Sunday, March 3, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"God knows your end even before the beginning of your life because He is the one who has planned it beforehand for His glory. God is never taken by surprise of what happens in your life because He has seen it all along and by His permission He has allowed things to happen in your life. Some times even our foolish decisions of our poor choices God allows to happen because He considers the power of choice as the biggest gift given for humanity and He has great respect for it. If God intervenes to stop us from our poor choices, then the independent will of humans get lost of it rights. God will never do that as He is the one who has set the human institution and has given it of its power to decide for itself. But God is pleased with our faith greatly, so if we cooperate with God and give Him permission to fulfill His will for our lives by faith in prayer, then God begins to live and rule through us, thus fulfilling His best plans that He has decided to fulfill through us beforehand. Your best life is lived now when you give in to the will of God and submit to Him unconditionally. The will of God will take you only where the prosperous grace of God will sustain you and make you prosperous for His glory! Believe the best plans of God and thus live it out supernaturally and prosperously under God's favor." — Abraham Israel

"The word of God has inherent sin destroying power within it. When you keep it written within your heart by allowing the Holy Spirit to write within you, you are on the pathway of life that leads to liberty and satisfaction. To rule over sin, let the word of God rule over you. To reign over sin, let the word of God reign over you." — Abraham Israel

"It is not just enough to allow Jesus as a resident in your heart, if you really love Him, He must be the president of your heart." — Abraham Israel

"Jesus has died to make us whole, it is not just for giving us peace through forgiveness of sins but for the wellness of our whole body, soul and spirit that he died. The blood of Jesus was shed for the forgiveness of our sins and his wounds were made to give us healing for our physical body, so that we could be able to say, 'Bless the Lord o my soul...who forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases.' Let no unbelief stay in your mind, whether through medical means or by faith healing, what ever methods God uses to bring healing to you doesn't matter much as long as you know that only by His wounds you are healed of all your infirmities and sickness to stay in health and serve God for the glory of God. Even when God has allowed you to fight against some bodily weakness in faith, learn to receive the grace of God and stay victorious over the unbelief of whining, fuming and fretting for what you go through in life. Stay thankful for all things and praise God for everything, you may not know how God may turn a weakness in to a blessing and use your powerful testimony for the glory of God. Your healing and health is a prime concern for the Lord, next only to your eternal benefit. So live by faith in His wounds that heals all the time without fail and glorify God through your short life on earth!" — Abraham Israel

"We are not made for earth and then go to heaven one day to be with God, but we are made for heaven and get trained for that on earth and then go on to live forever with God. What makes heaven exciting is not just the golden streets, pearly gates and beautiful sceneries, but the awesome exciting God is the one who makes heaven so special. Without Him, there can be no real excitement in heaven. So think about the things of God who is in heaven always and not of the things of the earth, then you will not only live an abundant life on earth but also continue in a even better rewarding life here after." — Abraham Israel

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