Sunday, February 10, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"Dreams and visions are the seeds of heaven God plants in our heart to make us think big enough to achieve the impossible with humans to become possible in partnership with God. God never gives any dream or vision that matches our budget, but gives a dream and vision of His to fulfill His will and purpose for our lives and our generation, and then he matches his supplies of resources to reach the big dreams and vision that grows in our heart by faith. The power within the God dreams or visions we have within us have unlimited potential to achieve the impossible if we dare to care about it and believe God to fulfill it through our lives. Faith fills our purse to match us to the dream and visions which grow day by day within us to empower us supernaturally to bring the hosts of heaven to work behind the scene and to bring in to existence the blue print of God for our lives to come to pass! GLORY! Nurture the dreams and visions with the living water of the Holy Spirit, the fertilizer of faith which comes from our Heavenly Father and expose yourself to make the Son-shine of Jesus Christ regularly over you to be cleansed by the light of his blood to thus make you grow spiritually and see the visions and dreams of God supply you supernaturally to make you become the planting of the Lord in the house of God to bring great Glory to God. With in God's house you are never in lack or need any moment of time because of living always in the Presence of God which is able to supply all our needs always supernaturally! Dare to dream till you dare to live the dream you have dared to believe." — Abraham Israel

"God gives, gives and forgives, humans get, get and forgets. So it is true that to forgive is Divine and to forget is very much Human. Make sure you forget what you did for others and never forget what others did for you, so that you can forgive what others did to you and receive the reward from God for now and for eternity for what you did for others as God never forgets even the least you do in His name for Him from your heart towards others. God is the greatest giver in the whole Universe, and you cannot out give Him because He is addicted to give to those who are addicted to giving others what He gives!" — Abraham Israel

"We can only seek God and initiate change within us with our sincerity to receive the grace, mercy and love to believe and repent by trusting His promises, but repentance in itself is the gift of God unwrapped by God to pass it on to all those who seek for a change and transformation from God. There is never a day before death when repentance is beyond our grasp, because God’s love makes repentance always acceptable no matter where you find yourself in life to get saved from sin, but regarding repentance to inherit eternal blessings, we should seek for it by lifting up the cross that God has given to us through rejecting the temporal pleasures of sin, world and the lure of Satan by faith and embrace the will of God in the hope of inheriting the eternal pleasures forevermore. Jesus Christ works in us from our spirit only when we work out our repentance in our soul, as He says, 'Repent!, for the Kingdom of God is at hand to experience in your life and living!' The first repentance is God's benevolence to accept us in to His Kingdom as his child in our poverty and alienation from Him by sin, self and Satan, the second continued attitude of repentance is also a gift which he expects us reverently to receive day by day for our prosperity, as it is something that God wants us to inculcate and discipline ourselves to make ourselves know and understand to rejoice that we are still his child whom he chastises to make us inherit all the riches of His Kingdom as much as possible individually, as he has many children like us. Every chastisement of God takes us to new heights of our spiritual life bringing fruit of holiness to become partaker of his nature which determines the eternal glory we will be able to inherit from Him for eternity! If you want to become the planting of the Lord, in His eternal house of your body to bear fruit of righteousness and see the Lord work supernaturally now and forevermore in His awesome glory, repentance is not an option but a calling to fulfill His will and bring to fruition His plans and purposes for us. This shows that God loves us all the same, but rewards us differently according to our works after we have become His children, based on His character of justice and equality among all his children, with no partiality shows to anyone or more child of His as he is the just God who justifies the ungodly who believe Him! What a awesome and true God we have, Glory to God!" — Abraham Israel

"A world without God is a world that runs by the impulsive mind, that deceives humans until it becomes demon driven, rather than living a sound and healthy life by the heart that feels the heart beat of God to be guided by Him." — Abraham Israel

"The true valentine is not the one who gets, but the one who gives, selflessly even one's own life for his family and friends. The only one who fits in to giving this true self-less unconditional love, for the whole humanity is none other than Jesus Christ who died for the sins of the whole world which includes us personally, so that those who believe in Him like us might get saved from perishing because of sin, and instead receive eternal life of friendship and fellowship intimacy with God who have become our dear Heavenly Father for eternity ahead. Jesus is my true valentine, how about yours?" — Abraham Israel

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