Thursday, August 28, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"If you keep your attitude right, God always makes sure to keep your altitude right where your destiny ought to take you in His perfect will. An attitude of thanksgiving, praising and rejoicing is the greatest sacrifice you can keep giving to please God and receive His undeserved favor all the way you go in this life!" — Abraham Israel

"Faith sees the brighter side of life even when darkness surrounds it, faith looks to the successful end even when it struggles through the daily hardship, faith looks to the reward even when it scraps through the need temporarily, faith thinks positive even when all it can see is only negative things happening all around it, faith looks to God for its sustenance when all the world runs self sufficient, faith stands tall when all the world fall apart around it altogether, faith overcomes doubt even when it assails out its ugly head now and then trying to weaken it, faith sees the impossible and will shout that it only says I'm-possible, faith carries us to our destination safely while all else fails because God who has created us is the author and finisher of our faith. Just hold on to God's promises and carry on positively in your life, the God who watches over us will become pleased when He sees us with faith in our heart and He will therefore fulfill His plan for our lives with much joy in His heart." — Abraham Israel

"Worrying does not add height but only width to our body in detriment to our health, it makes us sick and fearful of that which might never happen to us, it makes our today empty while thinking of how to handle tomorrow of its sorrow, it confuses us today of the answer thinking about the questions of tomorrow, it saps us of our faith now thinking of the doubts that tomorrow's trouble might bring and above all it makes us to believe the things that we can't instead of what we can. When a human knows that he is not in control of what can happen to him in his life, he ought not to worry about what he cannot achieve by worrying, but instead have faith in God's sovereign power that helps us see and achieve what we can. We can effectively stop worrying only when we start praying to let go of all our cares and worries in to the hands of our loving God, who has promised to always lead us in triumph through Christ Jesus our Lord. The Antidote to worry is prayer because we can think only one thing at a time, when we choose to cling on to God's promises and let go of all our fears and worries in to the hands of God through praying, He will take care of it all by giving peace in our heart and will work for us to bring peace to all of our situations without as we hold His peace within by faith. Face it all with confidence because God's got your back, you are not supporting God partially to succeed in your life but He is holding you completely and He will make you succeed in life with His own power and ability in His time, because He has got it all and you are not. To God be the glory forever and ever. Amen!" — Abraham Israel

"In God's kingdom it doesn't matter how much we do for God that matters when it comes to receiving reward, all that matters to God is how faithfully we do what He has told us to do whether small or big according to His given ability that works in us. If we faithfully continue doing what the Lord has told us to do, no one will be more rewarded in this life and in the life to come more than us. Those who are blessed by God will dwell in satisfaction." — Abraham Israel

"Even if it was just you who would have believed on the Cross of Jesus, His cruel and vicarious death for your sins and His resurrection for your justification, He would have still died because you were actually on His mind. In God's mind you existed and He loved you before you were alive. You are not your own, you belong to Him who has paid the price of redemption with His very own life, so that you might share fellowship in His suffering and live for Him who loved you before you ever started to love Him. You are not your own idea, you are God idea. You did not create yourself, God created you. You are not designed by chance, you are God's thoughtful handiwork. He died for you so that you could live for Him. When you live for Him by taking up your cross of God's will for your life and future, you really love the Lord who has died for you! You give the Cross of Jesus its worth when you respond to God's call and likewise carry your Cross in following the footsteps of Jesus to glorify God in your life too! Jesus' crown of thorns took the curse of your mind during His death and came up with crowns of eternal glory after His resurrection, so that the crown of glory and the blessings upon blessings that has been prepared for you could one day be received by you just like Jesus, after your valiant walk of faith on earth, your death and your final resurrection. GLORY TO GOD!" — Abraham Israel

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