Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

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"We all fall, fail and falter many times in many ways consistently, but those who are successful in life are those who pick themselves up, confess to God for their mistakes and keep carrying on by faith in the good plans that God has for them in their future. When we choose to forget our past and learn something good out of our failings, we are on the path way to excellence and greatness in God who is leading us in His way to fulfill His plans and purposes for our lives. Failure is never final, success is never ending for those who pick themselves up in Jesus name and carry on to fulfill their lives destiny. If you have failed, take heart and carry on. You will succeed, because God is waiting to see whether you will trust Him and move ahead with His strength. All those who feel that they are weak in themselves but have faith in God's empowerment to make them succeed are those who are strong in the Lord, and will definitely succeed in life because of the supernatural strength of heaven working through them, with them and upon them because of God's favor over their lives. I pray that you will carry on to succeed in the vision that God has given to you in your life!" — Abraham Israel

"The spirit of the world makes all people who are in the world to think that the Gospel of Jesus Christ which saves people from sin and gives them eternal life is so foolish because it emphasizes to believe a historical person Jesus the Christ who died, who is believed to have risen and is believed as someone who could give life to them who are dead spiritually but yet physically alive. Yet out of the foolishness of the message, God has chosen to save the people of belief and bless them with the spiritual eye sight that the learned scholars in the world fail to have because of their pride to accept the simplicity of the message of the gospel of salvation. Those who are ashamed of the gospel to be declared now will make Jesus to be ashamed of declaring their name in heaven before the Father and angels of heaven, when they enter heaven to receive their reward for their life lived on earth for God. It is more honorable to be chained now for the gospel sake and let the word of God spread everywhere, than for us to be free of our responsibility and be chained by fear, sin and unbelief which will ruin our eternal prosperity and favor with God forever." — Abraham Israel

"It is easy to give up and anybody can do that because all you need to do is nothing, but when things go against what you believe, it takes faith to stand believing that still the vision that God has given to you long long ago will come to pass in His time. God has given all of us some unique visions, dreams, desires, talents, resources, opportunities, time, influence, serve Him and build His kingdom on earth as it is in the blue print of heaven. But His purpose for our lives cannot be fulfilled until we start to pursue it with all our heart. Some people who think that automatically all the things of God will be fulfilled in their lives, they never pursue God or the things of God and therefore fail in unbelief to fulfill His purpose because faith in reality is seeking after God of all possibilities. Still other people think that all they need to do to fulfill God's purpose for their lives is to keep working with all their strength without spending much time with God, these people even though have a sincere desire to do God's will, will fail to receive God's abundant grace and empowerment to fulfill God's plan for their lives in His time because without faith no matter how much work is done for God, it will never please Him. But those who believe God and keep working with the grace and empowerment that comes from above may look like they are going no where, but once the appointed time of God for their lives comes, all men will see in awe about the things that God will do for them and continue to do till the end of their lives. God waits and takes you to a dead end, so that when you believe that nothing is too hard for Him who is the Lord God of all flesh, then He makes a new way where there is no way, to prove that it is God and God alone who has done this miraculous thing in your life. TAKE HEART, ENCOURAGE YOURSELF AND NEVER GIVE UP BY STANDING IN FAITH. I promise you that soon one of these days, God's promise in your life will be more and more progressively fulfilled in your life for HIS GLORY!" — Abraham Israel

"When we fail a thousand times, God gives a thousand opportunity to realize that His mercy endures forever. Don't feel bad thinking that you have failed God. You can never fail God at any time except when you fail to realize His mercies towards you. God knew all your weaknesses beforehand and therefore has freely availed His mercy towards you, so that you who realize about it must live a thankful life of gratitude towards Him. An attitude of gratitude is the only thing that God expects to see in you. The more God sees your gratitude, the more altitude He will help you reach in your spiritual life. Let all those who fear God say, 'Amen! His MERCY endures forever...'." — Abraham Israel

"All the battle of faith that you are going to fight has already been fought once and for all time on the Cross of Calvary two thousand years ago itself and won by a clear unattainable margin by Jesus on behalf of you against Satan and all his minions, the result of this victory has been loudly proclaimed in all the heavens and the earth. Now all you need to do to experience that victory of yours is that you must rest in faith and let the Lord of hosts fight for you to defend what He has already achieved for you. Be filled with the peace of God that passes all your understanding by giving all your worries to God in prayer, you need not fight this battle because the Lord has promised to fight on your behalf every time your enemies come against you. But be careful that when you start to fight by your strength, the Lord will wait until you return to your rest again in Him. Be at rest by faith and see what kind of fighter your God is!!!" — Abraham Israel

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