Saturday, May 10, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"Those who come to realize that each moment of our lives is given by God for us to rejoice in Him, each day becomes a victorious day. To rejoice is to feel or show great joy or delight by faith in hope through love depending on God's unchanging promises that has never failed to get fulfilled for those who have believed without giving in to unbelief! God wants you in the faith hall of fame book in heaven, His message to you is, do not give up believing, your reward is on the way. Say, "I Believe, I Believe, I Believe...." no matter what your situation in your life is!" — Abraham Israel

"Praise in your lips releases the power of heaven and store it within you to give you the confidence that God will fight your battle and bring you the victory for His glory. Praise activates the host of heavens with unlimited power of God to intervene in your situation and brings glory to God. Praise connects heaven to earth and takes back the glory of all victories on earth achieved back to God in heaven who only deserves all our praise! Praise glorifies God in heaven because it brings us the victory we need on earth in all the hopeless situations of our lives and gives us the opportunity to boast of our God and His mighty power which works for us because of the High Praises of God in our mouth. Praise, praise, praise....until you see heaven move on your behalf!" — Abraham Israel

"A human who loves God will also love all His creatures too, because its life is in the hands of God who has given it all in their hands to be a good steward over it." — Abraham Israel

"In Him we, breathe, live and have our beings, that is why God is able to see all our motives and attitudes behind our actions when people can't. God can see through all our lives and we are naked spiritually before Him. So it is better to be always open with Him regarding our secret lives, than to deceptively think that no one knows it and receive the reward of it later to regret for a lifetime. When we agree our sinful failings as soon as possible with God, he agrees to forget it and help us overcome it as soon as we willingly share it all with Him. Make it known to God before God makes it known before all revealing your deception!" — Abraham Israel

"To say that you are strong in the Lord will bring the strength of heaven in to your body to sustain you in all your weakness. But the secret of making it work for you is not in how you say it, but with what faith you are saying it. Faith comes from the word of God, if your confession is based on your belief in the Word, the power of God will follow the words that you confess! God answers you faith and works out when you allow His Word to work within you." — Abraham Israel

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