Sunday, March 15, 2020

Apostolic Quotes

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"When we confess, 'Jesus is Lord', It not only means Jesus is the Lord over our life and living, but it also means 'JESUS IS LORD' even over the habit of masturbation, pornography, over the danger of viruses and infectious diseases, over the evil habit of lying and jealousy and the like...etc...and over every area of our lives to give us a overcoming life of well being of abundant life of heaven on earth. To believe Jesus as Lord means to believe Him to take control of every area of our lives through believing the promises of God given in the Bible and expect to see a life of blessing instead of the curses that has come upon the whole mankind including us for sin and self through Satan. Sin and death which comes through it shall not have dominion over us forever when we are saved and have become God's dearly beloved child to love God and hate sin through our lives and living To know and be conscious that God through His promises in His Word and the guidance to us personally through His Spirit is with us should be the very reason for us to stay strong and be courageous, and thus not get frightened and dismayed in the midst of all dangers that assails us all around!" — Abraham Israel

"Corona virus is just a sign post, but the destination where it takes is the truth that, 'Jesus is coming very soon.' So make sure to watch the sign post and move on in the right direction to reach the right destination. It is time to wake up to move on and not get lost in the crowd." — Abraham Israel

"Until the nations come to desire nothing but the righteousness of God, the relief from wrath of the Almighty for all their sins will not come. Jesus the Christ will be in control at the right hand of God and will continue to shake the earth until it begins to align with God in His will. There is no hope for the world in anything except Jesus, and nations will begin to realize it before the soon coming day of Jesus Christ with his saints to the earth, to rule and reign for a thousand years time. Then the desire of all nations will come to the earth as the one and only Messiah of the whole world! If we begin to realize that our hearts are not satisfied with the present world at all, then it is time for us to realize that we are made for another world and that we should prepare seriously for it now to make a difference then. O Lord Come, Maranatha!" — Abraham Israel

"It is not just enough to pray, you got to believe the Word of God which is in the Bible and then pray according to it, so that you will have what you have prayed for. In other words, God hears only prayers that are in line according to His will revealed in the Bible, therefore it is more important to pray through the Word of God rather than apart from it to have answered prayers." — Abraham Israel

"When we are so conscious of God, we will do the right things to please Him even when there are a thousand ways to do the wrong things to please ourselves and others." — Abraham Israel

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