Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"While many books in the world inspires and expires, only the Bible transpires all humans to aspire for a life that never ends, and thus respire eternally in their soul that never dies." — Abraham Israel

"Living in satisfaction outside of our present circumstances on earth is like cultivating flowers of heaven all around us by being thankful to God for all things past and be thankful for everything we face in the present time. This attitude of gratitude which lifts us in to the altitude of heaven, and diffuses the very fragrance of heaven more and more in to our lives, and sustains the very atmosphere of heaven in to our lives will keep increasing till we come to understand that heaven is not far off somewhere but it is within our heart where God resides within us, which we will continue to experience even after we leave this physical body. Thus the contentment of supernatural satisfaction in this earth is not a one time experience, but rather it is a lifetime education to experience heaven on earth." — Abraham Israel

Jesus not only claimed divinity, but much more than that, He claimed to be the great I am who is the God who revealed himself as the God of Israel, the Creator of the ends of the earth. To say that, Jesus did not say I am God, is a lack of understanding the Bible in the proper context and misinterpreting the Bible out of context to fit one's own idea." — Abraham Israel

"When God shows a vision that we will fall or fail, he shows that to us in order to make us understand, that when we fall or fail we should not be shaken in our faith because all that happens, and that which have happened, has been under the clear supervision of God. And therefore it is in His will that we are facing the trial which is perfectly under His sovereign control through and through. Even though it might seem like injustice prevailing, being wrongly accused, sin overcoming us, evil overpowering truth, etc...for some time, ultimately God's plan is to make us overcome evil with the character of His goodness expressed through us which He will justify at the end of it all, to show to the world that God will always have the last laugh no matter what may or may not be. In other words, we could not have stopped the trial that has come to us in God's will, even if we have prayed 3 times to completion in order to stop it like Jesus Christ our Lord tried before going to the Cross, by praying in the Garden of Gethsemane which was the perfect will of God for him. We learn patience through suffering, if Jesus Christ our Master himself even though was sinless had no other way to learn patience and humility except through suffering on earth in the will of God, do we think that we can expect a treatment from God better than for Him? Trials are God's way of building us eternally, even though it means breaking us temporally so that our faith could be proved for eternity ahead! You endure trial looking forward to the joy of eternal victory that is coming before you, which was the same motivation that made Jesus carry the Cross for our sins and experience victory over Satan and his minions." — Abraham Israel

"Lust gives you a desire that is forbidden, and will want to make you want more and more, but will leave you unsatisfied like a grave that never says no. God always provides our need and will leave us immensely satisfied like a living stream, if we choose to thank Him and praise Him for who He is and what He has given us to live and carry on to fulfill His purpose for our lives. God provides because of His unconditional love towards us, the mystery of lawlessness which is sin feeds us with lust because of its hate towards us, as it sees us in close proximity to God. To whom we surrender, we will become their slave, either sin or God, and there is no in between. If we love God, we will reject sin and will hate lust." — Abraham Israel

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