Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"God fights to take away the pain of those who take pain to fight unbelief and keep the Word of God with faith in their heart. God has honored His Word even above His great and awesome name, that shows how much God values His Word and how we should as His children must educate ourselves with His Word and prosper as a result of it in all areas of our life and living." — Abraham Israel

"The shortest way to take a heavenly vacation is to choose to be joyful and happy for the very reason that Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior has done it all for us to be prosperous, happy, victorious and joyful all the days of our life now. Choose and feed on God's life and living now, and deny yourself the negativity of this world, sin and death to spirit, soul and body. The richest man who enjoys life is not based on his riches, but rather on who He has who could help him stand with head held high in all situations of life. Jesus is the one who is with us as Emmanuel always, ready to help us in all our need as we ask him for His help through our sincere and heart felt prayers." — Abraham Israel

"Don't play with sin as though you are playing with little doggy in your house, sin is dangerous, it is worse than all the disease in the world combined together and even greater in intensity to do damage to your soul and contaminate the spirit within. Say no to sin and forsake it by pleading the blood of Jesus against it when it invades your life, then you will have life of heaven always within you abundantly to experience heaven on earth, and also supply it to others around you. Sin thrills but kills you in the end! Beware of befriending sin. Sin may dance to your music tune of emotions that you play soulishly, but it watches when you are down and out, then stings you with a vengeance as wage for using it for yourself. Kill sin before it kills your abundant life that Jesus has given to you. Our father in Heaven hates sin, because it kills our relationship with Him, so must we hate it with our whole heart all the days of our life to be pleasing to the Father God in heaven and be in His favor all the days of our life on earth." — Abraham Israel

"Church is a hospital for sinners and not a beauty parlor for saints who separate themselves and call themselves holy, and have a 'holier than thou attitude'. By God's will, through the Sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ, we have already been made holy in Him once and for all time by that one Sacrifice that Jesus did for us by sacrificing Himself for all our past, present and future sins. Further He has made us perfect forever positionally we who are being made holy day by day experientially through His work which He does within us, of which by faith we work on the outside. Because we have a perfect spirit man within us and are already holy within, we purify ourselves from all things and thoughts that contaminates our holy body and soul, perfecting holiness out of reverence, respect, passion and admiration for God's love mercy and grace which has been given as a gift for us to enjoy for eternity ahead in Christ Jesus. May we be holy as our God Almighty our Father in heaven is holy! Holiness is not an option for the children of God who are Christians, but a calling for us to fulfill our purpose for which Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior has called us to live in this world, and glorify Him representing the Kingdom of God which is the Kingdom that rules over the entire universe from heaven. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"It is either rapture before Tribulation or rupture during Tribulation based on how we have behaved with what we have believed, there are no intermediate in these end of the end times. Watching and praying are not works that we do, but rather it is the fruit of faith that is going to come to fruition during rapture for all those who seek the heavenly home of New Jerusalem and the resultant life of deep intimacy and friendship with God." — Abraham Israel

"When Jesus is our Shepherd, no matter how many challenges we face in life by going through dry phases, He changes the direction and leads us through green pastures which makes us overflow with all the blessings of God again and again where we become satisfied in the Love of God, and God gets all the glory for our breakthrough, prosperity, victory, restoration, joy, etc...which He rightly deserves. Just focus on Jesus and His direction, all things that bothers us will diminish and the peace that passes all understanding will get magnified enough within us to guard our mind with Kingdom thinking of faith to make us overcome the world that misleads us in unbelief. None of God's children can ever be lost because Jesus the great shepherd loses none of God's children whom the Father God has brought to Him to take care for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

"Nurture the seed of faith patiently, until you see the miracle working hand of God move on your behalf which is the reward of your faith. God does not work because you pray, but rather your prayer sustains your faith for God to work your miracle, as God is not pleased with anything but only your faith. Your faith is your victory!" — Abraham Israel

"Spiritual beings do not come out of human doings, but rather they come out in to the world as spiritual beings because of their attachment to Christ who is their life. The branch is in the vine, and not vice-versa. So the fruit of works we do are the natural outflow of remaining in Christ in whom we are placed by God through our faith. The effect of the law of life in Christ is rest and refreshment in faith which overcomes the self-effort of the law of sin and death in us that has come through Adam our forefather, and makes it powerless as we keep our focus on Christ alone for our sustenance and spiritual growth! In other words, we would naturally choose works to please God without Christ our new life, but God chose us in Christ Jesus to choose faith to please God through the life of Jesus working in us, with us and upon us! So are we going to let Christ work in us, or will we choose to work as Christ remains a mute spectator?" — Abraham Israel

"No gods or lords or so called deity in all the world or in heaven ever died for you to become saved and have eternal friendship and fellowship with God, except the one and only one God-man Jesus the Christ who loved you and died for you to forgive your sins, and bring you without sin before God through His very own sinless blood which only has the power in all the universe to cleanse sins and give eternal life. Jesus has already given His very sinless life for you, now as a sign of thankfulness and gratitude, will you live for Him and His Glory by living a holy life which overcomes sin and helps people around recognize the power of Jesus' blood and His love for them? There is only one life, soon it will pass away, before that happens, choose everyday to live for Jesus, love the Lord Jesus and let your light shine forth the life of Jesus to the whole world living around you as long as you live. The reward is out of this world treasures for eternity that will stay with you in eternal bliss and honor for living such a holy life now on earth in this little time left for us!" — Abraham Israel

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"When you walk with God, learn to be humble and you will never stumble." — Abraham Israel

"Hate is like a skin problem that keeps spreading as long as someone chooses to scratch it, it causes so much irritation to our spirit, soul and body that if we do not apply the balm of love as soon as possible to eradicate it, soon our whole system of life will be affected by its ill effect and may become as a cancer, to make our life short and downgraded to meager existence and ultimately leading us to untimely death. Love heals hate or hate kills love! Choose life and not death, because God is Love!" — Abraham Israel

"The greatest blessing a human can receive from God is to become a blessing to others around them, because all other blessings from Him dries up except this in which heaven directly takes responsibility to sustain a vessel of blessing supernaturally!" — Abraham Israel

"What others think about us is none of our business, as long as we know what we think is is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable, those things that are excellent and worthy of praise from God, and that which we know will always be pleasing to God. When God thinks great about us, men will have to accept the Almighty's verdict about us or will get knocked off our pathway of Glory as heavenly hosts becomes our vanguard. Glory to God!" — Abraham Israel

"True faith is not blind as some people mistakenly say, but rather it is like wearing a night vision goggles that sees through the darkness of the night of the world that says impossible, and keep moving towards the end line of the race of faith, where everyone who crosses the finish line receives a reward from God for their faith. Only faith pleases God, so learn to walk by faith and not by sight!" — Abraham Israel

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Apostolic Interpretation

Å℘◎ṧт◎ℓḯḉ Їη☂℮ґρґℯ⊥α☂☤☺η :

"A good man who walks in God's love obtains favor from the Lord, but the man who receives it and become crafty becomes condemned by the Lord!" (Prov 12:2, Abi's Translation).

The great man of God C.S. Lewis said, "To Love is to be vulnerable." What a great statement of truth from the great man of God. When we want to have favor with God, there is no other way available than to walk the dangerous path of loving others with the unconditional Love of God and put ourselves in a place of vulnerability. God wants us to walk guileless as a dove, when we do it, by forgiving the fault of others who err against us daily (Matt 6:12), then God takes us to a higher place where the people around us may see a opportunity to exploit the vulnerability of the unconditional love that which we are operating in Christ Jesus. This is the nature of the snake in the negative sense, it sees a vulnerability in the fellow creatures and prey on it.

The greatest temptation we face during these times will be to use our rights to defend ourselves when we are oppressed by evil through people who do a bidding for Satan by them walking in their own fleshly ways thinking that they are wiser than the children of God who are harmless and walking under the sovereign hand of God. But the test from God, is for the promotion of the righteous and for the condemnation of those who do the bidding for Satan and his demons. When people act in malice against us and in deceit, we should never react. Instead we should remember, that vengeance belongs to God and that we should give our will and spirit in to the hands of God, and act the truth in reality that we are dead in Christ Jesus, as we know dead bodies have no reaction, whatever may be the evil that comes against it (Rom 12:19; 6:4-6).

As time moves on, we might seem to be the loser that the people who deceived us projected to be. But little do we know and realize, that a mighty favor from heaven suddenly comes over our lives after we choose to overcome evil with the good character of staying silent and harmless in spite of being deceived (Rom 12:21). O Praise the Lord! The Lord always repays evil done against his dear children back in the right time, so when humiliation, sorrow and sadness descends on those who had craftily deceived us, we should continue to walk in the character of our Lord Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father by feeding our enemy through his hunger, by giving drink through his thirst, in so doing we heap coals of Holy Ghost fire on his or her head and give them a opportunity of a lifetime to humble themselves before the Lord and repent of their evil deeds (Rom 12:20). The positive attribute of serpent is that its wisdom of knowing what the opponent will do before even the enemy thinks, that kind of wisdom the Lord will give to his children when they walk in unconditional love. Such kind of foreknowledge of the plans of the crafty when exposed by the Lord before hand, it is to calm us down and create faith in us that the Lord is going to use the good character in us to overcome the evil character with which our enemy is operating, when the reality happens, that is when we come to know that the evil that happens to us is under the sovereign hand of God as a test for promotion and not demotion as we act out the character of the Lord and not react with our flesh. For those who act as our enemies, without knowing suddenly the Lord demotes them from his favor because they hated us for no reason except to exploit our vulnerability that they had seen in us because of our obedience to our God and Lord Jesus Christ (Matt 10:16).

"There is a silver lining that is there to notice in every dark cloud, and showers of blessing rain through every storm we face in life. So be positive and walk harmless as dove and wise as serpant at the same time, to obtain favor from the Lord that stays with you for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

Much Blessings...

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"There is no better place for us to be broken, than to be humbled and be humble at the feet of Jesus." — Abraham Israel

"Silence is God's way of telling us to stay calm, and wait in faith until He finishes the work that which He is presently doing for our good and prosperous end." — Abraham Israel

"God's test of faith has a definite end that rewards us when we are faithful, He has a reason for our every struggle that will amaze us for eternity ahead as it will fill us with God Himself as our strength, and He has a purpose for every pain which shall make us gain His likeness to be more and more like Jesus until the very end of our lives. The only thing we need to remember and execute to the end is to never give up our faith, until faith rewards us for now and for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"Of course Heaven is a place where we all are going soon and very soon when our earthly pilgrimage will get over, but now it comes to us whenever and where ever God chooses to reveal Himself in us, with us, upon us and around us through an atmosphere where we feel we are wrapped around by the Holy Presence of the Almighty suddenly, those are the times we feel like heaven has come to us now rather than us going to heaven then." — Abraham Israel

"When you hold the Word of God close and tight within your heart, the Word of God is able to supernaturally hold you above the power of sin, sickness and death of fellowship with God." — Abraham Israel

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