Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Apostolic Quotes

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"Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords over the whole Universe now, everybody can desire to do whatever they want in all the world. But the Word of the Lord will always prevail over all the purposes of humans and their plans, for the one ultimate plan of God to remain to be fulfilled through it all and at the end of it all." — Abraham Israel

"When we see it right, we will hear the voice of God right. When we hear His voice right, we will walk right before Him in righteousness of faith to please Him. God wants us to store the Word of God in our soul and use it as a fuel to light up the word to become a quickened word of the lamp within it, and thus place it on the top of our spirit-man through meditation which God can use it to shine forth in to the world around us. The spirit eye is the good eye which brings light to the whole body, the soulish eye is the bad eye which brings darkness to the whole body. God blesses us according to the percentage that we see through the spirit-eye or with the soul eye within our lives, so we must make sure we see through the right eye and not the wrong eye to hear God rightly in our lives and be guided by Him to live always in His Presence and experience His favor forever in our lives." — Abraham Israel

"Whether we see with the eye of the spirit or with the eye of the soul will decide whether our body will be full of light or darkness." — Abraham Israel

"Jesus used a donkey the beast of burden to represent the truth he was fulfilling to ride in to Jerusalem in his first coming, he did not come in a horse the beast of war because He wanted to carry our sins to the Cross and set us free from the burden of it. Thus the humans of the origin of first Adam our forefather, without carrying Jesus on their back still act like as a donkey which chooses to carry its own burden of sins in this world without respite. But the humans who are born from heaven above, as a new creation through this last Adam Jesus Christ, have become appointed and qualified to be carried by the heavenly horses to wage war over the world to overcome sin the second time when we come along soon with Jesus our King in to Jerusalem in those majestic horses during his Second Coming to this same earth. Only when we wear out for Jesus on earth as a horse, we get chosen to ride a horse with Jesus to this earth to rule for a thousand years time. Which creation are you now, the old or the new? Or in other words, do you want to continue to be a donkey of this world to keep on carrying sins, or want to become a horse of righteousness to wage war for Jesus to let him ride now through you against sins of this world, through which you will be prepared to become fit enough to ride on that heavenly spiritual horse in the new world that is being prepared for you. As you continue to fight against sin now as the horse of the Kingdom of God to let God fight through you against sin, the self and the Satanic world for the Glory of God, you will become one of the rider to come along with Jesus on a heavenly horse for sure as a part of Jesus' Heavenly Army during his Second Coming to the earth to rule and administer justice for a thousand years and for eternity ahead after that." — Abraham Israel

"You may have come to Jesus humbly as a donkey in submission, but in Him you become a horse on a mission to ride in to war with Him on you against sin, self and Satan to overcome them as more than a conqueror in Him who has loved you with an everlasting love." — Abraham Israel

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