Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"Hope is the voice of Jesus speaking within our heart, encouraging us not to give up our faith when it is questioned by the world that does not have it nor knows the value of the reward that it gives to those who carry it within them." — Abraham Israel

"God is the greatest gentleman in the entire universe because He never forces anybody against their own will to do His will, but rather He whispers and gently nudges when He wants them to understand and accept His will willingly. Never expect the spectacular from God, when already He is the one who is initiating everything in your life and expecting you to willingly co-operate with Him in hearing His voice and obeying it by denying yourself to do His will on earth as it is in heaven. You can never miss God when you seek Him with your spirit and truth in simplicity! " — Abraham Israel

"In our Christian life of faith, actually most of the times we sail through forward through our failures rather than our victories, because we learn God's lesson of humility through our failures and move on in to spiritual maturity. Never be disheartened in your spiritual lives because of failures, because that is the way God makes you fail forward!" — Abraham Israel

"It must have been an awesome experience two thousand years ago for the earth to hold on it the special baby who was born as a little helpless baby in a manger on it. While the earth was holding Him, yet it must have been overwhelming for it to realize that even at that time it was He who was born on it as a feeble baby was the One still actually holding it intact by the power of His Word. The only person who had the power to decide where He would like to be born on the earth was Jesus only and no other, yet He chose the lowly stable where even the poorest of the poor would not chose it for its unsanitary condition. In this the great God of all of us has showed us a marvelous example that if we become small in our own sight, we can choose to become great in the sight of God and all men." — Abraham Israel

"Every word that we speak out can become God's word to people through us if we have trained ourselves to think God's thought which always comes to us from our spirit-man within, and then test it in our soul through the Holy Spirit who compares spiritual thoughts from God with spiritual Word of God in the Bible to give us a filtered output of pure blessing through us which is a powerful quickened Word from heaven which will do wonders wherever it is received with faith by anybody. If we store the Word of God inside us, the Holy Spirit will use it to make us a blessing to many! Apart from the Word, we cannot be used effectively by God as He wants us to be used. Be not just a man of your Word, but also a man of the Word to be effective dispensing agent of pure blessings of heaven!" — Abraham Israel

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