Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Apostolic Quotes

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"Many people are expecting revival to come and never come to experience His fullness of revival because of doing nothing for it. One should think, when did God ever move to do something without prayer? Prayer is the real spiritual revolution that brings revival of human soul, such prayers when done will make us a part of the revival that God wants to bring in the present time and generation, rather than the so called revival chasers who do nothing but have fleshly zeal for supernatural things which will never satisfy their soul. Pray, pray, pray until you see the rain of the Holy Spirit's outpouring come upon you and yours like a flood upon all the areas of your life." — Abraham Israel

"There is power in believing, so keep believing the promises of God to see a bright future that God has planned for you. The power within you will always be greater than the trials before you when God's promises becomes your trustworthy companion. God's grace is always greater than the need that arises for all the recipient of God's grace because God is never in want of anything at anytime." — Abraham Israel

"Marriage is something more than two person getting together to become one, it is actually two individuals getting united in the One God of Love who joins the two heart, soul, mind and body of both individuals, to make it in to one unit to work together with the same purpose, desires and existence in Him. A family without God in the center will not exist as one unit though it might exist physically together, because the One who joins it will become absent when He is not given the first priority and place to bring His attributes which works as the gelling factor that sticks the family together. For a family to become a home, God must be the center of its very existence." — Abraham Israel

"When the glory of Jesus Christ who is the Lion of Judah shines upon your heart and mind, though you might be unimpressive outside, yet within you will arise the boldness of a lion which will make you see yourself in Christ Jesus as a lion of God. It is not who you are, where you have come from or what you have that really matters, what matters the most is how much you see yourself in Christ Jesus!" — Abraham Israel

"God has not promised to give us our wants, but what we need He provides because our wants never keeps our spiritual and eternal things in priority. God supplies us at the point of our need because that is the only thing we need to live purposefully and inherit a great reward in our future time. Learn to be thankful for all of God's provisions, then the consciousness of God's shepherding hand over your life will give you joy in such a way that you will never be in want of anything because of living purposefully with all your needs met with rich eternal satisfaction." — Abraham Israel

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