work of service we have done on earth for the Lord and not for salvation because it is a free gift of grace provided by our Heavenly Father to adopt us in to His family because of His love, everlasting kindness and compassion towards us who were lost in sin, self and ruled brutally under the tyranny of Satan from which we were redeemed and paid for to fulfill His perfect justice and at the same time justify us through our belief in Christ Jesus. Love God till death, keep your self in the state of death if you want to love God!" — Abraham Israel

"God loves us not because we are good, but rather because He is good and His mercies endures forever. God loves us unceasingly, infinitely beyond we can think or imagine with our finite mind, constantly as fresh as the day He started to plan us in His love He still does love us every new day without change. So it is not for us to evaluate this infinite love in finite terms according to the changing circumstances around us, but rather we have got the responsibility to trust and respond to this love in repentance from sin and every thing that ensnares our soul, so that we may be more and more pleasing to God day after day, and be established to grow in the love of God which surpasses all our finite understanding and thus be a blessing and a reflection of His love to all people who come to meet us or live around us in His sovereign will for His Glory in our generation!" — Abraham Israel

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