Monday, January 20, 2020

Apostolic Quotes

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"Bible is not just one of the bestsellers among many in each generation, but is the one and only bestseller for each generation to know God and be known by Him. Bible is not just a book, but The Book. Jesus Christ the Son of God was the first person who was the Word of God in the flesh, recognized every word written in it as the inspiration that reveals himself to the world in need of God. God and his Word are one. If someone hates the Scripture, and says that he loves God, in fact, that is a lie because the Scripture actually teaches us how to love God and humans in the way God wants us to love. The test of a man's love for God can be seen in his hearts love for the Scripture and for fellow humans around him. Scripture is not just something to be taken lightly, especially in the distractions and stressful dangers that this present generation is going through in the cataclysmic shift in the nature, degraded and perverse character of humans, violence in the animals, man's unsatisfied lust for more in spite of everything in abundance, etc....the only solution for everything is to turn to the Scriptures and look for God's instruction and comfort for us to carry on and be victorious overcomers over all things to inherit eternal life through knowing the Father God and the Son to be in fellowship with them." — Abraham Israel

"Bible is not just a bestseller to read, but it is the best buy for this life because it gives us the instruction to personally inherit the life to come which starts now in fellowship and intimacy with God and His purposes. If this greater life of God starts within us through faith in Christ Jesus revealed in the Scripture now in this temporal lesser and limited lifetime of us on earth, the greater will consume the lesser to give us a understanding that we cannot die but just live our life in a greater dimension not even imaginable now with our finite mind, forever and ever with God who has loved us to death. What a privilege for every child of God in Christ Jesus to experience this bliss!" — Abraham Israel

"Jesus the Christ was rejected by God for a moment of time so that we humans who believe Him could become accepted by God for a lifetime of moments with Him." — Abraham Israel

"Bible is God's written manual that gives the right direction to inherit the heavenly citizenship of His Kingdom where He remains the undisputed King of the Universe. The seed of God remains not in any other book of the whole world except the Bible, which when sown in our heart has the ability to bring heaven's jurisdiction in to it." — Abraham Israel

"All our achievements in our Christian life is time-bound and worthless, unless it is powered by the grace of God which transfers our time bound wealth to become timeless one for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

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