Monday, January 28, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"The Kingdom of God is not just attending a church service, or just having fellowship with other saints, or it is not just eating and drinking, or just knowing all the doctrines of the Bible, or just keeping the traditions of our forefathers of faith who passed it on to us, is more than all of it put together. It is letting the rule of God from heaven to rule and reign in to every little area of our lives and living on earth, where righteousness, peace and joy gets saturated in the atmosphere of our heart, soul and mind within us for the Glory of God. As the law abiding citizen of the Kingdom of God, we live by the Love of God through the strength of God's power of His Grace. Don't go searching for the Kingdom of God in the political world to influence it or expect it to be conformed to what you believe to become disappointed soon, instead understand that the Kingdom of God is within you that cannot be destroyed, and therefore live by its power within and let the world know that our Kingdom is unshakable and therefore we will reign forever and ever with God as we choose to live as its ambassador now to be rewarded later for all eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"The greatest gift given by God to all humankind next only to His Son who is the creative Word of God is the written Word of God. So cherish the written word of God in your heart as long as you live, and you will never ever perish because of your faith in the creative Word of God who always speaks His blessings over your life when your heart reaches out to Him and Him alone!" — Abraham Israel

"Every human on earth has the light of his own conscience, light of the nature, light of the Word of God, light of the Gospel, light of the life of Christians as a testimony to the light of God, light of God to all humans through the visions, dreams and supernatural happening in the world around us, light of the evidence of the impending natural disasters and God's judgment on sinning people in all the world, light of God in the heavenlies through the known and unknown galaxies that reveals our limited knowledge and God's infinite knowledge of the unknowable, and above all God Himself who has revealed his Son Jesus Christ as the eternal light to this dark world....These are the many many lights of God that are available from God as the direction-sign post to point to the one light of the world who has come to save us all from our sins through Jesus Christ. We will only have these lights available as long as we live on this planet earth physically, so while we have the light of God through various ways, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to choose to receive the light by receiving Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior in our heart to become the children of God for eternity ahead. So believe and receive the light now in Christ Jesus and continue in it to experience eternal life with God forever and ever. Knocking on closed doors of heaven is useless after death, if we cannot realize now that those same doors are meant to be opened only for those who took the citizenship of heaven already by accepting the Lord Christ Jesus as their Savior when they were alive on earth then. In this case, it is true that every opportunity to get saved that becomes lost now while alive is an opportunity lost for all eternity then after our death. Any opportunity to get saved gained now is an opportunity gained for all eternity to receive all of its benefits. Amen!" — Abraham Israel

"Tithe and offerings we do not give to God in order to get something more physically, financially, socially and soulishly so that we can gain something out of it now, but rather we choose to give our tithe and offerings to God to acknowledge to God that we have gained in Him already spiritually what we cannot lose even for eternity, that is, a eternal friendship with Him to be His beloved children forever and ever. God cannot give anything more valuable than His only Son Jesus Christ, whether we are able to understand it now mentally with our limited processing capability or not does not matter. And so out of gratefulness to God, we give out physically, financially, socially and soulishly to build His Kingdom on earth for what He has already given to us spiritually even for eternity! In other words our tithes and offerings are meant to be the following words from our heart to express to God that we will serve Him even if we do not receive any more physical blessing or any other from God while we are alive now, because we understand that our pay day for what we lose for Him now through what we have gained spiritually for eternity, is coming very soon to bless us again in all areas of our life after we die and go on to be with the Lord forever and ever and even for eternity! A man and woman of God cannot lose something physical now for which he is again going to gain again in multiplied percentages in all areas of his life for eternity!" — Abraham Israel

"Children are the closest thing that resemble heaven, because in them we learn to mature in our Character to avoid repeating the same mistakes we have done by accepting chastisement from God for our own good, and with boldness we approach our Heavenly Father to receive his forgiveness and grace through developing a child-like trust to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven and become its heir because of being born in to God's family. We cannot recognize the voice of Jesus within us to lead us in to perfect harmony with heaven in our life and living, unless we become like a little child to trust our Heavenly Father's good plans and purposes to prosper us in every areas of our life now and forevermore. Never abuse children or abort them for heaven's sake, instead adopt them and give them the life they long to reveal by teaching them and disciplining them in the way of the Lord to become a disciple of Jesus, and they will bring great blessing to you and to the whole world for the Glory of God. You never know what kind of trees of eternal blessings they will become to the needy world around us, only heaven knows their infinite value. Every unborn and born babies are closely watched by heaven to be preserved, and every abortions and abuse against children will have to be given account before the Lord soon. Without the sweet smiles, soft touch and heavenly cry of a baby born anew, the world is becoming more like hell than heaven especially in our perverse generation that treats children as play toy rather than a gift of heaven! Be not childish, but become childlike in your faith for the Glory of God and continue to pursue the perfection of God in Christ Jesus till you die because you cannot grasp a ocean of knowledge and wisdom in a day which takes eternity to spiritually digest fully." — Abraham Israel

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