Sunday, November 15, 2015

Apostolic Quotes

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"When we keep ourselves focused in the attitude of worship and remain delighting ourselves in the Lord by meditating and consuming diligently the Word of God to strengthen our spirit-man more and more, it will make the Lord to become so pleased with us that He will continue to fight for us like a man of war until victory comes to us to make us more and more joyful so that our joy might become full in Him." — Abraham Israel

"The consciousness of God's Presence as it is felt by faith, has the tremendous power to make us fearlessly walk through all the valley of the shadow of death that we pass through in life, because we know within us that evil is under the control of God who resides in us, and nothing can happen to us unless God allows it by His own choice to chastise us for correction after which his staff will comfort us. God is personally involved in shepherding us in to green pastures, so we need not worry about anything in this life or in the life to come. " — Abraham Israel

"Trials in one way or the other comes to all humans on earth as a wake up call from God to repent and look towards Him for salvation, but how we respond to it either by faith or unbelief will be the one which will decide whether we will be rewarded for our faith or receive nothing for doing nothing. Never give up your faith, because it costs you everything that actually belong rightfully to yours in Christ Jesus!" — Abraham Israel

"With God in us, with us and upon us, whatever we utilize to please Him and promote our relationship with Him is never lost, because all that we spend for Him and His great name is an investment that comes back to us and keeps coming as these heaven's share keep increasing in value for eternity ahead." — Abraham Israel

"Every time we do help people, we must remember in our heart to do it out of love for the name and person of our Lord and Savior Jesus. And also whatever we do towards others like either giving a cup of water or helping them with physical, emotional, spiritual, financial and social needs, we must do it all by faith in the power of the name of Jesus as the ambassador of the Kingdom of God whose King of Kings is Jesus under whom we operate as Kings. In other words, whatever we do for God we must do it all in the name of Jesus towards others because heaven has only one entry book of works for reward, all that gets entered in to it, get there only when what we have done has been done in the name of Jesus. So it is wise to avoid dead works that does not give us reward eternally. All the works we do out of our heart for God becomes good works with equivalent treasures stored in heaven, all that we do out of our mind to gain attention to ourselves or anything done out of our own effort without utilizing the grace of God that comes in the name of Jesus becomes dead works with no reward for eternity. Do live wisely in Jesus name and inherit a rich, mighty and satisfying eternal reward for eternity ahead!" — Abraham Israel

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