Monday, November 16, 2015

Manna for the Day

ℳαηηα ḟøґ тℌℯ Ðα¥ :

"The Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you." (1Pet.4:14, NKJV).

Many times in our life when we cry out glory to God...but we do not fully understand what that glory fully means. Generally we think that, glory means we are thanking and praising God in a heavenly language. But little do we realize that glory means 'weightiness of God's Presence'. When we say glory or shout it out, we are saying at least officially out of exhilaration in experiencing the Presence of God that makes us think and act beyond our natural earthly means, to take us in to a supernatural heavenly realm which we have not yet seen or experienced before. So in the New Testament Jesus has given us the choice to experience the Spirit of glory through willingly accepting and going through the trials that God has prepared before time for us. Once we are in to it, the Spirit of God starts to hover over our lives just as he did in the beginning, because something eternally good and glorious he is going to make out of us as we go through the trials of life willingly and overcome it by the power of the Presence of the glory of Christ within us. Simply Christ in us acting through us is our glory within. But the Presence of God acting without and making all things work together for our Good is the glory without or outside us. May God help us willingly accept His trials in our lives and experience the glory within and without, to thus glorify God in all things He has invested in us! We live a supernatural life of glory automatically when we allow the Spirit of glory and of God to rest upon us by accepting willingly the trials of life that God allows to come to us. Amen!

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." (Gen.1:1, NKJV).

There is no beginning without God, because He is the beginning of all things. When God in the beginning created the heavens and the earth, all the angels of God co-operated with his pet project called the earth. But once he was about to start giving his life to the creatures on earth, the evil angels under the leadership of Satan rebelled again God because they understood that they are going to become watchers and securities for the earthly creation which was below their dignity and thus brought in chaos in to the whole plan of God by their pride. God said in his Word that heaven was created as the Throne room and earth was created as his footstool which means God wanted to finish all creation with the creation of earth, so that He could relax to keep his legs on the foot stool and enjoy His creation. But the hindrance that Satan and his demons brought against the plan of God didn't affect him one bit, because God in his foreknowledge knew all about it. So God's spirit began to move upon the chaos on earth and again started to speak creatively and continued with His blue-print for planet earth. Soon good, good creation, good, good creation, brought in more good, good creation and finally good became very good when God saw humans whom He had planned to adopt as his Children. O what a wonder! We understand from this, that no matter what evil comes against the plans and purpose of God to derail it in our lives, never worry, because God has already thought about a alternative plan to continue fulfilling His purpose in your lives and my life through His foreknowledge of what is going to happen. Nobody can stop God from doing what He wants, when He wants and where He wants because He is Sovereign God the Creator of all things. Just trust Him, soon He is going to turn the tables on Satan and continue to fulfill His purpose for you, your family, your Church and all things related to your life. Praise the Lord!

"The LORD God, merciful and gracious." (Ex.34:6, NKJV).

One thing that is very unique about our LORD God is the ability to constantly show us His mercy and grace constantly in spite of our very nature to fail Him again and again saying sorry, sorry and again sorry I did it again. Yet no matter how many times we come to God our Father sincerely, with open arms He accepts us and embraces us who are accepted in the beloved Christ Jesus. Our LORD God Jesus Christ has suffered for all our sins so that now we can be free from God's judgment and wrath which actually rightfully belonged to us all. But many times we forget that God still hates sin and loves us at the same time through mercifully forgiving our sins and graciously providing us the need that arises in our lives. So by this context, mercy is something God does not give what we deserve. But grace is something that God gives us what we do not deserve. To provide these wonderful mercy and grace, God has to suffer continually and therefore in crux, salvation to us is a merciful and gracious gift, but to God it is suffering because He is our righteous judge over all His creation. Therefore let us understand the compassion of our Lord and run back to him when ever we are in need because of sin so that we may receive His mercy and grace to continue to live as His blessed children for His Glory! Let us thank and praise God our Father and our LORD God Jesus who deserve it all from us at all times.

"And my soul shall be joyful in the LORD; it shall rejoice in His salvation." (Ps.35:9, NKJV).

The greatest joy in our life should be without doubt that Jesus Christ our Lord has saved us from our past, present and future sins when we first believed and received Him as our Savior. Those who take this mighty blessing of God as granted, are those who live without the joy of salvation even after becoming saved. Still some others, after living for sometime in the joy of salvation after they were saved, take their eyes off Jesus and keep their eyes on acquiring earthly things and comfort of this earth, and thus by doing it they lose the joy of salvation even though they are saved. To say to God, 'Even if you do not give me a single thing in this life than the salvation I have got already, I will be grateful and thankful to you for eternity ahead.' To say like this makes us understand that the greatest gift we can receive in this life or in the life to come from God can be nothing more than the salvation that we have already received from God through our Lord Jesus Christ. By turning back our focus on God rather than on things, we again start to live in the joy of salvation. If any besetting sins block this joy of salvation, let us run to our Lord today and confess to Him and receive a cleansing that will bring back the joy of salvation. May the greatest joy in your life be always the salvation of God that has given you a purpose to live on earth and have turned your direction towards eternal life and friendship with God. Remember, none can stop you from living in the joy of salvation except your forgetfulness of the value of salvation, taking your focus off God and keeping your eye on temporal earthly things and running away from God instead of running to God to confess and receive forgiveness of your daily sins. Keep your eyes on Jesus, who is the author and finisher of your faith!

"Don't gossip. Don't falsely accuse your neighbor of some crime, for I am Jehovah." (Lev 19:16, LB).

Most of us Christians do not go to the extent of endangering the lives of people physically as we walk by the fear of God. But when it comes to gossip, tale bearing and slander, we do not think that it is that much serious. The devil makes us believe a lie and takes us to a zone outside of the hand of favor of God over our lives. Do you know that gossip endangers your neighbor's life? Gossip is equal to false accusation and it is a very serious thing in the sight of the Lord. When we speak something bad about others whether it is true or not, it rips apart their reputation before others and makes them very bad before others than they are really. Satan the accuser of the brethren is the one who has such a evil character to kill the character of many many people by killing their identity, in fact when we do gossip, we are working hand in hand with the devil's purpose. Never speak behind the back of anyone, even if someone wants to speak like that, openly tell them that you do not want to hear information about someone behind their back. Next time such people will think twice before they even slander others before you and you will be kept safe from its poison. When you see a fact that someone who is your brethren is in sin, go before them and tell them the seriousness of their sin and even rebuke them in love. Even when they feel bad about hearing from you such a thing, surely later they will come again to you having great respect for you if they are godly people who follow the Lord. Always convey to people that you love them but hate their sin, so that they will understand that you are correcting them because of your love for them. By doing these things gossip can totally be avoided, we are kept from the devil's poison of tale-bearing and will always stay safe inside the blessed zone of God's favor over our lives. May God help us to be speakers of truth in love!

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