Monday, February 19, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"There is no better place for us to be broken, than to be humbled and be humble at the feet of Jesus." — Abraham Israel

"Silence is God's way of telling us to stay calm, and wait in faith until He finishes the work that which He is presently doing for our good and prosperous end." — Abraham Israel

"God's test of faith has a definite end that rewards us when we are faithful, He has a reason for our every struggle that will amaze us for eternity ahead as it will fill us with God Himself as our strength, and He has a purpose for every pain which shall make us gain His likeness to be more and more like Jesus until the very end of our lives. The only thing we need to remember and execute to the end is to never give up our faith, until faith rewards us for now and for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"Of course Heaven is a place where we all are going soon and very soon when our earthly pilgrimage will get over, but now it comes to us whenever and where ever God chooses to reveal Himself in us, with us, upon us and around us through an atmosphere where we feel we are wrapped around by the Holy Presence of the Almighty suddenly, those are the times we feel like heaven has come to us now rather than us going to heaven then." — Abraham Israel

"When you hold the Word of God close and tight within your heart, the Word of God is able to supernaturally hold you above the power of sin, sickness and death of fellowship with God." — Abraham Israel

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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"Being filled with Jesus does mean we are filled to the full with the Holy Spirit, who is the "another comforter" sent from God by Jesus to teach, guide, admonish, comfort and be just like Jesus as a replacement with his physical presence to us all. A person can be a quarter full, half full, three quarters full and yet may not be filled to the fullness of the image and capacity of our Lord Jesus Christ. Every child of God has the privilege to avail to the full benefit of salvation, which is to be filled with the fullness of the Spirit which is a gift given to every child of God. It is good to be filled gloriously for the first time with the fullness of the Spirit with the external evidence of speaking in tongues, but the instructions of the apostles through their life experiences and teaching clearly emphasizes us to be being filled with the Holy Spirit of God daily moment by moment, all the time through close and intimate fellowship with God through prayer and the Word of God. Remember saints, empty vessels make the most noise. If we just talk and talk, without the walk of the talk, it means that we need to be filled again to the full in the mighty name of Jesus. In other words, be always filled with the Holy Spirit and thus be filled with Jesus Christ in your body, so that literally He becomes the president and not just the resident of your life. God is most glorified, when you walk the talk through the fullness of the Spirit. We need a perpetual filling of the Holy Spirit and have the responsibility to keep ourselves filled to the brim and overflowing, because we saints have a sinful human as a part of us through sin nature which makes us leak the precious filling of the Spirit. So be filled and be being filled with the Holy Spirit, in short, be drunk with the heavenly influence of the Holy Spirit all the time which do not dissipate easily!" — Abraham Israel

"If we resist sin consistently, God will want to bless our endeavor and give us victories after victories. If we start to love sin consistently, God will have to then punish us to make us learn the lesson that it is his will for us to get sanctified, and that we should always strive for it in our lives." — Abraham Israel

"Constantly worrying is like saying to God, 'God I know all your promises but I do not believe it all to be true!' The moment we start to believe God who says, "Don’t worry about anything, but pray about everything. With thankful hearts offer up your prayers and requests to God. Then, because you belong to Christ Jesus, God will bless you with peace that no one can completely understand. And this peace will control the way you think and feel [with faith to overcome your negative situations]." (Php 4:6-7, CEV), then we will choose to stop worrying and start to live as a warrior through our prayer of faith and thus be worthy of all the rewards God has in store for us and our family. Worrying is like a infectious itch, when appeased will cause more infection of unbelief in our spiritual life, so use the itch guard of faith to totally prevent it and live with a healthy glowing skin of faith and spiritual beauty! Faith is a positive thought in the midst of all negative situations, so are all positive thinkers who wants to please God always in all situations through faith that can only please God! Never under estimate the power of believing, because it really means a victorious life of glorifying God or a defeated life of uselessness. When you worry, it is a indication that you need to run to your personal prayer closet to unload it all in to the hands of God, and thus stop worrying to glorify God through your faith life instead." — Abraham Israel

The greatest state of mind in a human is to live in the expectancy of wanting nothing more, but only the Presence of God now and forevermore. Amen!" — Abraham Israel

"God knows the end from the beginning, so keep you eyes on Him always to reach forth in to the unknown by faith and make it in to a known and prosperous end. Because our future may be unknown reality to us through faith, but to God it is a well known reality of existence." — Abraham Israel

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Manna for the Day

ℳαηηα ḟøґ тℌℯ Ðα¥ :

"For the KINGDOM of God is not just a lot of talk ; it is living by God's POWER." (1 Cor 4:20).

It is one thing to talk and have no power, but it is totally another thing of wonder to walk and talk in the power of heaven on earth.

The Kingdom of God is within you, so learn to plug in to the higher source of power, to make impossible things to become possible through your life.

Never waste your time on earth, soon it will all pass, but what you have done for Christ will only stand at the end and all other things will be burnt.

May the Holy Spirit of God make us all burn aflame and help us set ourselves ablaze through burning the impurities of sin out of our lives for the Glory of the Kingdom of God, and thus exhibit the power of heaven to the world around that is in need.

Sin makes us sullen, sanctification makes us spiritual giants by the power of God that works within us.

Much Blessings....

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Apostolic Interpretation

Å℘◎ṧт◎ℓḯḉ Їη☂℮ґρґℯ⊥α☂☤☺η :


"The rich and the poor have this in common, the one Creator God who created them is the One who rules over them all." (Prov 22:2, Abi's Translation).

Many of us do not realize that the same Creator God who created the rich and the thriving have also created the poor and the crying for His Glory. Is there not inequality in this world? For a fastest growing large economy like India, the 75% wealth of the entire country is held in the hands of the one percentage super rich, and the other 25% of the wealth is shared by the seventy five percentage of the whole country which includes the so called middle class, laborers, poor and the dying. Why is there so much of injustice in this world? Why does a just God should allow this to happen?, etc... may be the million dollar question that many would like to ask.

But let us see the truth and face the hard facts. When God says that He is the One God who created both the rich and the poor, it does mean God is taking responsibility for first of all allowing the difference and inequality between them. But God did not directly do this, He created all humans in the image of God without any inequality among them through the first parents of the whole world, Adam and Eve (Gen 1:26-27). Then when Adam fell in to sin disobeying the command of God, all humans fell in to the base nature of sin irretrievably(Rom 5:12). But thank God, because of His mercy, grace and benevolence, those who sought Him were given a opportunity to live richly with God's friendship now and hereafter through Jesus Christ the Son of God. So God proved against all odds that though He has allowed inequality in the world for a better cause of making people seek for a eternal solution in their life, still the 'eternal life' package of friendship favored the majority of the poor rather than the rich (James 2:5). This is the reason Jesus said, "It is very very hard for rich man to enter heaven, because his heart trusts in his wealth instead of the God who gives it for the benefit of all. 26 Yes it is impossible for the rich man to save his soul with whatever wealth he has, yet it is possible with God to save him." (Matt 19:24, 26). Praise the Lord!

In other words, the perfect God of justice is still rooting for equality in this world so that wealth of this world can be shared by all in love, unity and joy. The problem the Lord God is dealing with humans now is not the fruit of sin, but the root of sin which is their unsaved nature that influences them to act selfish, consume the abundance or even waste it without sharing, amass wealth instead of utilizing for the benefits of fellow humans. But God saves man from sin through his belief in Jesus Christ, and is giving them a new nature to make them live as a new creature in this earth. O praise the Lord! So now we as followers of Jesus should learn to share what we have with others, and create equality among all races, color, status, etc...So Christians don't blame God still for the inequality, you make the difference as salt and light in the lives of people. In other words, God favors the helpless poor, but gives a liberal opportunity of blessedness to give freely and thus learn to trust God. Thus God has equaled the inequality of the richness of some in the world, with the spiritual favor that is easily attainable for the poor and the crying just by the realization of receiving the good news of the gospel which is the special spiritual package for the eternal benefit of the poor which is named as 'eternal life (Matt 11:5; 5:3).' In other words, while rich men will find harder to receive the spiritual blessings, the poor are favored with nothing but God Himself as their defender and gift for eternity ahead (Matt 1:23). Just as our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ revealed, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." (Acts 20:35). When the rich become richer they receive the reward for their lives, when the poor becomes poorer they call on the Creator God who does justice to them (Rom 10:13), without fail they get saved and receive the gift of the eternal insurance of eternal life (Rom 6:23). So when the rich approach death their suffering starts from the grave (Luke 16:25), but when the poor and the crying approach death with faith their comfort and prosperity starts from there on. Truly our Creator is a JUST GOD!

Much Blessings....

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"We just only need to believe once to be saved from sin and be justified as righteous in Christ Jesus before God, but we need to fight against sin to believe again and again the truth of God's word to be the sanctified saints as we are called to be, and thus reveal the glory of God to the world around us." — Abraham Israel

"No one can ruin your life, except when you hate someone without forgiveness." — Abraham Israel

"Of course one part of the eternal life is living forever, but the most important aspect of this free gift of God is the privilege of living in relationship with the only true God, and knowing Him intimately through Jesus Christ whom He sent." — Abraham Israel

"It doesn't matter how much emotional and happy go lucky people become, but it really matters how much convicted people are and they repent of their sins to look to God for the joy of salvation of God, peace of Jesus and righteousness in the Holy Spirit that matters the most in our generation. Salvation is no emotional experience though emotion might follow, but it is a believing transformational experience that changes life and makes a person hungry for more of God." — Abraham Israel

"When you know that you are unworthy of the least of all the blessings that God has given you, you have hit the truth rightly, and are ready to receive more authority and power from the Lord to be a blessing to many more!" — Abraham Israel

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