Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"When humans are becoming more like wild animals in our lawless generation, it is heartening to see animals becoming more like humans to show love, respect and affection for one another unconditionally. Glory to God! God can use anything for His own Glory if humans are not willing." — Abraham Israel

"God relishes relatioship, while He rejects religion because it wants to tell God, what He should accept as right or wrong, wanting to make a genie out of human will of whims and fancies disrespectfully." — Abraham Israel

"With the true Creator God of all humans who is holy, un-created and self sufficient to be complete in Himself, we do not do favor to Him when we obey Him, but rather we are favoring ourselves when we obey Him. God is perfect and that is why He wants us to be perfect. God's goodness cannot be eternally enjoyed apart from His Character of holiness, that is why through salvation God transforms and let ourselves confirm back to the image of Himself through His only begotten Son Jesus the Christ. It is His-way or the High-way because He is worthy of all honor, glory and praise. All religions are not created by God except that which He has created to have relationship with Himself through His Word and Spirit. Religions are exactly the product of humans who are seeking to have a god of their own to fill the God shaped vacuum within them which only He can fill it eternally. So religions cannot appease the God who demands perfect holiness to be conformed to His image in our lives. That is why God appointed a bridge between Him and humans in Christ Jesus as the one and only Mediator, to make us all holy and keep us in His highway of holiness to make us walk in it and have a eternal relationship with Himself forever and ever. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"Watching and praying does not move God, but it moves us spiritually to align us in the will of God to overcome deception and receive the reward of faith for our obedience. Only those saved will escape all the things of tribulation about to happen, they are told to watch and pray that they might be rewarded through being able to stand before the Son of Man Jesus Christ to receive their glorious reward. The other reason people within the Church are told to watch and pray is to make them realize where they are spiritually standing whether alive or dead, so that they might be able to receive the oil of the Holy Spirit within to become saved and be wise virgins of the Church even when they are sleeping and be a part of the glorious rapture of the end time when Jesus comes to take the Church to His Father's House! Sleeping part reveals that God saves the Church apart from the works which are rewarded later, but the reality of escape is through having oil of the Holy Spirit within the lamp of our body which authenticates us as a saved part of the Church of Jesus Christ." — Abraham Israel

"Grace remains with us when we try not to pay back to God for whatever we have received, once we try it becomes a debt." — Abraham Israel

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