Saturday, July 14, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Either we rule over sin, or we are ruled by sin, and there are no in-between. Sin makes us prisoners and slaves to it, Gods' righteousness fills us with liberty of the children of God through our faith. Sin enthrones self, God's righteousness enthrones God alone. Sin thrills our flesh but kills our abundant life. Carrying our cross by denying the flesh through faith kills self and its lust, but satisfies us deeply with the rest and tranquility of heaven to make a difference for now and for eternity ahead. Let go of your self and let God in to help you rule over sin!" — Abraham Israel

"God is never too early, or too late, but just on time! No matter what hurdles you cross, your faith is the bridge that takes you to the appointed place of God, in the timing of God and in the perfect will of God. God waits for your timing more than you wait for His because there is so much joy for Him when He sees you prosper in all areas of your life. Trust in God's unfailing love and hold on to your faith, believe me, before your hope diminishes, you will prove your faith in the sight of God and all humans for the Glory of God. Sometimes we may not all do great things in a similar way of faith, but we can do small things with great love and hope for a great tomorrow which God blesses and rewards for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"There is no reason to hate anyone except hate itself. To prove the good, it has to be tested by evil. So overcome the evil character of hate from without with the good Character of God within you, as you are His Child. Evil cannot prevail and overcome as long as we the children of God choose to be the overcomers we are called to be. Never drink the poison of hate and expect the other to die!" — Abraham Israel

"There is a lot of risk in the leap of faith, but those who stake their lives at the promises of God and sacrifice themselves, they land down smoothly with the wings of faith that gets grown while they were stretched and thrown out of their comfort zone. Faith wins when fear dies, a new world open up when the old little world diminishes, a new man rises up when the old dies and are kept at bay, the new heaven appears when the old gets ruled over and burned forever, God rises up in His strength when we become weak in ourselves, and finally above all if we operate in faith, God gets pleased with us to make us succeed in His way and in His time for His Glory. Faith doesn't make things easy, but it makes it possible as the God who is in partnership with us steps in to fulfill our desires!" — Abraham Israel

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"While many books in the world inspires and expires, only the Bible transpires all humans to aspire for a life that never ends, and thus respire eternally in their soul that never dies." — Abraham Israel

"Living in satisfaction outside of our present circumstances on earth is like cultivating flowers of heaven all around us by being thankful to God for all things past and be thankful for everything we face in the present time. This attitude of gratitude which lifts us in to the altitude of heaven, and diffuses the very fragrance of heaven more and more in to our lives, and sustains the very atmosphere of heaven in to our lives will keep increasing till we come to understand that heaven is not far off somewhere but it is within our heart where God resides within us, which we will continue to experience even after we leave this physical body. Thus the contentment of supernatural satisfaction in this earth is not a one time experience, but rather it is a lifetime education to experience heaven on earth." — Abraham Israel

Jesus not only claimed divinity, but much more than that, He claimed to be the great I am who is the God who revealed himself as the God of Israel, the Creator of the ends of the earth. To say that, Jesus did not say I am God, is a lack of understanding the Bible in the proper context and misinterpreting the Bible out of context to fit one's own idea." — Abraham Israel

"When God shows a vision that we will fall or fail, he shows that to us in order to make us understand, that when we fall or fail we should not be shaken in our faith because all that happens, and that which have happened, has been under the clear supervision of God. And therefore it is in His will that we are facing the trial which is perfectly under His sovereign control through and through. Even though it might seem like injustice prevailing, being wrongly accused, sin overcoming us, evil overpowering truth, etc...for some time, ultimately God's plan is to make us overcome evil with the character of His goodness expressed through us which He will justify at the end of it all, to show to the world that God will always have the last laugh no matter what may or may not be. In other words, we could not have stopped the trial that has come to us in God's will, even if we have prayed 3 times to completion in order to stop it like Jesus Christ our Lord tried before going to the Cross, by praying in the Garden of Gethsemane which was the perfect will of God for him. We learn patience through suffering, if Jesus Christ our Master himself even though was sinless had no other way to learn patience and humility except through suffering on earth in the will of God, do we think that we can expect a treatment from God better than for Him? Trials are God's way of building us eternally, even though it means breaking us temporally so that our faith could be proved for eternity ahead! You endure trial looking forward to the joy of eternal victory that is coming before you, which was the same motivation that made Jesus carry the Cross for our sins and experience victory over Satan and his minions." — Abraham Israel

"Lust gives you a desire that is forbidden, and will want to make you want more and more, but will leave you unsatisfied like a grave that never says no. God always provides our need and will leave us immensely satisfied like a living stream, if we choose to thank Him and praise Him for who He is and what He has given us to live and carry on to fulfill His purpose for our lives. God provides because of His unconditional love towards us, the mystery of lawlessness which is sin feeds us with lust because of its hate towards us, as it sees us in close proximity to God. To whom we surrender, we will become their slave, either sin or God, and there is no in between. If we love God, we will reject sin and will hate lust." — Abraham Israel

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God loves us too much, and that why He chastises us and judges our sins now on earth, so that the after life will forever be a bliss without any judgment but only reward. What we sow is what we will reap applies to our sins that come out of our sin nature now, but still God can turn it all in to a eternal blessing and use it now for our own good if we choose to repent and be covered with the blood of Jesus which has already justified us as we are the children of God, who have been made as innocent by the blood of Jesus Christ and therefore He has declared us free from condemnation which we deserve rightfully if we were to stand alone without Jesus as our advocate. Jesus makes us stand between our sins and God, and the Father chooses not to see through us in to our sins because His wrath and anger against all of our sins has been atoned already on the Cross of Calvary by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He stands as our personal advocate in the courts of heaven for us now. What a loving God and Father we have in heaven, who is just and a justifier of all those of us who believe in Him through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! The Cross was God's idea to make us friends and children to Himself forever!" — Abraham Israel

"Birth is a charity, survival is a posterity, living is authority, born again is a necessity, abundant life is a quality, faith walkers a rarity, death is a surety, life is a clarity, eternal life is a necessity, so before we die if we learn to hold on to the hands of the God of all possibility, we can die but yet live with the hope of all future possibility and reunion of family, friends and people, who have likewise learned to hold on to His eternal hands of comfort, care and bliss that is waiting for us when we meet Him face to face." — Abraham Israel

"A moment with God is better than a lifetime without Him." — Abraham Israel

"To maintain a good conscience, we meditate the Word of God quickened by the Spirit of God that cuts the cancerous cells of sin and its evil habits out of us and applies the blood of Jesus over the wounds to kill those cells like using a radiation therapy, so that spiritual sin cells cannot spread within us to bring death and instead make way to live life abundantly through the very life of God that begins to take control of us. When we maintain our good conscience before the Lord by living in the integrity of our heart and in the innocence of our hands, God has the absolute power to keep us from sinning against Himself and make us stay away from great iniquity that brings shame to His name we represent as His family of which God is greatly zealous about. When we are concerned and zealous about keeping the sanctity of the great name of our Father in heaven whom we represent to the world, our God in heaven shows his favor to keep us away from sin that gives us the privilege to continually stay in His Presence, on earth as it is in heaven." — Abraham Israel

"Your salvation cannot be forfeited, because you did nothing to qualify yourself to get saved or be saved, it was Jesus who paid it all for your sins so that you could be saved. You believed and God saved you. Your were lost in the poverty of sin and its death spreading disease which separates us from God, but God showered his kindness and mercies by making you reach out to Jesus by already sacrificing his Son Jesus Christ two thousand years ago itself foreseeing all the suffering you will go through in your life, and thus it was God's idea that saved you. But you can forfeit the blessings that come through salvation because of your disobedience and unbelief that will have eternal consequence as well as temporal consequence. While salvation is a event that comes to us without our effort but only by what God has done through Jesus Christ for us, the blessings of experiencing the aftereffect of salvation is a process called as holiness which only comes to us by cooperating with the new desires that God gives through a new nature that comes with salvation. Without undergoing through the process of pruning and chastisement suffering, we cannot experience the activity of God that brings heaven to earth through our life on and on till we die and go on to be with God forever in heaven. Suffering against sin brings the fruit of holiness which in turn brings great reward for now and for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When we are stretched to our limits, that is when we grow beyond the limits for the Glory of God. Do not go with the flow, but against it for the spiritual muscles and reflex to grow and become a champion of faith!" — Abraham Israel

"God want to bless us more than we ask, more than we can ever imagine. God is more eager to prosper us, than we are eager to ask. But we need to align ourselves in the right truth and park ourselves there to be really blessed. Without faith it is impossible to please God. We cannot qualify ourselves to receive even the least of God's blessings through our behavior, because believe me even the best of the saints fail to attain the expected perfection which God expects. The good news to us all is, God now justifies the ungodly and blesses all those who are unworthy in themselves but have been made worthy by Christ Jesus who became their perfect substitute. Because these people were perfected by their faith in Jesus Christ and rejected the temptation to stand by the qualification of their own behavior, they became perfected through their action of faith which was Jesus Christ Himself working through them, God saw through them to find the perfect perfection of their Savior who qualified Himself beyond God's expectation as His beloved Son in whom He was well pleased and became a perfect substitute for them all. Believe to let go of yourself and let God, to become more blessed than all the people of the earth!" — Abraham Israel

"God never approves sin because it is against His holy nature. Because we have become God's children by partaking in His holy nature through accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, we now grow in grace and strength as we seek to avoid and overcome the power of sin through the new nature within us. We grow from grace to grace, faith to faith and glory to glory. Each step we take to hate and resist sin, the new man finds himself in a convenient position to overcome sin and make it powerless in our day to day lives. Even when we fall by sin, as a child of God we need to arise by the blood of Jesus that cleanses us from all sins, what grace do we get by falling and getting up? Never forget that the grace of humility comes not, except through our failures and learning the lesson to stay at the feet of Jesus Christ and lift up our cross where our will and God's will cross each other, and we choose to carry the cross by dying to our will to fulfill God's will. No believer will plan to sin, but when he falls, God lifts him up by his graceful hand and makes him stand because he is His child. Jesus his advocate justifies and empowers him. In other words, we do not grow spiritually by failing as there are no virtue in it, but rather even when we fail and fall in to sin, when we again learn to trust God's faithfulness and graces and come to the realization that without His grace we will fail and can do nothing eternally profitable, we fail forward! O what a God we serve, whose thoughts and plans to bless our lives are innumerable to count. God has the power to use both the good and the bad and turn it to become only good at the end of it all, if we continue to love God by living out his purpose for which He has called us. Hallelujah!" — Abraham Israel

"We can never please God with what we do for Him, but only please Him for how we have believed Him and have learned to trust His word for what it says. God works only for those who cannot help themselves, but believe His promises and become certain that He will work for them and hope for it even when they do not see. God is the greatest worker in the universe, because all exists and continue to run intact because of His mighty power of His hand. God's hands have not shortened, nor His power weakened, but check yourself often whether your faith is strong enough to let God work Himself for you to the expected end, if not, recharge yourself with faith from His Word to sustain yourself to make your path towards your destiny a sure victory. Make sure to let God work Himself for you until the end, which will make you to see with your eyes what was believed until then. Faith is to believe what we do not see, the reward of faith is to see what we have believed. Without faith none can please God, so have faith and see the reward!" — Abraham Israel

"When you are able to lose yourself and see Jesus working through you, Father God sees Jesus and blesses you immensely more than all people around you." — Abraham Israel

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"If you can only believe what you can see, then most of the things you do not see in the world but can only be felt by the heart needs to be explained away as nothing, such unbelief will cause you to become blind to spiritual realities of life as what exists came out of nothing in the beginning of time. So something cannot come out of nothing, unless nothing can come out of something. If God exists as somebody behind that something in the beginning, he has promised to bring nothing out of that something by His power in the end of time. When you will see the world destroyed by fire at the end by God, what you consider as something will become nothing but a gas which you cannot see. If we believe, faith sees the invisible something now. If not, unbelief sees nothing behind the invisible something now and will also no more see the invisible something then!" — Abraham Israel

"The beauty of life is seen and felt only by those who forget what others think of them, and instead learn to appreciate the Creators beauty in His intricate handiwork." — Abraham Israel

"Our inner turmoil in our spiritual life caused due to our old man will end only when we die and go on to be with the Lord, but do not trust in him now everyday you live or believe that he will become better because he is still a rebel who hates God and wants to only please himself. Instead feed on the new man who is made in the image of God, so loving and obedient to the voice of God. Both of them never go together, and will act contrary to each other. Keeping feeding the new man with the Word of God, Spirit of God, Prayer, Songs, Joy of doing Good Works, etc...soon you will see a powerful activity of the new man bringing the power and presence of the world to come in to this mundane present world to demonstrate and give a continual foretaste of our Heavenly Kingdom to which we belong for the Glory of God! Believe you will, and you will win." — Abraham Israel

"Stop being angry at yourself for your failures, because God's hidden purpose has been hidden in it all. It was God who allowed failures, so that when you fall perfectly down on the mat, you come to understand how frail and weak you are to carry on without God's help and come to lose your confidence in your self. But gain the confidence that God holds you even when you fall and fail and fail and fail. Thus it was God's idea to keep pride away so that you are protected to fulfill the good destiny of God which only He can fulfill when you humbly follow Him. Failure in itself becomes a stepping stone of success, for all those who realize that God is the one who designed it so that we could lean always on Him to stand by His power as beloved children of God!" — Abraham Israel

"Hell has one big Broadway entry ruled by the deceptive trinity called as self, sin and Satan, and majority of the people in the world walk in this way which has no exit forever and ever. Heaven has one Narrow way entry ruled by the true Trinity who rules it (i.e.) Father the Source and provider, Son the Salvation manager and the Spirit the sustainer executive, and few who choose to lose themselves by repenting, turning from sin and who take up the cross of Jesus Christ to desire to become like Him will never miss this blessed bliss and tranquility which also has no exit but one entry to remain there forever and ever. Those who end up in hell, end up there by their conscious choice of walking in whatever way they want and cared enough to please only themselves while on earth. Those who end up in heaven also end up there by knowingly choosing to believe in Jesus Christ and follow Him in spite of losing their will to be ruled by Him. Remember, God desires all of us to repent and be in heaven with Him and that is why He sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to be born on earth, live a sinless life and die for us to rise up at the end to justify us and takes us to heaven with a eternal guarantee of salvation. Be saved and live forever eternally!" — Abraham Israel

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