Monday, June 10, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"Every sin is a sin in the sight of God, and likewise it should also be in our own sight that we should run to God in confession so that attitude of repentance might remain in us through a broken heart towards God when we do sin. Any sin cannot be too small that it can be overlooked to let us in to heaven outside of salvation, no sin can be too big that it deserves hell after we have confessed it to God within salvation. Sin problem has forever been dealt with a death blow through the redeeming and cleansing blood of Jesus Christ our Lord. Conviction of sin from God and confession of sin from our heart to God forms the basis of our relationship of repentance towards God and the enjoyment of the Kingdom of God down on earth in our lives day to day. Kingdom of God is not eating or drinking or flaunting any earthly wealth like the temporal earthly kingdoms in which we all live, but it is peace, joy and righteousness that comes in to our heart through the Holy Spirit to make us live abundantly with the heavenly wealth of the Kingdom of God. Remember, Jesus did not say, repent and book your tickets to heaven in advance, rather He said, 'Repent, for the [heavenly] Kingdom [lifestyle and enjoyment] of God is at hand now [on earth to experience like people dream only in their afterlife which will continue with us both now and forever eternally.]'" — Abraham Israel

"While we consider the physical building as the Church, God considers our body as the temple in which He dwells, and collectively the people within the Church as His extended body. We consider man made images as idols, God considers whatever takes hold of our heart affection except Him as idols. So we cannot remain in lust of money, sex, wealth and continue to say that we love God and are God's favorite. God has no favorites except those who repent, for whom God along with the whole of heaven rejoices. Union of mind with idols of the heart can be maintained only when we lose sensitivity to the Presence of God, so make sure you are sensitive enough to be always hungry for the Word of God and thirsty for the Spirit of God, so that we will not ward off the Presence of the living God due to becoming defiled by the unholy attitudes of our heart. What you think in your mind and constantly entertain within it is so important to God, that He has promised to continue to walk among us both privately and corporately based on how we keep our mind in a state of repentance towards life that he provides from heaven. If we let the life die the death of a rebel, we will become miserable by the lack of God's Presence which only can give satisfaction to all humans which includes us the children of God. You cannot take the hand of God with one hand and also maintain to keep your other hands in friendship with the devil. Because when you do that, automatically without your own knowledge, you have withdrawn your hand away from the Lord and therefore cannot expect him to be in favorable fellowship with you. Our God is holy and therefore he can maintain His loving fellowship with us only when we are holy. Our very identity as God's people is based on whether we have kept the Lord to become our God personally through our consecration and holy life of developing Christ-like thoughts to dwell in us always which leads to godly actions, and let Him walk among us. Glory! Believe you can, and you will become a believer!" — Abraham Israel

"There are two things that matters most in the mind of every human, one is I want to live, the other is I do not want to die. God understands our need for assurance regarding this and have spoken out through His only begotten Son Jesus the Christ saying, 'I am the resurrection and the life; the one believing in Me, even if he should die, he will live.' In other words, if we continue to believe Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, there comes a time in our lives when we see reality of death ahead on one side as our bodies get old and feeble and our family members die unexpectedly, and on the other side the hope of ever continuing life abounds within our heart because our faith, hope and love which has grown so much more than ever before in our lives, that we realize it is better to be with Christ in a land of ever abounding joy and happiness, when we unexpectedly face the earthly sorrows which comes to all humans like us alike. So God wants us to concentrate on the life aspect of the time to come, and not the death aspect of this present time because all die not to himself but to God who has created each one for His own purpose. We die more and more everyday to fulfill the purpose of God as much as we live each day to fulfill it, therefore God infuses a new life within us which permeates us to remove the oxymoron brought in to us by our natural thoughts through an every joyful assurance against it through establishing a peace that passes all our natural understanding which makes us enjoy death as much as life, as we continue to experience God's resurrection life which works in us more and more as we grow day by day in the image of His own life and character which moves us closer to God and His life eternal that we lose the thought of the fear of death completely as life begins to consume us. If ever we want to rejoice about the life to come and the assurance of it, it is now as we can glorify God through life lived as well as death experienced only in this side of eternity on earth, and cannot on the other side of eternity over there in heaven because death does not exist in heaven as the source of life sits there in Glory. Rejoice now and continue to rejoice forever!" — Abraham Israel

"Light and darkness are alike to God because it cannot limit God or change His holiness and character, but to us humans, light reveals while darkness conceals. God dwells in unapproachable light which no man has seen, nor can see and continue to live in our human body because of our human limitations. So God chose to veil Himself with a dark cloud of mystery, so that we who thirst for eternity could at least grope within the darkness of this present world to find the source of light who is God Himself through whom we can come to see the world as it is present now in its depravity. So having become the sons of light of the world to come in Christ Jesus, now we can experience God as much as we can handle it for eternity ahead which have started within our heart when we were born again from above by the Word of God and His Spirit! Thus in Jesus Christ we have become the light of God and therefore reveal God to the darkened world around us, there are those who flee from us because they cannot handle our light and there are those who see the light we have and want to receive it to become like us to see God in entirety and eternally. Accept the sinners who know what it means to grope in darkness, and show them the light of life so that they could receive it and become one, but do not bother the religious because they think that the darkness within them is light. Instead, shine forth the light of Jesus as long as you are alive by living in the Spirit and do not put this light under the basket of soulish life to hide from others the revelation of God as it will be of no use to anybody. Shine the light of Jesus to the thirsting humanity in darkness, until you see that same light spread in all the world for the Glory of God!" — Abraham Israel

"Choose to love the one who loves you, and you will love to live for the one whom you have chosen to love. God loves you personally that He sent His only begotten Son to die for you and save you from sin and hell fire, so choose now whom you want to love and live for? As for me and my household we will serve the Lord! So whom you love, you will live for Him. If we love to live for Jesus, we will love to live just like he did when He was on earth as an example for all of us! Know more about Jesus and learn to live like Him more and more each day." — Abraham Israel

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