Thursday, April 11, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

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"When Jesus the Christ came to this earth at the appointed time as the Son of God, He became one among us as Son of Man so that we who are appointed beforehand by God for salvation could receive it through the one supreme act of Christ which is his death, burial and resurrection which only could qualify us for receiving the gift of eternal life which will continue for eternity. Christ became the son of man so that we through believing Him could become the sons of God! Through the blood of His death, sin has been given a death blow and can no more rule over us by its power of law, through His resurrection grave cannot exert its power over us because it has lost its sting to keep us in fear of death. We are truly free to live in the liberty of the Spirit which has come to us through salvation to praise, thank and worship Him for all His goodness and grace which has been showered on us. Believing God's promises happen in a moment of time, but persevering day by day against the onslaught of sin to identify our self with what Christ has achieved for us takes a lifetime of perseverance to hold on to that which we have believed, so that with the same power and blessings of God like Jesus upon our lives, we could be able to bless people and lead them in to the depths of salvation blessings. Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"The utopia for peace in all the world which we idealize and cannot actualize is not God's will outside of Jesus Christ, because sin needs to be dealt with before righteousness can be established. And only Jesus can do that, and He will!" — Abraham Israel

"God is still angry at the wicked and He is always pleased with the righteous. The only difference now with God is that He desires the wicked to repent and become right with Him before it is too late to be unable to repent in hell fire. God loves us us so much that He has made a way out for all sinners in Christ Jesus, so that we could live in peace with Him and have great relationship with God for the rest of our eternity. Repentance is to take a u turn from sin towards God now! Repentance is to agree with God to say sin as sin, and ask God to forgive you and then turn to Him to help not to repeat it by His grace and instead fill our lives with better way of living to fulfill God's righteousness prepared for us to fulfill beforehand through our belief in God's salvation." — Abraham Israel

"God proved His love for us when He sent His only begotten Son Jesus the Christ to die for us and redeem us from our sins, we prove our love for Him when we do love and serve our brethren." — Abraham Israel

"Love is not something we speak, it is something we do." — Abraham Israel

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