Sunday, August 19, 2012

Apostolic Quotes

"God breaks us from on the inside to release the life of God in to us more and more and makes us enjoy the heavenly life which He has placed as a seed when we are born again inside us. Satan wants to break us from the outside and make us die. So it is better to trust in the Lord who gives life on earth to exist and helps the life to continue even though it is so fragile and delicate. Life on earth is in itself a miracle to behold! Praise the Lord!" — Abraham Israel

"The secret to enjoy heavenly oneness and the resulting happiness with in a marriage does not depend on what the husband and wife can do for each other, but who stays in between both the husband and wife to glue them to be one in their spirit, soul and body. Two person within a marriage can be made as one only in the One who has joined them together on the day they married each other. If pleasing and praising Christ is the central purpose of the home life, then automatically the Head, Unseen Host and Silent Listener of the family life will bless the marriage in a supernatural way of heavenly peace, joy and satisfaction each day. True intimacy within marriage is not what we make of it but it is a gift of God. So create a favorable atmosphere for God inside the home through regular family prayer, personal prayer, Bible reading, worship and praise with thanksgiving. A family that prays together stays together is still as much true in our days like in all the times past." — Abraham Israel

"God originally designed all humans to be vegetarians in the beginning when He created them male and female, but because of sin God allowed all humans to become non-vegetarians. So still the best healthy food for humans to this day is nothing other than plants, vegetables and fruits. So eat a lot of it to receive healing and also maintain health. God wills that every person whom He has created to be healthy, so that this physical body can be used as God's temple on earth to fulfill His purpose. Eat healthy foods to maintain good health and live to enjoy life on earth. Do not forget that God has promised to sanctify you body and preserve it equally to that of our soul and spirit, so that at the coming of our Lord Jesus we may rule the earth along with Him for a thousand years and then for eternity. By the way if you want to eat non-vegetarian foods, it is ok to take it 2 or 3 days a week and not more than that. Whether we eat or drink, we must do it all for the glory of God!" — Abraham Israel

"Only when we are alive on earth we can still continue to pray to God, so God first watches over us even before we start to pray. Then He hears our prayers to answer us so that our joy may be fulfilled in Him. When was the last time you went in to deep sleep thanking God that He is going to watch over you until you wake up refreshed bodily and soulishly? Those who know that the eyes of God are upon them even while they are asleep, will sleep in peace and wake up in the likeness of His countenance without any worries. A person who trusts God will not worry thinking who will come and rob their belongings or come to harm them while they are asleep, because they know that the angels of God will encamp around the houses of His people who fear Him and will deliver them continually. We ought to learn to trust God and enjoy the sleep He gives to us. When God puts his angelic shield around us, no one can poke in to it even once to cause damage unless God allows us to face it with His strength. Have you realized that we do not pay for the security that God provides us freely, all we can do is to live with gratitude for all that God has done to us and declare the glory of God to others around us so that they too will come to realize the awesomeness of relationship God provides with Himself through Jesus Christ, and thus receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior." — Abraham Israel

"God has only big plans for every one of His children unless they do not make it as a small plan by their unbelief. All our so called big plans are nothing before God's plan because we see the beginning and plan the end but God sees our end and plans the very journey of our life from the beginning to the end. It is better to trust the big plan of God though it may seem it is impossible to achieve, because only through the impossibility of the fulfillment of God's plan He start to enjoy releasing His supernatural grace to do what you could never be able to do with your own strength. If a plan is something that can be tailor made and be fulfilled with the available resources by a person's strength, know that it is not really the plan of God through it may seem like it is. Even in your wildest imagination you could never think about such a great plan for yourself like God has for yourself, customized and tailor made to fit only you in the whole world. When we know that God has a unique plan for our life, we will always be satisfied with who we are and will not want to be or live like others. There will not be even an iota of jealously in us about others, instead we will enjoy when other people's plan of God for their lives get fulfilled. When we bless and enjoy others prosper, then we are ready for God to bless us to be prosperous." — Abraham Israel

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