Monday, July 8, 2019

Apostolic Quotes

Å℘◎﹩☂øł☤ḉ ℚυ◎тℯṧ :

"The Bible says all that we see now is temporary, the house we live, the cars we drive, the body we exist in, the people we are in love with, the heaven that is above our head, the earth in which we stand, the air we breathe, and the light with which we could see with our eyes everything around us and that which removes darkness, etc... But things we cannot see is eternal the Bible reinforces, which means God is preparing us not to idolize the Bible as a book, but is making it get written in our heart through the help of the Holy Spirit who makes us take up our cross to make us die to the self of the old creation that we are, so that the new creation within us could become empowered as the living epistle for eternity. You are the living Bible that God is going to refer in heaven to be displayed for His glory before all living men and angels for eternity. Choose spiritual life over physical life to promote its growth any point of your life now on earth, and you will never ever become ashamed for eternity for the wonderful choice that you took to make you who you will become in heaven for eternity! Hallelujah! Our wise godly choices not only make our tomorrow, but the rest of our eternity ahead." — Abraham Israel

"We can learn to live life abundantly only when we learn our lessons from the past and not forget the lessons learned even though we forget the past itself which makes us wiser, to live in the present to see life as it is to enjoy it every moment to live stronger and above all through the eyes of faith learn to see the awesome future that God has set before us to make ourselves joyful for where we are heading towards which keeps us securer. When we live abundantly, we will live a God glorifying life of greatness in heavenly satisfaction which increases our peace, joy and righteousness more and more till heaven is in sight then and not just in our heart as of now!" — Abraham Israel

"What we see is temporal, and what we do not see is eternal as the Bible says. But if we see by faith now with a desire to see more and more of what is eternal with our heart, the reward from God for faith will be the privilege to see with our eyes in the new heaven and new earth forever what we have just seen with our heart until then. Faith sees beyond rationality because it transcends beyond the comprehensible earth in to the realm of incomprehensible heaven. Things not seen with our eyes can only be felt with our heart now, so that if we want to see further what we feel with our heart, we will have to reach out to God by faith who makes impossible things become possible in our lives for His glory! We are not made for this world, but only trained now for the other world, that is why nothing on earth satisfies us till we die and the only satisfaction can be a hope of what God who holds our future holds for us." — Abraham Israel

"The enemy is not concerned about what you have or what you do not have, but rather he wants you to take your focus away from the Lord. When the enemy does not succeed in his mission to distract you, he is totally defeated and has no power over you anymore. Keep your eyes on the Lord no matter what, because in doing so you are proving that you are the brand of the warrior of faith who are overcomers." — Abraham Israel

"Trust in the Lord at all times because God is good even when we are not, so above all continue to trust in Him. At the end of our faith after our patience is fully developed He will change the times and seasons because of our faith which will make us glorify Him and live pleasing to Him for the rest of our lives." — Abraham Israel

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