Saturday, September 15, 2018

Apostolic Quotes

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"Leaders are those who use the very broken stones of their lives to remake them as the steps to climb on to a stage to raise themselves out of the carnage and havoc caused by their own sin nature and others in the past, and thus through the supernatural grace received start to proclaim how the Lord who has raised them out of ash heaps to make them stand before priestly-kings as a blessing, who can likewise do the same for all the household of faith who are being broken by the Lord for His Glory. The leaders in the Kingdom of God are the first among equals, who are all of the same stock in their spiritual status in Christ Jesus, but graced experientially with a elevated raised platform supernaturally as an example to follow in faith." — Abraham Israel

"While pride can walk in to the hearts of any human on earth unhindered because of the hidden sin nature that bloats them and deceives them from within, only the humble in heart can choose to keep the door of his heart closed in such a way that when pride comes it has to fearfully knock the door that is locked safely within, and wait shuddering in fear to see whether God might arise and open the door to make him be blinded by the pure light of heaven that makes it flee away in raw terror because it can only thrive in darkness of hell which hides its true sadistic and sinful condition from being revealed." — Abraham Israel

"The pain of sin gives way to God of healing to comfort us, when we seek the solution for sin through the Cross that crucifies our self, and keeps our-self life dead and invigorates us with the life of our Lord Jesus Christ to keep us alive to God!" — Abraham Israel

"Certain sin we hate is the same sin that God allows us to fall in to it to make us realize that no matter how spiritual we are, yet it is by grace through faith that we are saved ultimately, so that we may learn never to boast about our spirituality before God or any human on earth, but learn to give all the glory to God. It is better to keep our head at the feet of Jesus bewailing about our horrible sinful inclination to it and the resulting disobedience to God, rather than keep our head in the heavens and fall head-long in to destruction because of religious pride." — Abraham Israel

"No matter how great a spiritual man or woman of God is, except Jesus all the royal-priest of Melchizedek first has to confess their sins to God, and then can be able to sacrifice on behalf of other to receive God's favorable answers for the Glory of God. In other words, all the children of God enter the Presence of God by the blood of Jesus, but only Jesus was the first man to enter the very Presence of God in heaven with his own sinless blood of his sacrifice on behalf of us, which was shed for us all to likewise make us enter in to the very Presence of God with boldness and confidence." — Abraham Israel

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