Saturday, October 15, 2016

Apostolic Quotes

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"We get spiritually qualified to judge others only when we judge ourselves according to the Word of God, and then come to realize that what trips others to sin we are equally susceptible to fall in to it if not for the grace of God that keep us from falling. In other words, if we could point out to ourselves the log of sin nature that influences our decisions from within and blinds our sight with which we see others, then we actually become easily fit to have empathy enough to point out the dust of sin that we see in others life and character. With that kind of empathy in our heart, the one who hears us will be open enough to receive corrections that will benefit and bless them to make a difference for others who are in need like themselves." — Abraham Israel

"While pride can climb the mountain called life, but only faith and humility can move it by the power of God towards experiencing abundant life." — Abraham Israel

"Devil depresses us with his evil weapon of the spirit of heaviness to break our faith, but God wants us to understand that He always stands by His Word to encourage us with a desperation for Him through it all. Depression is not hopelessness, but it is a confirmation for a child of God that he or she is a prisoner of hope whose reward from God is doubled every time they return to the stronghold of faith through depression. Depression doesn't break our faith, instead it builds us when we choose to return to our stronghold of faith." — Abraham Israel

"God has written eternity in man's heart, so what is believed by the mind of all those people about what God has already revealed about Himself, can then be made experiential within the heart though their trust in Him, which will then open up the gateway to heaven to carry our voice to God and bring back God's voice to us. Except through this, no human can know God and will therefore only live an animal existence. Man is not only made by God, but for God and that is why we need faith to please God. If ever you need to know the reason for your existence or want something from God and want to know about God, just believe what God has already said about Himself and then pass on to hold what He is saying to you with in your heart which will be inline with what He has already said about Himself. God is never silent until we don't want to hear Him from our heart." — Abraham Israel

"People of faith see through the clouds of doubt to always see the Sunshine that is coming to understand the bright future that God has destined for them, when others could only see the Storm that they are facing now with a grim future that is awaiting them. Faith always wins in the end, so never give up your faith!" — Abraham Israel

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