Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Apostolic Quotes

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"What we lose in our self we gain with God who replaces it all with something greater and best for us in His time. A man in no fool who loses to gain what he cannot lose at all for eternity. God is the greatest warranty giver because He replaces all the lost with something better than the best every time a person chooses to have faith in His promises and claim His warranty!" — Abraham Israel

"If someone have not understood Jesus as God, he has not understood Jesus at all. Jesus could not become our Savior if He has not been our Creator par excellence. Before God only the sinless lamb of God could become the Savior of all humankind because He is the Creator of all or else any tom, dick and harry could boast of becoming a savior whether it be humans or angels. If Jesus is not the Lord of all areas of your life, He is not your Lord at all. That is why we call Jesus as our 'LORD' first and then our 'SAVIOR' next. Knowing Jesus must go deep enough to get you saved from sin and death, that is to know Him as God your Savior personally. To say that Jesus is the Son of God is an acknowledgement that He is God the Son to the whole humanity!" — Abraham Israel

"If you want to know and experience heaven in your homes, make Jesus the Christ as the Master of your home. He will surely without fail bring heaven to the home that has made Him to be its Master because where Jesus is, that is where heaven resides, resounds and renews its existence. O what a joy to have the Master of heaven's destiny become the Master of our home and take authority over it to decide the destiny of our home, and finally make it become a heavenly one! Heavenly homes on earth cannot be just built with hands, but can only be built with the plan of the Master builder of heaven who is none other than our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who plans and executes its supernatural existence as its Master as we cooperate and commit every area of it to Him as His subjects. To the homes that Jesus Christ owns, He secures it because it is His own." — Abraham Israel

"Every time fear knocks at the door of our heart to threaten us in our natural state, everyone of those times we have a hidden opportunity to seek the face of God and be supernaturally victorious over it. We cannot keep ourselves from facing our fear, but we can keep God near ourselves to make Him deal the fear and make it flee away by His Presence!" — Abraham Israel

"Every time we blurt out words at the heat of the moment, the exciting moments of our lives journey that are held as passable through bridges with others gets burned over by the heat of that stupid moment of time. It is better to zip your mouth at the heat of the moment than to let it out and be scorched by it later because of the moment of the outcoming heat of the ordeal that has the ability to burn all the maps of the exciting moments of our lives journey that God has planned for us ahead. Burnt bridges needs God's extraordinary grace to build it back in place, so humbly ask sorry to God and to others who are hurt by your words, to continue your exciting journey of relationship with others through reconstructing the burnt bridges in your life's journey. If you want to journey far in life and stay in satisfaction, you need people at the other end to hold on a bridge and pass through it to the other end. Life is a journey unmistakably that needs bridges to cross over at various places of times, so no man can stay in a Island and expect to succeed in the journey called as life!" — Abraham Israel

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